Bomb threat

If you don’t leave our happy little apartment I’m going to have to bomb you.  That’s right! I’m talking to you…you nasty little eight-legged buggers.  We don’t need any black widows in our living room or a mating pair in our bathroom.  Go back where you came from!


Shhh, It’s a Secret

Me and a group of friends were talking about how each of us knows a little secret about BYU. Things like where to get the best food or how to find a successful NCMO spot (I didn’t write that one :). We thought it would be fun to make a new blog just about BYU secrets. Check it out and submit a secret if you know something about BYU that most people don’t.

Link [BYU Secrets]

Logically thinking…

At the end of the day, Devin sometimes asks, “anything fun happen at work today?”  Usually I have a story about a stupid customer who called in. This latest one would have to be one of my favorites…

Co-worker on the phone: “…hello?  can you hear me?  Hello?  Yes.  Hi?  Sir? …”

Don’t you think that it is ironic when someone calls…from their cell phone…about a cell phone signal booster….from the room they need the signal boosted?  Here’s your sign…

Time for pictures…of “camping”

Saturday was a busy but very fun day. I went to the semi-annual Scrapbook Expo in Sandy. Since I’ve moved here I’ve only missed one. They are great! Along for the ride was my old roommate Mari and my mother-in-law, Robin. We had so much fun. This time my personal theme seemed to be “rub-on’s.” That’s pretty much all I got but what do ya do. After we raided our favorite booths, the three of us went out to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch (yumm). It was a great time just hanging out with the girls.

Later that day Devin decided the family should go “camping.” Ok, not really camping but hot dogs, s’mores, hamburgers, plenty of smoke and a few raccoons. We loaded up our car with most of the eating essentials, camping chairs, and firewood and headed out. So Devin, Robin (MIL), Dave (FIL), Sarah (little sis), Grandma, and me all crammed in our car and we were up the canyon. Normally, it costs $6 to get in but then the ranger asked if we had a life time pass. Grandma did but she didn’t bring it but the ranger was nice enough to let us go as if we had it.

We found a nice little day-camp and set up camp. It wasn’t too long till we were roasting dogs, grilling burgers, and toasting the mallows. It was so much fun! Devin and I really missed not being able to go camping over the summer and this was just perfect! All the fun but not the fuss with tents and bug spray. Later Aric (BIL), Megan (SIL) and Shawn (Megan’s hubby) came to join us. We managed to forget a few things (like a spatula for flipping the burgers but that’s nothing a hatchet won’t fix). We had so much fun that everyone in the family is planning on going next weekend. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it this time.

This is of Devin and his dad getting the grill ready for burgers.

Dave, Sarah, and Robin.

This is the secret to a good fire: an air pump for an air mattress. Works like a charm to get those flames a goin’.

Little Miss Talks-too-much

So the first day of my infant development class the teacher asked what type of things distract from learning in class.  People proceeded to list off things like cell phones ringing, people playing games on their laptop, etc., etc.  Then one girl raised her hand and said, "not that it is a distraction but it is really annoying when the same people always raise their hand, have a comment for everything, and dominate the discussion."  My teacher then proceeded to make a commitment to everyone that he would do his best not let that happen.  Well, his best just isn’t good enough.

There is this girl who probably raises her hand a good half a dozen times during the lecture. I guess it should have been a clue when on the first day the teacher asked everyone who is engaged to raise their hand and she made the "sort-of" sign. What does that mean?  Either you are or you aren’t.  Do you have a ring?  No?  Ok, then you aren’t. It’s that simple.

Anyway, is it bad if I come to class and give a sigh of relief when she is not there?  Is it bad that my eyes just happen to roll when she raises her hand for the zillionth time in 10 minutes?  Is it bad that when the teacher asks, "so does anyone have any questions about where babies come from?" and she raises her hand and I think to myself, "are you nuts lady?"  There are just some things that shouldn’t be said out loud.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she has mastered this concept just yet.

What’s in a name?

Returning back to work this week, my co-workers and I have become frustrated by a somewhat new situation.  Just before I left for the summer, a new employee started.  What’s her name?  Oh yeah…you guessed it!  Brittany.  And what department does she work in?  Oh yeah…customer service.  It wasn’t such a big deal before I left because our shifts overlapped very little but now we work about 3 hours a day together and often we are the only two.  Seeing that we don’t usually use our last names with our customers, this has become a problem. 

Me: "…this is Brittany.  How can I help you?"

Customer: "Oh hi Brittany its John again."

Me: "uhhhh…ok?"

Customer:  "About the USB cable?"

Me: "oh…yeah…?"

Customer: "I just talked to you for like 20 minutes about it?’

Me: "oh, that was probably the other Brittany."

Several times a day.  Yes, it is annoying but once we both get used to it, it probably won’t be that big of a deal.  Funny thing is, everyone at work keeps asking both of us, "so what should we call you?"  Both of us are like, "well, I’ve been pretty comfortable with Brittany for the last couple of decades so I think I’ll stick with that."  They are strangely not satisfied with this answer and continue to come up with different things to call us. I find this particularly odd because this is certainly not the first time we have had two people with the same name.  Since Devin and I have worked there, there have been two people by the following names:  Cameron, Mark, John (three at one point), Nate, and almost two named Ashley.  I’m starting to think that when hiring people they just pick out the resumes of the names they already have. 

Button, button who’s got the…


As my family waits in Houston for Ike to hit, Cari-Ann sent me a text message tonight saying, "the hatches are batten."  I read it to Devin who looked as puzzled as I was.

What does batten mean?  I always thought the saying was "button down the hatches."  So as I was about the send a text back to Cari asking what batten meant, I decided I would Google the word first.  Sure enough, the saying is batten not button.  At least according to Wikipedia that’s how it originated (but it seems to have evolved into button).  So then I searched "button down the hatches" and the first result was a comment from someone saying:

I’m really ashamed to say this, but until I saw this thread I thought the phrase was to “buttondown the hatches!"

Hmmm…I’m guess I’m not the only slow one.

Words of inspiration

Last week Devin and I started school again.  Though I wanted to take 15 credits so I could be done with school this semester I was only able to take 11.  Devin and I signed up for a cooking class together but after the second class we decided that it was geared more towards the pre-missionary who only knew how to cook raman noodles.  Now I am down to 9 credits but I have to take classes next semester anyway so what is one more half credit class.  So next semester we will take golf together instead. 

This semester my three classes consist of ones that I think will be my most useful classes yet.  I have child socialization and personality development, advanced first aid, and infant development.  I am excited about all three of them and hope they will actually provide useful information.  In my infant development class we had a quick discussion about making the most of your education.  Usually, the teachers use these type of moments to try to convince the students that the course they are teaching will have the most useful information of any class that you have or will ever take at BYU.  I appreciate their enthusiasm but I’m pretty sure that something like "how much I loved statistics" will not be the determining factor of wether or not I get into the Celestial Kingdom.  With that agenda aside, I was pleased to hear my professors thoughts and thought that I’d share the quote that he shared in class.   I’ve heard it before but felt that as my college education comes slowly to an end, it is an important principle to remember even after graduation.

“It is so important that you young men and you young women get all of the education that you can. The Lord has said very plainly that His people are to gain knowledge of countries and kingdoms and of things of the world through the process of education, even by study and by faith. Education is the key which will unlock the door of opportunity for you. It is worth sacrificing for. It is worth working at, and if you educate your mind and your hands, you will be able to make a great contribution to the society of which you are a part, and you will be able to reflect honorably on the Church of which you are a member. My dear young brothers and sisters, take advantage of every educational opportunity that you can possibly afford, and you fathers and mothers, encourage your sons and daughters to gain an education which will bless their lives.” –President Gordon B. Hinckley

Tour of Temples

After a hot summer and a week in a hotel, we were anxious to get to sleep in our own bed.  Our drive home went well.  Like our trip to Houston, we planed our route around temples, seeing different ones than on the way there.  So here are all the pictures of temples that we took this summer.  The only ones that we don’t have are of the Houston and Hawaii Temples because we had previously visited them.