What bugs me…

about American Idol.

1. Top 36 finalist.  What the heck?!  12 is even too many.

2. The new “save” rule. Hey, if you’re out, you’re out. Besides if you are really that good and you get kicked off, you’re probably better off because you’ll do well and won’t have to pay royalties to Simon.

3. The new judge.  I don’t have anything against Kara.  The problem is there is too much talky talky when all I care about is what Simon thought. Get on with it already.

4. Rotating the order of the judges’ comments.  I guess this is fair, but that’s not how it is done.

5. Really crappy lip syncing group performances.  Does this sound like anyone in the group?  I don’t think so.

6. The over-crowding of look alike’s. Behold, I present Adam–AKA “Uncle Jesse”


And then there is Jasmine.  But not just any Jasmine.  It’s Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

image    image

And I always thought that the female Disney characters weren’t realistic.

7.  Men in makeup. Just look at Uncle Jesse, I mean Adam. I’m pretty sure he wears more eye liner than any girl on there.

8.   American Idol has become a “So You Think You Can Dance” wannabe. I’m too lazy to look for a clip, but I’m sure you know what I am talking about when they have these dance breaks that the contestants do every now and then.

9.  Megan’s fake girl parts in her last performance. I couldn’t find a picture but that’s probably a good thing.

10. Megan’s “dancing.”  Time to learn a new move.

I think that’s it for now.

One year…


So I’m sure you all know the counsel–have/get your one year supply.  Many times we hear "food storage" or "food supply."  But what about all the other stuff that you need besides food?  Oh, yeah…the toiletries.  You know, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, etc., etc.

A while ago I was on one of those Wal-Mart trips where you end up buying more than you need.  (wait, isn’t that every Wal-Mart trip?…anyway…) I was doing my normal toiletries  run–grabbing a stick of deodorant, a can of shave gel, a bottle of lotion, etc., when I glanced at the "girl" aisle and thought to myself, "oh, yeah.  I could probably use some of those soon. If not, I’ll just stock up."


Oh yeah, back to the one year thing.  So don’t you hate it when you buy something to stock pile and then a few weeks later you realize that there is no way you will or even could use the stuff you bought?  Even in a year’s time?! 

Yeah, I’ll just have to hold onto these for a while.

10 Reasons…

…why we love living at Alpine Village

1. Four bedrooms–Devin gets an office and I get a craft room.  Love it!

2. Flat rate utilities–You bet I’ll be cranking up the AC when it gets hot…just like I cranked up the heater when it was cold.

3. 42″ TV–that we didn’t have to pay for.

4. Dishwasher–Built in (ie, not on wheels), quite and it has a delay timer.

5. Quiet-ish–We hardly ever hear our neighbors above us.

6. Parking garage–Snow storm? No big D.

7. Fiber internet–So fast.

8. Two bathrooms–we can take shows at the same time!

9. Elevators–great for a lazy day.

10. Washer and dryer–that don’t have to reposition after the spin cycle.


Now, 10 reasons why I hate living at Alpine Village.

1. It’s a singles complex–though that pretty much sums it up, I just have to go into some details.

2. The fitness center–everything, including the “year round heated pool” is always in repair.

3. Elevators–scare the crap out of me.  They are overly noisy and for about a week there was a bunch of water under one. (It sounded like you were making a water landing every time you went to the parking garage).

4. Parking–other than in the garage, the parking sucks.  Guest parking is behind the buildings and impossible to describe to someone how to get to them. Also, they are boot and tow happy around here.

5. Surveillance cameras–they are everywhere! It should make me feel safe but the office won’t do anything when you tell them someone damaged your car, you give them the exact location and a few hour time frame.  Useless.

6. Flyers and solicitations–out of control!  I forgot how annoying all the “killer dance” and “would you like to purchase…” flyers and sales people are.  99% of the time I don’t answer the door just because they are holding a clipboard.

7. 42″ TV and no HD–I never thought I’d get so attached to HD. Forget the 60+ channels through cable.  I want my 5 HD channels!

8. Spoiled people–this place is probably one of the most uppity complexes in Provo.  You can just tell that practically everyone who lives here is doing so on Daddy’s dime.  The parking lot is filled with Lexus’, BMW’s, etc all of which are no more than a few years old. It’s not uncommon to see a girl on the way to her apartment with four or five shopping bags in her hand. Whatever.

9. “Contracts”–it is impossible to sell our contract for the summer.  The office manager thinks she can implement all these rules like “you have to be married (not getting married) to sign the contract…” or “you can’t have any kids…”.  Well, Devin called BYU housing today and we will probably be able to sell our contract soon. :o)

10. Music–as I sit here and write, there are several spoiled girls blasting music and singing to it. Stupid.


Oh, I am so glad I am married!

Details, details

A few of you asked where we would be living in California this summer.  Well, the exact spot is yet to be determined.  But Apple is located in Cupertino.  Never heard of it?  Yeah, me either.  But here is a map to give you an idea.



Cupertino is the "A", in case you’ve never used Google maps before. Our good friends, Austin and Emily, live in Concord which is just northeast of Pleasant Hill (at the top of the map).  Not too entirely close but you can bet we will be making the trip several times. (I really need my scrapbook buddy back!). 

So we plan to do a lot of fun stuff this summer.  We want to go to Lake Tahoe on the way there, the Redwood Forests, maybe Yosemite and Disney Land. We’ll see how much we actually get to fit in since those are exactly right next door to where we will be living but hey, it’s a lot closer than Utah, right?

Just kidding…

Ok, ok…so I lied.  When I posted the last entry we actually knew exactly where we would be for the summer.  We just had to tell a few certain people before I put up a post because it just wouldn’t have been as much fun for them to find out this way.

Devin got an internship at Apple! 

We are so excited!  Like I said before, Devin has always wanted to work for Apple.  He was pretty disappointed when we were told that they weren’t interested in making him an internship offer (after 6…or was it 7 interviews).  That is why he applied to all the accounting firms and some other places.  Then, after he was asked to go to California for a second round of interviews for two of the firms, he got an email from someone at Apple who he interviewed with last year saying that he was going to intern for him.  Devin didn’t tell me for three days!  But that is understandable after the interviews before.  But it is definitely official.  We even have paperwork to prove it.

So California…here we come!