…it was a sign

On our second full day in Hawaii, we got up early and hiked Diamond Head to the lookout.  That was fun and it wasn’t too hot since it was early.

This is a picture of us from the lookout.

Devin wants to know if the sign makes him look fat.

When we got back, we decided to go to the beach.  We got in our swim suits, loaded up our towels, beach mats, and umbrella and headed out.  When we got into the water we started to notice a few rocks on the bottom and thought it’d be a better idea to move further down the beach where we knew there wasn’t any rocks or coral.  So after a few wave rides we slowly made our way back to the shore when…

Ah! Something sharp!  I lifted my foot out of the water where Devin could see it and by the look on his face I knew it wasn’t good.  He carried me to shore but neither of us knew what it was or what to do.  So I made Devin go ask the life guard who was at the station not too far away.  After a few minutes Devin came back and said, “I wish I had better news for you.”  He explained that it was a sea urchin and that the life guards see it all the time.  They are not poisonous but it is nearly impossible to get all of the spines out because they are so brittle.  I started to cry. Partially because it hurt, but mostly because it was only our second day on vacation and things weren’t exactly looking up for me.

The life guard gave Devin an ice pack and a piece of gauze soaked in vinegar.  Devin said that my foot didn’t look that bad and asked if I wanted to see it.  I insisted that I didn’t because I knew that I would panic more if I saw it.  Well, that or pass out.  So Devin pulled out what he could and then carried me about 5 blocks back to the hotel.  For the next 2 days I sat and watched TV while my foot soaked in vinegar.   Luckily we planed to go to the North Shore after that so we had a car and I didn’t have to walk as much. And here is a picture of my foot…

In hind sight, Cari-Ann would say, “it was a sign.”  If I had just taken a few minutes to study those Hawaiian marine life posters, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

And this is a picture of the poster in our room.  The little black prickly looking thing right in the middle is what I stepped on.  Well, not that one but probably one of it’s step-sisters or something.

We made it!

We finally made it to Honolulu around 7pm which I guess isn’t too bad considering we were supposed to get there at 2pm. We took the city bus which had the craziest driver ever.  He liked to accelerate suddenly then hit the brakes…suddenly.  Devin called it the Harry Potter bus.  We got to the hotel to find this:

Oh my.  Suddenly I had flash backs to all those over used, under kept, old dorm rooms that I had stayed in during field trips in high school.  Well, shoot.  What-do-ya-do?  So the next morning we got up at 4:30am (thanks to the different time zones) and headed to Walmart to get a few things.  Among those few things, a nice $4 sheet for the bed.  Maybe it didn’t do much but I felt better about it.  On the up side, the AC worked great, nothing smelled, there were no bugs, and we had a full size fridge.

The décor was outdated to say the least.  On the wall there were posters of Hawaii marine life.  What the heck is that for?  Who wants to know what kind of critters they are swimming with?  Not me!  Well, maybe I should have paid closer attention.

Are we having fun…yet?

Well Devin and I are on our way home to Utah.  But before I get to all of that, I will make a few entries about our most recent adventure. 

A few months ago Devin was doing his daily check of his deal web sites when he found an entry that said there was a great deal on tickets to Hawaii from Houston.  After doing some math and realizing that the tickets were less than half the cost of what they were when we went on our honeymoon, we decided to go for it.  This may seem like a frivolous expense but you might just have to laugh after I tell you how it was all done. 

First, the tickets.  Well, I don’t want to make you feel bad that you passed up the deal but lets just say that my parents are going to Hawaii next week.  We got a rental car for only two days over the weekend for 50% off the weekday rates.  (And we are both now 25 so underage fee? No thanks!) The rest of the time we walked or took the city bus for $2.  Transportation: check.

The hotel.   After re-re-re-reviewing comments on Tripadvisor.com, we decided that all we needed was a simple place to sleep and nothing else.  So, we went for the cheapest thing listed, which for some reason was rated #6 hotel in Waikiki.  But hey, #6? It had to be somewhat decent, right?  More on that later. Hotel: check.

The luggage.  Since the airlines are now charging to check bags, we decided that we would take advantage of their generous "one carryon piece of luggage and one personal item."  Just so happens that my "purse" is in the form of a backpack.  (Ok, not really but shhh, don’t tell United.)  Almost everything we need: check and check.

So we were off.  We got on the plane, and everything seemed fine.  Until we looked out the window.  Hmmmm, why are there 15 planes lined up over there?  Ding: "Ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be a backup on the runway.  Due to storms in the area it looks like we will have a little delay."  Great!  Ok, no big deal.  And then…we were lucky enough to sit behind the most annoying traveler ever!  They closed the door and made the "turn off your cell phone" announcement but she continued to talk on her phone.  So the flight attendant had to come and tell her to turn it off.  Then she was telling the attendant that her friends were at the gate to get on our plane but they wouldn’t let them on.  (At this point we were already taxiing).  They said,"sorry, but once the door is closed there is nothing we can do."  But Stupid Lady persisted and asked two other attendants who told her the same thing. 


Anyway, so we sat on the taxiway waiting for the go-ahead from flight control when Stupid Lady in front of us suddenly had to go to the bathroom.  What the heck lady! The seatbelt sign is on!  The attendant told her to sit down but she acted like it was some emergency.  Then the pilot said, "folks, we are just waiting for flight control at any moment.  You need to remain in your seats. So we are just waiting for everyone to return to their seats then we can tell air control that we are ready when they are."  We probably could have left at that point but Stupid Lady just had to be stupid.  Normally, not a big deal EXCEPT for we had a connection flight to catch in Denver!  How much of a layover did we have?  Oh, an hour and a half.  I sat grinding my teeth the entire flight, hoping that we would make it. 

But, nope!  About 4 minutes too late!  (Thanks Stupid Lady). So we had to take a flight to San Francisco and from there we were off to Honolulu.

Hot and Humid

Everyone has been telling us that we came to Houston during the worst possible time.  It is definitely  hot and certainly humid here. Well, wouldn’t you know it…our last few days here it finally decided to cool down a little.  This is one beautiful forecast for the next several days.

We have been somewhat disappointed with the weather around here.  Of course we knew that it was going to be unpleasant but one thing that we looked forward to was all the great summer rain storms that Houston supposedly has.  We got a few but they were not that impressive.  We got caught in one yesterday as we were traveling to southern Houston to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  You couldn’t go over 20 mph on the freeway.  We found it odd that in the middle of a heavy downpour, everyone turned on their emergency flashers.  What’s the point?  Seems to me emergency flashers loose their effectiveness when everyone has them on.  Don’t ya think?

Anyway, as our visit in Houston comes to an end we reflect on the relationships we have established.  So, here is a salute to our best friend the spray bottle.

This trusty spray bottle was purchased last summer as a pain reliever to a really bad sunburn I got while jet skiing (or wave running for you Utah people) at Bear Lake. It had a fan blade on it which proved useless, but the spray does wonders when trying to sleep (even without covers and an ice pack on your hot, swollen feet).  This bottle, in combination with the ceiling fan, is the only way to survive if you don’t want to spend over $100 just to crank up the AC resulting in a pathetic two or three degree difference.  So this, I would have to say, was the best $3 investment we have made and the one thing that I couldn’t live without this summer.

Notice to Readers

It has been brought to my attention that there was an unfortunate error in a previous post. In “Out of sight, out of mind” I stated that the dresser was cherry finish. My mom has since informed me that it is not cherry, but is, in fact, maple. So, please be informed that the dresser is maple, the shelf on the left is cherry, and the shelf on the right is walnut. I know the saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right” but what about three mismatches? Does that make a match?


Last Sunday we had a little dinner party with the fam (Eric and Cari-Ann, Bryan and Tara, Tara’s sister Kiersta and her husband Ryan, Tara’s brother Robert, and everyone’s kids). For desert I decided to finally make this recipe that I’ve been wanting to try for the last year or so. We saw it on America’s Test Kitchen. That is one of our favorite shows! This cake was recently on a rerun so it reminded me that I needed to try it. It turned out pretty good. Instead of just regular sweetened whipped cream, you whip it with some cream cheese. That was the best part. And here is a picture of the work in progress.

In case you have not noticed we kind of like food.

Out of sight, out of mind

I couldn’t think of something to blog about. So Devin said, just take the camera and find something around to write about. So, here is the view we have from our bed at my parents house.

Notice anything? Well, besides the oddly placed picture that is hanging between the shelves. That was just my mom making use of an already placed nail. Look closely at the shelves. That’s right. They do not match. The one on the left is a cherry finish and the one on the right is walnut. It’s enough to drive ya crazy! So which one of these doesn’t belong? Well, that brings me to the next subject. The dresser.

Here we have the dresser or “chest of drawers.” My parents have had it as long as I can remember. But, since they now have a nice big walk-in closet, they decided to put it in the guest bedroom. As you can see, it has a nice cherry finish. So I guess that walnut shelf is the odd man out. But wait! What’s that? Oh yes.

Looks like my mom forgot to tell my dad which way to put the handle when it fell off. But hey, it adds a little character, don’t ya think? I guess if you don’t have to stare at it every day like I do, it doesn’t really matter, right?


So today I sit at home waiting for a not-so-friendly stomach flu to pass. Fun. So far today I have managed to keep down two glasses of ginger ale and five pieces of my favorite hard candy, Altoids Tangerine Sours. (Wait for it….ok, six!…knock on wood).

I decided not to write any reviews for our food blog today since that tends to either make me really hungry or make me hate food for the moment. Oh what the heck! Let’s get hungry. Yesterday, Devin and I were looking through our pictures of the past year and we found this.

For those of you who don’t know, Devin and I love to make big breakfasts. I know what you are thinking. You just said to yourself, “yeah, but what does that have to do with that wonderful mound of goodness you just showed me?” Well, here is a little history.

When we first go married we wanted to get a really nice waffle iron. We went to William Sonoma where we found this great iron that you flip over after you pour the batter.

After we got it, we tried several recipes and about half a dozen different waffle mixes to see which one was the best. Even after a small $12 canister of mix from William Sonoma, we concluded that the best was…


Snaoqualmie Falls pancake and waffle mix.

Finally, we had the perfect belgian waffle! A little bit of butter and a generous drizzle of the Sal’s secret butter syrup, you were pretty much in heaven. Then…we moved to Utah. So now the best we can do is Krusty’s which pretty much makes the thickest, heaviest, most filling belgian waffle you’ve ever had. So, needless to say, the fancy waffle iron sits in the back of the cupboard while we use a regular, small hole waffle iron (which we now love).

So back to the mound of goodness…yes, this is breakfast. But don’t worry, not everyday. Usually, this is in lieu of “sugar cereal Saturday.” To make, start with the best waffle you possibly can (no Eggo here). Then add fresh, juicy, sweet strawberries. Then add two or three small scoops (like with those handy cookie dough scoopers) of your favorite ice cream. I like vanilla or chocolate for this (or you can use cool whip or cream). And if you are feeling really indulgent, a little Hershey’s syrup never hurt anyone.

Now that’s breakfast!

Noteworthy Quotes

As I sit cruising others’ blogs on an insanely hot afternoon, I decided that there must be something I can blog about. So here it is…a blog about quotes.

Several years ago I was fixing something to eat in the kitchen while my mom gabbed with a visiting family member in the living room. My brother came in and after a few minutes he grabbed a scrap of paper and pencil and wrote down the following (or something similar to) “we was supposed to gonna get some.” He found that what he had heard the family member say to my mom to be note worthy. This quote has become a staple in our family. If you don’t know what to say, well….”we was supposed to gonna get some”…always seems to work.

Now for Devin’s family there is always a joke about someone or something. So this one is for Quinton. A while back we all had a good laugh when we found out that Quinton’s favorite subject in 9th grade was “PE” and his least favorite subject was “anything but PE.” I was reminded of Quinton’s 9th grade questionnaire when I was proof reading Devin’s economics paper today. His concluding paragraph started with the following…word for word.

“We may always be able to always accurately measure our choices all the time.”

We both had a good laugh when I read it to him out loud and followed it with a “PE.” Now Devin was laughing just as much as I was but at this point when I am still giggling he says to me, “you’re just so mean sometimes.” So in response to his upcoming teasing I have to say this. When you have a husband who just got accepted to the Masters of Information Systems program…with a 3.95 BYU GPA and a 3.7 overall GPA…just found out he got a freakin’ 97% on his econ midterm…just found out he got a half scholarship for fall semester (and possibly every semester from here on out)…I need something to tease him about. So I just have to say “Devin, no matter what, I will always be your wife…all the time!”

What do you think about…

…the theme?  I looked through plenty of templates for this page and this was the one that I liked best.  I wanted something cute but simple enough that it didn’t take 20 minutes to load the page. Devin says that it’s too dark and a little blah.  It seems like it depends on who is looking at it.  On my computer the background color looks like a washed denim kind of  blue.  On Devin’s it just looks gray.  I like the colors and pattern.  What do you think?  We are trying to figure out how and where to put up a permanent picture and blurb about us so that should be coming soon.  Any other thoughts?  Let me know!