Just divorced?

The other day I was on my way home from work when I saw this clunky old car with the words "JUST DIVORCED!" written on the back window.  This made me both sad and outraged. How could someone use the same means which a man and woman use to celebrate and announce the happiness of their sacred union as a means to practically brag about the sad and often unjustified situation of divorce.  Certainly I don’t know this woman whose car bore these words but the trends of divorce these days point to a situation in which divorce could have been avoided. It is things like this that show our children that divorce is not only acceptable, but celebrated.  How sad.



See ya later!

That’s right, that little skunker is gone. The $40 bread maker that we bought on an awesome deal about a month ago, used it twice and then realized that it wasn’t something we had to have after all.  Thanks too my sweetie, it was sold this morning after just posting it last night.


Call me crazy, call me pregnant.  I don’t care…it smelled like a skunk.

Update: Ottavio's Italian Restaurant

We thought we would give you a little update on one of the restaurants that we reviewed some time ago.

Recently we had a couple of return visits to what used to be one of our favorite Italian restaurants.  The overall consensus seems to be that Ottavio’s is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Here are a few reasons why we are hesitant to recommend the place.

The service.  The service used to be great and we never had to worry the simple things like running low on our drinks.  With our most recent visits we were sorely disappointed.  It took several minutes for us to be greeted when entering the restaurant even though two employees clearly saw us.  Our server was slow even though there were few customers.  Drinks were low and things were forgotten.

The joints new policies.  It seems like the management is out to make as much money as possible without making the customer happy.  We asked to substitute the french fries that came with a mean for a salad and were told that they couldn’t do that, or we could but it would cost the same as adding a side salad.  This is disappointing when the rest of society is finally catching on the healthier food options.  Not this place. Also, they will not allow an adult to order from the kid’s menu.  There are plenty of places like this one that state “for 12 and under” or “55 and older” on their menu but if you chose to order from that portion of the menu, you are not denied these generally smaller portioned meals.  Ottavio’s is different.  They will not allow you to order from the kids menu unless you are 12 or younger.  Period. This is especially frustrating when everything on their menu comes in enormous proportions and you want something light.

The new menu.  They have changed the lunch menu.  I think the old one used to have everything that the dinner menu did with prices a few dollar cheaper.  They have totally changed the lunch menu. If you want something that is only on the dinner menu, you pay dinner menu price. The crappy thing about this is that the prices are quite high for lunch prices.  There were several things close to or around $10, and that may not have included soup or salad like dinner does.

The food.  We’ve found that Ottavio’s seems to have a problem with consistent quality and taste of their food.  During our last visit, I ordered what I always do: Rigatoni Ottavio without meat.  It was overly creamy and lacked the usual garlic flavor.  This lack of consistency doesn’t seem to be limited to their restaurant.  They sell their Tomato Basil Soup at Costco (under the name Octavio, not Ottavio).  It seems every time I get it, it has a different taste and texture. Where is the recipe and why isn’t it being followed?

The prices.  We used to think that this place was decently priced especially for the service, food and proportions that you got.  During our last visit, we were appalled when the server asked, “did you want any ketchup or ranch for your fries?” and then found that we were charged $1 for the two tablespoons of ranch.  This was irritating for several reasons but mostly because it was offered in the same context of ketchup.  Do they charge for ketchup too?! They have also started to charge $2 per check that is split.

At the end of that visit, we decided that we probably wouldn’t be returning to Ottavio’s again. 

I’m in trouble…or am I?

Last week we discovered something while we were at Costco. 

Behold, they have brought back the fabulous ice cream bars!



These are pretty much the best thing since someone decided to put a stick in ice cream. A creamy vanilla ice cream bar freshly dipped in a thick layer of chocolaty goodness then loaded with chopped almonds.  How can you go wrong? Well, I guess you can with the the enormous amount of calories that it comes with but who really counts their calories when they go to the food court in Costco? (do you know how many calories are in a slice of cheese pizza?!)

In other news, Baskin Robins is now on my bad list.  Why?  Apparently there’s such a thing as "summer" ice cream flavors.  What is that all about?! Last I checked, there aren’t any ice cream flavors that make you feel warm in the winter so why distinguish?


So, when I went to get a pint of my favorite goodness, Daiquiri Ice, (not a good day), and found out they didn’t have any, I went on a mission. Fortunately, before I had the chance to drive all over Utah to find some, Devin called the Orem location who told him that it was a "summer" flavor.  Whatever. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Now I am a little nervous.  I looked on their web site and couldn’t find the flavor listed anywhere.  Oh, I sure hope it’s not gone forever! (though that could be a good thing).

The Truth About Pregnancy

So you read the books, ask around, take the classes but there is nothing that can really prepare you for pregnancy.  Though they give what we’ll call….gentle warnings, they don’t really tell you how it is. So I’m going to.


They say, you will probably experience morning sickness during the first trimester.  What they really meant to say was, you will be sick…all the time…most of the day…without warning…for no particular reason. None of this “morning” stuff, it’s any freaking time of the day!  3:00AM…you got it.

They say you will probably experience some breast tenderness. Today, tenderness.  A few weeks ago…nothing but pain! You might wish you never had them.

They say you might experience mild cramping during the fist few weeks due to your girl parts expanding.  Mild, yes.  But wait, I can’t take anything for it like when I am on my period or use a heating pad….or hot bath? Oh, this sucks.

They say to enjoy your sleep because in 9 months you won’t get any.  What they really mean is that it’s already too late because you’re already screwed.  With the cramping, nausea, and urinating three times a night, good luck.

They say that you can expect your breasts to get bigger.  What they really mean is, say goodbye to a bra that actually fits you.  Unless you are willing to buy a different sized bra every month or so, well, have fun.

They say you might experience some sinus congestion.  Congestion?  How about the constant flow of boogers day and night.  I am addicted to the vaporizer which only seems to help mildly.

They say you might experience a heightened sense of smell.  What they really mean is that you can smell EVERYTHING times 10. The refrigerator that had a slightly musty smell now stinks like aging compost. The bread maker on the counter smells like a skunk.  The smell of urine is enough to make you puke even without feeling sick.

They never warned me about the gagging. I gag when I blow my nose. I gag when I think about blowing my nose. I gag when I go to the bathroom.  I gag when I brush my teeth. I gag when I try to swallow those nasty vitamins.  I gag when I think about swallowing those nasty vitamins.

They say that dental hygiene is very important while you are pregnant.  What they really mean is that it is nearly impossible to keep even the simplest routine for keeping your mouth clean.  Brushing twice a day? Forget it. AM brushings have been few and far between since this is my prime gag time. Tongue cleaning or scraping, not a chance. Mouth wash?  That’s pushing it.  So here is the real tip: go to Costco and get some good-for-your-teeth gum.

They say around 12-14 weeks you can expect to switch over to looser clothes, even maternity clothes.  What they forgot to say is that your shirts probably won’t fit you from day one due to the wonderful breast enlargement/swelling factor.


They say that it is all worth it in the end.  Dang….lets hope so.

Pay attention!

For those who didn’t already know, getting pregnant proved to be no easy task for me. After months of trying to figure out what my body was doing…or not doing…I went to the Student Health Center where I had one of my first ever successful visits.  Finally, one of the doctors seemed to know what he was doing and took care of me.  After a little help from some magic pills, I was finally ovulating!  (uh, too much information? sorry).  So I just have to share this story that still makes me laugh.

After some monitoring and listening to my body, I was pretty sure that I had ovulated. The doctor asked that I go to have my progesterone levels checked about a week after I suspected ovulation which would kill two birds with one stone.  It would show if I had ovulated, and just make sure that the levels were where they should be in case I continued to have problems getting pregnant. 

Nowadays, I don’t think that you can go to any doctor checkup without them asking the two following questions:

Are you pregnant or nursing?

What was the first day of your last period?


Though I haven’t been to the doctor for something unrelated to women’s health lately, I’m pretty sure this is standard procedure along with temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. At least this is true at the Health Center.  The rest of the world might do something different.

Before I get too far into the story, lets review some information that every woman and certainly every female health care worker should know–(1) how to read and (2) how to calculate a gestation time if you are pregnant.  The first one, well, if you are reading this, I can’t do much more.  But the second, here’s how it is–normal gestation for a female human is 38-42 weeks (averaged to 40 weeks) from the first day of their last period. (Some older women seem to be surprised by this calculation so it is possible that this isn’t how they always did it).  With this information in mind, consider the following conversation between me and the Health Center girl working in the lab when I go to get my progesterone tests done by doing a blood test.

Me: Yes, I’m here to get some tests done ordered by my doctor a few weeks ago.

Girl: Ok, just sign in here.

Me: Ok.  Anything else?

Girl:  We will call you when we are ready.  Let me just pull up your records to see what we are supposed to be doing today.

Me: OK. (proceed to sit down).

Girl: Brittany?

Me: Yes?

Girl:  I just have some questions for you because of the type of test.

Me: Ok?

Girl:  What was the first day of your last period?

Me: (uh, i know this….I look at my chart EVERYDAY…think, think….) I don’t remember all of a sudden. Isn’t it in my records?

Girl: Oh no.  I don’t know why it would be.  We never ask that.

Me: (puzzled look…thinking, “ok, strike one for you”)….ummmm

Girl: just an estimate is fine.

Me: OK, uh, January 9?

Girl: Ok.

Me: (I hate the health center….can’t you just look at my records?)

Girl: Oh yeah, there’s the date–January 10.

Me: (stupid)

Girl: Oh one more question.  How many weeks gestation?

Me: Excuse me?

Girl: You know, how far along are you?

Me: What?

Girl: You know, pregnant…how many weeks?

Me: Uh, I’m not pregnant? (yet)

Girl: Are you sure?

Me: What?

Girl: Well, this test is usually ordered for pregnant women?

Me: Well, I’m not pregnant. (o….k…)

Girl: Oh….o…k…


So let’s review: This girl has to have some medical training right?  And she is a girl, right?  So shouldn’t she know that my LMP (last menstrual period) is listed in my records which she has immediate access to on the computer?!  Like I said–she can’t read–strike one.

She assumed I was pregnant and asked how far along I was.  Had the doctor known I was pregnant when he ordered the test, don’t you think he would have noted that on my records?  She still can’t read–strike two.

Then she asked how far along I was.  First off, if she had even glanced at my records she would have seen that I was struggling to get pregnant so that was a little insensitive to being with.  Then, lets go back and do the math–human gestation time = 40 from LMP. I went to get the test no more than three weeks after my LMP. When do people find out if they are pregnant?  Uh, usually around 4 weeks, depending on their cycle.  So, if she had done the math she would have realized that it had only been three weeks since my LMP and there probably wasn’t any way that I knew if I was pregnant.  So she can’t do math–strike three.  Plus, why did she even ask how far along I was?  Knowing the LMP gives you the same information!  She can’t think–strike four….she was out a long time ago!

Just another fun adventure at the Health Center. Seriously, where do they get these people?!

Wait for it….

Ok.  Now it is official.  Ok maybe it was official a while ago but now I can share.

I’m pregnant!  Some of you already caught on, so congratulations.

As of today, I am 12 weeks and going strong. Well, maybe not strong but still going.

Here is a picture of the little bug. It was taken at about 10 weeks.  The ultrasound tech was nice enough to label the picture, incase I look at it years down the road an wonder what I’m looking at. It’s a "baby."




Yesterday, I had my second appointment where I got to hear the heart beat. Devin wasn’t there because he is in Oklahoma City for a school competition. But that’s ok because we got to see the heart during the ultrasound and that was pretty cool.

I am due October 17th.  I am not at the point where I am wishing and hoping that it comes early, though I’m sure that time will come.  We just hope that it doesn’t land on mine or Devin’s birthday.

So I know that you all are dying to ask me the same two questions that I’ve already been asked dozens of times already.


1.) How are you feeling?

Eh, ok.  Sleeping was pretty impossible for a few weeks because I would always wake up sick in the middle of the night.  And yes, I know…."you just have to eat before you feel sick."  Well, duh but how does that work in the middle of the night?!  Sorry, but I’m not going to get up every two hours to eat. That doesn’t work.

Sleeping is still rough but luckily my work has been pretty flexible and let me shift my schedule later by about two hours.  That has been nice.  Not so much for the fact that I get to sleep more (since I probably get on average about 45 minutes more) but just that I can take my time getting ready.  Most mornings, I get up, run to the kitchen for some cereal, sit on the couch for about 20 minutes to wait for it to kick in, take a shower, lay down in bed again for 10 minutes, get dressed, and prepare my second breakfast before I head out the door. Somehow my mornings went from 30-45 minutes to get ready to 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes to get ready.  It’s fun.

Oh yeah, back to how I am feeling.  Anyway, luckily I’ve really only thrown up once.  The other two didn’t really count because they were self inflicted (not on purpose) by using a tongue scraper. My strangest symptom has been an extreme increase in gag reflex.  I can pretty much gag on queue.  Thinking of food, thinking or trying to swallow my vitamins (uck), or sometimes even talking will trigger a gag. Devin always laughs. 



2.) Have you had any crazy cravings? 

There has only been one that was totally random. Macdonald’s Orange Drink.  I was with Cari-Ann and Eric when this all started and Cari-Ann had fun reminiscing about our younger years when an Orange Drink was all I would order to drink when we went to Macdonald’s or Rax.  I hadn’t had an Orange Drink in years and wasn’t particularly fond of the drink anymore so it was weird to want one….for three days….until I finally got one.  Later, Devin, being the sweetheart he is, decided to go the grocery store where he purchased Hi-C Orange Burst drink boxes for me.  Sorry, it’s just not the same.


That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll be posting some other experiences that I’ve had recently a little later.