Internship Drama

Ah, the internship.  The goal this summer was for Devin to get another internship and with any luck, get one where he would be doing something besides programming like he did last summer.  He got a return offer from Exxon but rejected it because he felt like he needed to diversify his experiences.  He’s been applying to places like crazy and has had several interviews.  The most frustrating thing so far has been the interview process with Apple.  He really wants to intern there since it has always been his dream to work there.  He had something like seven interviews with them in the fall just to find out that they didn’t decide to make an offer (oh frustrating!).  Since then, he’s been trying to find something in the Portland, Oregon area but there just isn’t much there. So, as a desperate move, he applied to “the big four”.  The big four are accounting firms where he would probably do IT audit.  This sounds very boring to him but as a last resort, we thought, why not?  He interviewed with 3 of the 4 and got call backs for a second interview with PWC and E and Y. Both are fly back interviews so he gets to fly to California for a series of interviews.  I think at one of the companies, they are talking about putting him in something besides IT audit, which might be better.


Anyway, we’ve decided that these two companies might be our last chance.  It’s just getting too close to the end of the semester and we don’t want to have to up and move with really short notice.  Especially because he doesn’t have to do another internship, he just wants to. So we are just sitting and waiting for life to happen….literally. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Valentines Day

I figured since everyone else is posting their Valentines Day activities, I should to.  First let me say, I really don’t care too much for the holiday.  I mean, I love it because I get to spend dedicated time with my sweetie, but I hate all the commercial crap that goes along with it.  I’ve always told Devin, “please don’t buy me flowers, especially roses for Valentines day!”  I’d much rather get roses or some other flowers 10 other times a year than for him to spend a ridiculous amount on them for one day.  But he got me flowers anyway….well, sort of.  We were at Costco and of course they had a big flower display in the front of the store and he made me get some…sort of. So I picked out some tulips at a decent price so that’s ok.

So for Valentines day we started the day off with nice workout.  I know….how romantic.  But we were just feeling like we needed to since we knew we would probably eat more than we should that day.  Then we went to work.  I know…how romantic.  Nearly every department has  been short handed lately and several people decided to go in for a few hours to get caught up.  After that, we went home and I started making a salad for Sunday’s dinner while Devin went to Costco to get our dinners.  He decided he wanted a baked chicken and I would get crab.  When he got home I decided I wasn’t too hungry (oh yeah, we stopped for some Taco Time lunch on the way home from work) so I was going to wait to eat after our activity.

Our Activity: Divine Comedy.  I know…how romantic.  (I know…I keep saying that…but I’m not so much of a romantic person but was excited just to spend some time with Devin).  Divine Comedy is a club/class at BYU and they do comedy skits and put on performances a few times a semester.  A few months ago, Devin decided he wanted to get involved with them so he offered to man their under-maintained website.  It doesn’t take him that much time but they of course love him for it.  They offered to pay him for it but he just told him he wants tickets to all of their shows.  So we spent the evening with dozens of single freshman with nothing better to do.  It was great!

Afterwards, we came home and watched 13 going on 30, one of my favorites. Devin gave me 3 presents.  The first one was one that he usually gives me for our anniversary but he forgot this year.  He always makes a poster size collage of pictures from the past year.  It’s fun.  Then he gave me not one but two necklaces from my favorite jewelry store, Argentos.  It’s this really cute store that sell all sterling silver stuff at a decent price and it totally cute. And he gave me exactly what I wanted!  Ok, so maybe I pointed a few things out to him but that’s ok, right? He got me this heart necklace that I got the back engraved with our initials and a little flower necklace.  Way cute! And with the money he spent I filled up my punch card so I should be getting a $10 gift card in the mail….awesome!

Four long, LONG years

So I wrote this post a long time ago but never posted it because I was going to get the pictures from our adventures.  Well, obviously that never happened so I’m going to be like most other people and say, “pictures are coming”….and probably never post them.  So here is the story anyway.  I don’t want to go and change all the dates so just so you know, our anniversary was February 5 and the stuff we did was on the following Saturday.


This last Thursday was our four year anniversary.  Can you believe it?  Four years!  Oh, where did the time go?  Devin has started this thing lately where he tells people that we have been married for four, long….long….LONG years.  He thinks it’s funny. Sometimes it really seems like a long time, especially when a lot of people in our ward have been married for only a few weeks.

On Thursday we actually didn’t get to celebrate much because Devin has a pre-interview mix and mingle event for a company he was interviewing for an internship position.  So we spent the evening in awkward conversation and eating heavy hor’dourves.  Like most people that night, we found out what “heavy hor’dourves” means.  Basically, wedding reception food.  They even had a chocolate fountain, which was disgusting. It was this flavorless, dark chocolate that was more like that shell chocolate so it made it really hard to eat.  


Anyway, we decided to wait until Saturday to do the celebrating.  Devin made all the plans.  First, we went inner tubing.  Though it was fun, there was a general consensuses that the rungs were particularly slow that day because it was relatively warm.  The snow was a little more slushy and I suspect that had it been more like ice we would have been cruising down the hill.  But it was still fun.

After that we took a quick trip to the outlet malls.  Then we were off to dinner in Salt Lake.

After all the years of being in Utah and talking about it constantly, Devin decided it was time for us to go to The Roof.  The Roof is, from what we gather, one of the nicest and most expensive restaurants in the area.  It is buffet style and is a whopping $35 a person.  We were excited but honestly left quite disappointed.  The food was ok but it certainly wasn’t $35 worth, nor was the selection.  I left liking four things:  mushroom salad, Lion House rolls (which you can get any time at Deseret Book), chocolate mint cake, and crème brûlée. The crème brûlée was the best!  I pretty much filled up on that. But other than that, we both left knowing that we probably wouldn’t go back again.  The funny thing is that when we were leaving, there was another young couple in the elevator with us and Devin asked how their meal was. They said it was disappointing and over priced as well. We don’t get it.

So that is what we did for our anniversary.  It was a very fun day!

Beauty Secrets

I’ve decided it’s time to let you all in on a few beauty secrets of mine.  There are basically two things that I cannot live without. 

1. Exfoliating gloves.  These are pretty much the best thing ever!  I simply cannot shave without using them first.  They are the cure for razor burn.  They also work great for a gentle scrub of the face every now and then and are great for the lips too. The best part is they only cost a few dollars.


2. Lanolin.  This is the best lip moisturizer that you’ll ever use.  If you just put a generous amount on at bed time, you’ll never have to reapply anything during the day (unless it is in the dead of a dry Utah winter…then you’re screwed no matter what you use).  With this recommendation I have to give two warnings.  First, it is pure lanolin which apparently some people are allergic to (just a guess by the dozens of other products that specifically state "lanolin free").  Since it is the fat from wool, my guess is if you are allergic to wool, you should stay away from lanolin.  The other caution is that if you buy this specific brand, you should know what it’s real purpose is.  It is a nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers.  Yep, it actually says, "For Breastfeeding Mothers" on the tube bigger than it says the brand or what it is.  So needless to say, it is not in a discrete package.  I’m still trying to find a lip balm type of container to squeeze it into but there have only been a few people who have pointed out what it was so I’m not too concerned.  This stuff is a little expensive (I think around $8 for a 2 oz. tube) but I’ve had the same tube for about three years so it definitely lasts.




So now it’s your turn.  What are your beauty secrets that you just can’t live without?

High School Musical

There’s been a lot of hype about this movie and how it is so popular and Disney should have released it into the theaters instead of doing it as a made-for-TV movie. Well, I confess.  Today is the first time that I’ve seen this movie. 

I don’t get it.

I don’t get why it is so popular.  The singing and acting are totally tacky (but well in line with all the shows on the Disney channel).  And I just thought that it was retarded how they never even got to the point of making the musical at the school. So, no thanks. I’m all set. I don’t even care if it was filmed in Utah.