Our last few days in Hawaii

We decided that for our last few days in Hawaii we would try and make the best of it.  For the last three days we committed to watching the sunset every night.  You would think this would be a simple task but because of the time change, going to the beach at 7pm (which was midnight Houston time) wasn’t always something we wanted to do.  But it was fun and worth it every time. 




Just waiting for the sun to set.


We spent the last two days just sitting on the beach under our umbrella.  The last day, we borrowed beach chairs from our hotel and sat with our feet in the water while we were under our umbrella.  As we sat on the beach we discovered one more reason why I don’t like swimming in the ocean. 


Crabs. So dipping my feet in the water was sufficient for me. Other than that, the last few days went well.  On the way home, we had a red-eye flight.  I probably wouldn’t do that in the future but it wasn’t too bad.  When we got home to my parents house, we took a few hours to finish packing our car and we were on the road towards Utah! 

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