Wait for it….

Ok.  Now it is official.  Ok maybe it was official a while ago but now I can share.

I’m pregnant!  Some of you already caught on, so congratulations.

As of today, I am 12 weeks and going strong. Well, maybe not strong but still going.

Here is a picture of the little bug. It was taken at about 10 weeks.  The ultrasound tech was nice enough to label the picture, incase I look at it years down the road an wonder what I’m looking at. It’s a "baby."




Yesterday, I had my second appointment where I got to hear the heart beat. Devin wasn’t there because he is in Oklahoma City for a school competition. But that’s ok because we got to see the heart during the ultrasound and that was pretty cool.

I am due October 17th.  I am not at the point where I am wishing and hoping that it comes early, though I’m sure that time will come.  We just hope that it doesn’t land on mine or Devin’s birthday.

So I know that you all are dying to ask me the same two questions that I’ve already been asked dozens of times already.


1.) How are you feeling?

Eh, ok.  Sleeping was pretty impossible for a few weeks because I would always wake up sick in the middle of the night.  And yes, I know…."you just have to eat before you feel sick."  Well, duh but how does that work in the middle of the night?!  Sorry, but I’m not going to get up every two hours to eat. That doesn’t work.

Sleeping is still rough but luckily my work has been pretty flexible and let me shift my schedule later by about two hours.  That has been nice.  Not so much for the fact that I get to sleep more (since I probably get on average about 45 minutes more) but just that I can take my time getting ready.  Most mornings, I get up, run to the kitchen for some cereal, sit on the couch for about 20 minutes to wait for it to kick in, take a shower, lay down in bed again for 10 minutes, get dressed, and prepare my second breakfast before I head out the door. Somehow my mornings went from 30-45 minutes to get ready to 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes to get ready.  It’s fun.

Oh yeah, back to how I am feeling.  Anyway, luckily I’ve really only thrown up once.  The other two didn’t really count because they were self inflicted (not on purpose) by using a tongue scraper. My strangest symptom has been an extreme increase in gag reflex.  I can pretty much gag on queue.  Thinking of food, thinking or trying to swallow my vitamins (uck), or sometimes even talking will trigger a gag. Devin always laughs. 



2.) Have you had any crazy cravings? 

There has only been one that was totally random. Macdonald’s Orange Drink.  I was with Cari-Ann and Eric when this all started and Cari-Ann had fun reminiscing about our younger years when an Orange Drink was all I would order to drink when we went to Macdonald’s or Rax.  I hadn’t had an Orange Drink in years and wasn’t particularly fond of the drink anymore so it was weird to want one….for three days….until I finally got one.  Later, Devin, being the sweetheart he is, decided to go the grocery store where he purchased Hi-C Orange Burst drink boxes for me.  Sorry, it’s just not the same.


That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll be posting some other experiences that I’ve had recently a little later.

7 thoughts to “Wait for it….”

  1. Oh hooray! I kind of figured it out though. You know… you should aim for October 13th! That’s my birthday and that means your kid would be popular for sure!!!! :) Congrats!

  2. Congrats… we are so excited for you… We are going to Washington this summer so we will have to hook up for lunch or something so we can see you guys… Congrats again and we love you!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I hope your pregnancy flies by without too much pain.

    I LOVE orange drinks from fast food joints when I am pregnant (and I also drank them frequently while growing up). Any other time, they are way too sugary, but what the baby wants, the baby gets, right? : )

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