The Jury voted…

…And Bob won!  That’s right Survivor fans, Bob won.  The oldest winner yet. 


He was definitely one of my favorites this season and I think that he deserved winning.  Carrying on Yau Man’s tradition of the fake idol, Bob managed to dupe everyone not once, but twice!  And for those who missed it, he also won the $100k favorite Survivor award on the reunion show.

Go Bob!

A rant, a rave, and a just plain old fact

The rant: I just have to say, I’m tired of all these crazy women that seem to have surrounded me lately. There are a few different type but they basically all fall under the same category: annoying.

The granola girl.  During the past several semesters I have taken a few health classes.  The classes were generally good but frankly, I am a little tired of the people who take those classes (generally speaking).  Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself to be environmentally conscious and aware of related issues.  For example, it drives me crazy when I got to Wal-mart (or nearly any grocery store) and I leave with approximately 5 times as many shopping bags than you should since the checker feels that it is necessary to put only two items in a each bag…and then double bag it. I no longer find it rude for me to rearrange all the bagged items and hand the extra bags back to the checker. Anyway, back to my point…all these hippie girls with their long scraggly hair, moccasin shoes, organic snacks, and copper wedding rings (seriously, no joke) are just more than I can handle.

The anti-modern/Western medicine mom.  Again, don’t get me wrong, but if you can push out a baby without any medication, more power to you.  But why the heck would you do that?!  Home birth?  What the crap!? I don’t think so. Not for me.  I know that there is information and research that will support both types of deliveries but I also know that if I have a problem the emergency is about 10 minutes away from my house (at best) when if I were already in a hospital, I could hold my breath longer than it takes to get to an OR. 

Those who think that estimated = definite. I’m not sure why this word has suddenly become so ambiguous.  I deal with people at work all the time who for some reason don’t understand the concept of estimated.  What was most surprising to me recently was when I found myself reading a random blog where this woman went on and on about how doctors have been given due dates to women incorrectly for years. Uh, hello? Did you miss the whole EDD?  Do you know that means estimated due date?  Think about it people!

The feminist.  In my opinion, you cannot claim to be a honest feminist and a true member of the LDS Church at the same time.  The concepts of each just do not go hand in hand.  Again, don’t get me wrong…I certainly believe in equal rights between men and women and believe that both generally have the same ability to pursue any dreams they have. HOWEVER, you must keep in mind your God-given responsibilities and divine characteristics.  A woman who understands the importance of families cannot possibly feel that it is correct to ignore her family responsibilities by selfishly pursuing an unnecessary, demanding career as she drops her children off at daycare.


The rave: Today is the last day of classes!  In fact, I took the opportunity to write this post during my last class of the semester.  Also, we are about 98% sure that we will be moving by the end of the month.  I know, it is a little sudden. Devin got an opportunity to do some IT work at this brand new singles complex.  I know, it sounds a little weird but I’ll give some more details later once we know for sure.

The plain old fact: It snowed yesterday in Houston.  It didn’t snow here. Weird.

PS: I don’t know how I got that green background on that. 

Just when you think you know someone….

I’ve had my current laptop for about a year now and I thought I knew her pretty well.  Yesterday I found out she’s been hiding a secret from me. Ok, maybe not hiding but she certainly didn’t tell me.  She has a SD card reader!  Since I started blogging I’ve either used a USB cable to transfer the pictures or an external card reader that we have.  You’d think that I would have noticed the slot especially since I use the switch that turns the wi-fi on and off, which is right next to it.  I mean, aren’t computers supposed to be really smart these days?

Why didn’t it just say,

“hey, moron! I noticed that you are hooking up all these external gadgets. 

Why don’t you just use my sexy card reader instead?!” 


Ah, useless.

Girl’s Weekend 2008

Every year, all the girls on Dave’s (Devin’s dad) side of the family get together for what they call "Girl’s Weekend" (GWE–yes I know weekend is one word but that is how they abbreviate it). It is usually the first weekend in December and all the girls get together to shop, do crafts, exchange gifts and eat junk food.  What girl wouldn’t love that?! Aside from sleep (which there wasn’t much of), most of the time was spent shopping.  Since some people actually fly in or drive far distances for this event, they tend to hit all the shops that you can only find in this area.


Let me just say, I’m done shopping for a while.


Each year someone different hosts the party. This year was Grandma’s turn so much of the time was spent at her house.  On Friday after everyone was done shopping, Grandma had a craft for us.  We all made one of these.


Cute, huh?  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do because the lettering was so tiny but they all turned out pretty cute.  Everyone went to a breakfast that Grandma’s ward was putting on Saturday morning for a food drive but I was too busy sleeping in after the long night. Saturday afternoon Grandma treated everyone to lunch at Olive Garden.  After a few more stops for shopping, we went back to Grandma’s to exchange gifts. There were 11 people there total.  Everyone had a little stocking stuffer gift and a regular gift for everyone so I went home with a huge bag full of goodies! Here are some pictures during the gift exchange.


This is a picture of Ali (cousin), Kathy (aunt), and Patty (aunt).


Here is Megan (Sis-in-law), Robin (mom-in-law), and Ali again. IMG_1205

Here is Jullian (cousin) and Grandma.

After the gift exchange we started on crafts.  As a gift from Patty and Kathy, they got the material to make vinyl letter boards that say "We love girls weekend!". 


Here is Robin and Megan working on their boards.


Here is Megan with her finished, flashy board and Aunt Patty.


I know these are very good pictures but they were pretty much the only ones that I took.  Patty is supposed to email some group pictures to everyone so hopefully I can post those soon.


Later, Jullian was showing Misty (cousin) and me how to make the bows for little girls.












She told us about this website where you can ribbon at an awesome price.  Apparently you can get the ribbon for wholesale prices w/o having a reseller or business licence. So check it out!  I really want to make some bows but right now I have no reason to.  So we’ll wait until I have used up some of my other overflowing craft supplies before I go and get a lifetime supply of ribbon.

‘Tis the season

Over thanksgiving weekend, we decided it was time to put up the Christmas tree.  To me, this was pure craziness.  Growing up, our family would put up and decorate our tree a week or two before Christmas, not a whole month.  I suppose it is a little different when you have a fake one and don’t have to worry about how many time you will have to vacuum the fallen needles for the next few weeks.

So we set it up. Oddly, it actually takes less time to assemble a tree than it does to get a real one to stand up perfectly straight.  (I know this one is straight even though it doesn’t look that way). Of course, continually bending and reshaping the branches takes some time.

So here is our perfect tree.  But I’d have to say, it’s not as nice a Grace’s. And yes, I know, we could use another row of tinsel (I of course remembered this as I was putting it on the tree).  Oh, and check out the awesome fireplace.  Yep, we are white trash…but only borderline.



Random acts of kindness

Just now, as I was sitting writing previous posts, our doorbell rang.  It was at about 9:45pm and I was/am in bed, ready for bed.  So obviously I was not about to get up to answer the door.  Devin wasn’t home.  So as soon as it rang I instantly knew that I wasn’t going to scramble to answer the door. 

Here’s the thing: we were doorbell ditched…I heard them running…and a plate of cookies was left. But I’m pretty sure it was an accident. I mean….the thing is….well….we don’t have friends. So if for some strange reason we do have friends, we don’t know about them.  So here is my shout out:  Thanks! AND, I would like to know who you are.  Not because I feel the overwhelming need to thank you in person (though that would be a plus) but because I’m confused.  So…


To the nice person/people who left us some cookies:

Thanks for the cookies!  Who are you?


Thanks a bunch (of cookies),

Devin and Brittany


….and then some. 

We had a great week!  Devin didn’t have class all last week and I only had one on Monday which I am pretty sure was the only class held all week because all the other professors were nice to their students.  Oh well. 

On Wednesday we both worked for a little longer than usual only to come home to absolutely no obligations…yes!  Thursday we got up around 9 and I made stuffing.  Around noon we headed over to Devin’s families house where we hung out and did a few last things to get dinner ready.  I continued the Sal family tradition–making homemade butter.  Sarah did a great job at helping.  It’s always a little more fun when kids get into it.


At dinner we had 11 people so we had to add on another table to fit everyone and the food.  Luckily, Robin and Dave have plenty of room for everyone.


As usual, when the turkey was ready, Devin was the master carver.


At dinner, Dave and Robin decided that they wanted to start a new tradition: everyone make a toast.  Some were funny…others predictable (ie Dave "to more grandchildren…."). After dinner some of the boys played video games while others sat around to chat.  All in all, mostly good.

That night, Devin stayed up a little late to see what kind of deals he could get online for Black Friday.  And he set the alarm again for 4am.  I slept.  We finally rolled out of bet around 9 and rushed off to the mall with the rest of the family.  We has some fun standing in crazy lines but the best was getting hot chocolate from Starbucks. My favorite!  Then we went to Kohls where Robin of course had double discount on top of the sales…yeah baby! 

Later that day we all went to see the movie Bolt.  It was cute but it sure made me miss Libbie and Razzy. :o(

To be honest, I would say that this past weekend was the best that I’ve had in a long time.  We were able to spend time with the family, eat good food, go shopping, and not have to worry about anything!

It makes me sad….

In the words of my favorite niece (Ella-bella), "it makes me sad."  Where is all the snow?!?!

About a month ago Devin and I were doing our usual Saturday Costco cruise and we saw theses. 


That’s right.  Sleds.  And we bought two.  I realized that we have lived here almost three years and not once have we played in the snow. (OK, so not including that winter that we spent high on a mountain top and had to wait hours for the snow plow to come every time it snowed…which seemed to be quite often that winter…and I decided to go sledding down the hill…in my car).

So I decided….no more.  No more "we’ll go tomorrow" or "after I take my test" or "i’m too tired" or "we’re too busy."  The next big snow, we are dropping everything and going sledding!  I don’t care if I should be home doing the laundry!  Heck, even if it is Sunday! (shh, don’t tell anyone). I’m going sledding, dang it!