Crazy dreams

I don’t normally remember my dreams. In fact, it is quite rare that I remember them but this past weekend I remember waking up several times being very concerned about what I kept dreaming about one night.  It was last Friday night.  I had invited my old roommate and scrapbook-supply-buying buddy Mari (yes, we only buy scrapbook stuff together–we never actually scrapbook together) to go to a scrapbook sale with me.  It was at the Pebbles, Inc warehouse which is just across the parking lot where I work….dangerous, I know.  We were to go on Saturday even though the sale started on Friday.  Well, all night all I could dream about was that when we showed up, everything was gone. There was no great deal to be had.  So sad.

So then I got thinking about these other dreams that I have all the time.  Well, at least they are just about the only ones that I really remember. 

The first one is where I am either in high school or middle school in PE class.  They always had these little ghetto basket lockers for our gym clothes.  Well, I always dream that it is time to change clothes and get ready for class but then I forget my locker combination.  Either that or I forget how to actually use the combination lock. (You know….three turns to the right, then left past the first number to the second number, etc).  So stressful.


The other dream I have had repeatedly is again, when I am in high school.  With my new found freedom as a senior…with a car….I start out the year great and attend Seminary every day.  Then, I stop.  I never go again.  And I don’t graduate from Seminary.  My, my…more than three years of getting up at 5am….wasted.  I feel so guilty.


Growing up many people asked if Cari-Ann and I were twins.

It was especially disturbing when our 5th grade teacher asked if we were twins.  Yes, that would be after she had Cari-Ann one year, then me the next (genius).  There were several times when we had people totally convinced, even in college.

But it’s days like this that you probably would have thought that we are twins.  Here is what I made today for the girls that I visit teach.

As you can hopefully see, I put a quote from Margaret D Nadauld from this month’s visiting teaching message.

Now go check out Cari-Ann’s blog to see what she did today.  Funny….

How I met my Devin

Today in sacrament meeting a couple was speaking and, like usual, they introduced themselves by telling the story about how they met.  I started thinking about how Devin and I became “Devin and Brittany.”  Usually, when people ask, “how did you meet?” I say, “basically, through a singles ward in Washington.”  Well, as I started thinking about it today, that certainly doesn’t do our story justice.  So here it goes…a short story…made long.

I was living at home in Washington on a much needed break from the same old BYU singles ward crap.  Mom my made the rule that as long as I wasn’t going to school, I either had  to go to the singles ward, FHE, and or Institute.  Since our stake didn’t do Institute and the singles ward was even more of a meat market than the BYU wards, I settled for FHE.  Eventually, I made some “friends” (mostly boys who now that I think about it I haven’t talked to since I got engaged….hmmm, funny).  There were some girls too but not too many that hung around often enough and were not crazy like some of those desperate girls in the singles ward (you know how it is).

So, like usual, I drug myself to FHE one night.  I remember there being this girl, Sarah, who I had met and was somewhat acquainted with because of a friend from a few years earlier.  With Sarah was Devin.  But I didn’t remember “Devin.”  I just remember some boy saying he just moved to the area and was looking for a cheap apartment.

A few weeks later, someone convinced me to go to a combined FHE where all the FHE groups joined for a big activity on Memorial Day. It was soft ball. Oddly enough I was just there to socialize (obviously not to play…at all). So I was hanging out with my good “friend” Dave when the next thing I knew Devin and his friend Chellane had joined our conversation. During the entire conversation I kept thinking to myself, “I know this guy from somewhere” but couldn’t think of where. Later I asked Dave if he had come to our FHE before and he ever-so-confidently said no. Trying to feel me out he then said, “you should ask him out.”  I wasn’t going to give into that one.  At least, not yet.  That day I went home and told my mom about Devin. Not too much but just that I might be interested in him and he was really funny.

A few weeks later, I was once again conned into going to the singles ward big summer bash activity. I loaded up my car with a few friends including one of those “friends” and we went to the party.  There was a big bonfire and we all sat down in our little group to chat. Then, I saw Devin.  Totally out of character and without thinking of my next move, I shouted to him.  “Hey Devin!”  Then to myself I though, “oh, crap…now what? What the heck did you do that for?”  He walked over and said, “hey…uh, you’re…..uh….umm….don’t tell me….what’s your name?…uh….what does it start with….?”  (Oh, crap.  How awkward is this?!  He doesn’t even remember my name….or me!)  So I told him and then he sat down and joined our group where we sat and talked for a bit.

On the way back to my car I said to my friend Katie, “I want him.” She said with enthusiasm, “yeah, you can have him!  Go for it!!!”  But no exchanges were made and I was left wanting.

A few more weeks later, a few friends and I decided to go to “break the fast” at the singles ward. My mission: make my presence known by Devin and *hopefully* he will come and talk to me. I watched his every move during the activity but nothing. I did talk to someone from the ward and introduced myself.  “Oh, you are Brittany?!”  Wait, what? Moving on.

Later, as we were working on leaving, I knew I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up but wasn’t about to make a move.  Not after the whole, “what’s your name again?” incident.  So one of my friends (who oddly enough was my ex boyfriends sister) made an arrangement. She went up to Devin and told him that she needed him to double with her on a date…and that he’d be going with me as a favor. (ok?)

To make matters more complicated, I already had a date during that next week with one of those “friends”. (And yes, that was the first–and last time I had two dates with two different people in the same week…crazy I know).  The next thing I knew I was in a group of people which included Devin and this “friend” that I was supposed to be going on a date with.  After a few minutes, they were the only two there.  I just kept saying to myself, “please don’t say anything about our date…please don’t say anything about our date…”  Then Devin started to ask about it and before he could really say anything I said, “yeah I’ll call you about that later.”  Fortunately, neither one of them really caught on to what was going on. Dodged that one.

Fast forward to date night–It was quite strange.  It was me and Devin and another couple which consisted of my ex boyfriends little sister who at the time was engaged to this boy who lived in England. Since she couldn’t really date, she took with her the cousin of her fiance as her “safe” date. So on our first date, we doubled with my ex boyfriends sister and watched a movie at my ex boyfriends house.  *weird*  I’m not sure that the old bf knows about that.

And Devin and I have been together ever since….

Oh, yeah.  Devin’s side of it all.  He apparently remembered me from the first time he saw me at FHE. He told all of his new friends about me but since I didn’t go to the singles ward and no one knew who I was I became widely known as “mystery Brittany.”  I guess some of his friends thought that I was some made up girl that didn’t really exists. So when I introduced myself to someone in the singles ward and explained that I just went to FHE, they realized that I was a real person. The day that I actually met Devin at the softball game, he already knew who I was and so did his friends.

And as for all those “friends” that I made at FHE, well, who knows.

Things to do

Devin and I both had a revelation recently.  We are incredibly boring people who don’t do anything fun.  I look at other peoples blogs and they have pictures of when they went hiking, go on trips, out on dates (wait, what?), and just plain have fun.  So here are a few things that I have decided to actually plan on doing between now and April. 

  • Heber Valley Railroad
  • Go sledding (we bought sleds about a week ago)
  • Temple Square Christmas lights
  • Brian Regan (so what if we have to go to Logan?)
  • Divine Comedy show
  • Muppet’s Christmas Carol (they are showing it on campus!)
  • Take pictures of us on campus
  • This Is The Place Monument
  • The Mayan Restaurant

Any other suggestions?


Remember when you became a senior in high school and it seemed like everyone had that contagious disease of senioritis? Remember when you had absolutely no motivation to go to class?  Remember when you didn’t care what you got on that senior paper as long as you got some credit?  (oh yeah…nothin’ like a C- on the biggest paper of your high school career).  Remember how that C- didn’t even matter and you got an A in the class anyway?  (what? college prep you say?)  Remember when it didn’t matter that you turned in everything late but your teachers were like, “lets not kill their college chances at this point”?  Remember when you didn’t care that your government teacher was trying to wake you up during his boring first period class…and you didn’t care?  Remember when classes were actually fun and you could goof around for at least the first 10 minutes because class was getting started and pack up 10 minutes early because it was almost time to leave?  Remember when you other people would write love notes to their boy friends or girl friends?

Ah, those were the days.  Though similar, things have shifted slightly to this…

Remember when I actually looked forward to a class and thought to myself, “hey, I can totally get an A in this class!”  Remember when I signed up for a class thinking, “well, it fits my schedule so hopefully it is somewhat interesting.”  Remember when I said to myself, “self, lets wait until your last semester to take the classes you really want to take and have a fun last semester” and then all the classes sucked?  Remember when I had confidence in all these teachers who were “doctors” and thought, “hey, a doctor can tell time” and then they never show up on time?  Remember when I had to leave class (more than once)because I felt like I was going to pass out from the material being discussed?  Remember when I was trying to figure out how much effort I didn’t have to put into the class and still pass?  Remember when I asked Devin, “so, does it matter if I get really bad grades this semester?” 

Well shoot…..

Rootin’, tootin’ boring time

Today as I was trying to figure out what to blog about I had a revelation.  Devin and I are very boring people.  We have not done anything exciting lately or taken any good pictures…of anything.  I think we have gotten stuck in a no-fun routine.  You might say to yourself, “but today is Saturday!  Didn’t you do something fun today?”  The answer is, nope.  Same old shtuff.

Today I did some cleaning and we had a small BBQ with our fellow four-plex neighbors. We also had our weekly trip to Costco, leaving with entirely too much stuff.  It’s funny because we used to joke with people how we would go to Costco “like once a week.”  That used to be an exaggeration but it’s true.  Every Saturday. Sometimes more.  But why not?  Who doesn’t love Costco?  Who doesn’t love that you can take back a package of apples because they tasted like a combination of sour milk and wood?  There is no commitment. 

Speaking of our Costco trip today, something funny happened.  Devin and I were looking at the cottage cheese and debating whether or not we should get the three-month supply tub or get the usual from the grocery store when we hear this rather distinct sound come from near by.  That’s right.  Someone tooted and not discreetly.  We both looked around to see where it came from and the only person in the direction of the sound was this 80-something year old lady.  When we realized who it was we couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this little old woman who continued to go about her business, unaffected.  People are funny.


A few weeks ago we had a family meeting with all of Devin’s family and decided that we need to do more things as a family.  We have three standing activities each month now (two Sunday dinners and one FHE) which seems like a lot but it seems like the blessing are already flowing for shifting everyone’s focus back on the family.

This last Monday had our first FHE.  Shawn and Megan hosted it at their home.  Shawn based the lesson from Elder Wirthlin’s talk from this past conference. Even before Shawn’s lesson, this was one of my favorite talks from conference.  It is entitled Come What May and Love It.  I loved the stories he told and the principles he focused on.  It seems like when it comes to trials everyone is always saying they are thankful for them and they are such a blessing.  Elder Wirthlin said it best when saying,

“How can we love days that are filled with sorrow? We can’t—at least not in the moment. I don’t think my mother was suggesting that we suppress discouragement or deny the reality of pain. I don’t think she was suggesting that we smother unpleasant truths beneath a cloak of pretended happiness. But I do believe that the way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life.”

The activities that we’ve had so far have made it easier for everyone to get to know each other better and strengthen our relationships.

These are a few of my favorite things (part I)

Devin and I really like to go to any and all Divine Comedy shows.  Ok, so it’s a little freshman feeling but a few bucks is worth the candy and good laughs that we get at every show.  For those who don’t know, Divine Comedy is a school sponsored (you actually sign up for class for it) comedy show which they put on one or two performances each term.

Just a little background on this video, I think it was from about a year ago.  There seemed to be an epidemic of mustaches on campus.  BYU dress and grooming standards do not allow men to have beards but you can have mustaches.  It may not be as funny to anyone else who has not experienced the ridiculous looking boys on campus with spotty ‘staches.

It’s your birfday…

So Monday was my birthday.  On Sunday we had a family dinner with Devin’s family where we celebrated  both of our birthdays.  Dave and Robin got Devin some gift certificates to two of his favorite restaurants.  I got a sparkly paper stack (love the sparkles) and some clear stamps. We also got some soap and gift cards from Megan and Shawn, too. 

Devin absolutely spoiled me for my birthday!  After work on Monday, he scheduled me for a massage, which was very nice.  For dinner we got my favorite veggie pizza from Papa Murphy’s and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins.  Devin got me a crystal nail file, a jacket, pliers set (for jewelry making), and some of my favorite foods.  Then when I thought we were done, he was like, “oh yeah….one more.”  He brought out this package and I opened it.  A Cricut! 

For those who don’t know, a Cricut is this machine that Provo Craft makes for scrapbooking.  It is really cool because it cuts all these shapes and letters out of paper with just the push of a few buttons.  So for now, I am totally over stocked on everything I could ever need for scrapbooking.  So for anyone who is thinking about getting me scrapbooking suppliers for a gift, think again.  Unless you want to buy me a extra room where I can put everything and work on it….hmmm….someday.