"Cheeseburger" in a tortilla–a family recipe

Here is what you need: (blast that stupid green box that I can’t get rid of…)

     ground beef (add a little taco seasoning if you like)

     shredded cheddar

     diced onions

     diced pickles


     diced tomatoes


     S&P to taste

     Tabasco (a MUST if you ask me!)


Take a warm, soft, flour tortilla and put the ingredients on in the following order:

      beef, cheese, lettuce, and then everything else in any order (but probably with the ketchup being last.  Roll up and enjoy!

The pickles go on

So here is the scoop.  Pickles on tacos comes from my great uncle Grant who served a mission in Argentina a long, long time ago.  Though after some research, I am skeptical.  After Googling several different phrases, I found this book on Amazon.




So according to Rick Silvers, there are no tacos in Argentina so how could there be pickles on tacos, if there aren’t any? Maybe I need to see if our local library has this book and see what it says.  Maybe it has nothing to do with pickles…or tacos…or Argentina.  Maybe it’s in the naughty section and I shouldn’t even go there. Hmmmmm……




I feel obligated to want pickles at some point in the next few months.  Generally, I don’t like pickles.  Not on my cheese burger, not as a nasty relish, and certainly not soaking my grilled cheese. However, every now and then when I visit my parents I will opt for pickles on my taco. (Weird? Yes. My mom claims pickles are what you are supposed to put on your taco….according to her brother who served a mission in some taco eating country.  I think the joke might be on her….who knows).

Several times in the past few months I’ve looked at the pickles in the grocery store. I’m tempted to buy some but I don’t know what kind!  There are so many! There are the “bread and butter” pickles (who came up with that term?) which I know I don’t like. There are dill. There are gherkins. And somewhere in there I’m sure there’s a “sweet” something. All I know is I like them small and crisp…not soggy. Ah, what to get?!  Kosher, for sure!

Then I think to myself, “I don’t really want pickles! It just seems like the right thing to do.”

Write too much?

Do I write too much? I mean, for each post?  I look at some blogs and it seems like my several paragraphs that I write in each post seem to be, well, several paragraphs too long.  Maybe I should just blog more often, but less.  Writing about nothing always seemed to be a talent of mine. Ten page paper? No problem, I can bust that out in a few hours. You want my opinion? Oh yeah, I can write about that forever. Take a test or write a paper?  Oh, oh, paper PLEASE!  So, here’s to getting to the point. The point? I don’t know….I’m just bored.

Feeling a little sick

I’ve taken the leap into my second trimester with unrealistic expectations.  I think I’ve heard everything from “the fist trimester is the worst….the second is the best…” to “I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but it doesn’t.”  Sure I’ve had my complaints about…everything.  From hating food to needing food, looking forward to buying new clothes to realizing that on a hanger is where the best belong, and on and on. Most recently, I’m uncomfortable.  Great….and I thought that wouldn’t happen until the last few months. (Yet another lie I was told). 

Many times I’ve had the thought (and vocal discussion) that this child could very likely be an only child.  Yes, I know I’ve actually had it pretty easy compared others requiring constant medication or bed rest throughout their pregnancy. In that respect I count my blessings.  HOWEVER, this still sucks.  At one point in my life I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun and cute to be pregnant!”  Ah, if only. I was encouraged the other day when my sis told me she wanted four kids, and that’s after already having one. Perhaps there is hope after all.

So I take one day at a time. Some days I feel sick.  Not the first-few-weeks-have-to-eat-or-else kind of sick, but just kind of blah.  Oh, and then there are the “can’t breathe” moments I keep having. Again, something that I thought I wouldn’t experience until the end when the baby had the ability to stick it’s foot into my lungs. So far the only thing that helps is laying down.

This past week I’ve been doing pretty good.  I certainly have my days but the past four I have forced myself to work through them. Every day I have gone for a walk which I am enjoying.  I think I’ve been getting in somewhere around 2-3 miles a day, though some days inevitably take longer than others to get that accomplished. There are some nice areas of our neighborhood.  And then there are the questionable areas.  Last week I decided to walk a loop around the area (about 2.5 miles) and later decided that would be my first and last time doing so.  So now I stick to the areas that have nicer complexes and overpriced town homes for my walking enjoyment.  The roads aren’t too busy but busy enough that there are plenty of witnesses to help me feel safe.

Other than that I’ve been feeling home sick.  Not necessarily missing Utah (actually, aside from Taco Time, not missing it at all) but I WANT MY BED!  I’m now realizing that if there is one thing that you need when you are pregnant is a good bed…and we have one….in Utah. The one that we are using is decent but the last few nights my hips have started hurting around 4am.  That usually isn’t a problem but since at this point in the game I’m not supposed to sleep in my back, it poses a problem.  Though Devin was sweet to get me a body pillow a few months back, I foresee a purchase of a few more pillows in the near future.

On the up side, I finally bought some more maternity clothes yesterday.  So far I’ve been using my sister’s pants, a pair of capris, and couple of non-maternity but they work anyway type of shirts.  I guess when I spend most of my time resting in bed and taking walks, I don’t feel the need to have a lot of clothes at this point.

A new toy

The other day Devin ordered this new toy. (I swear it’s Christmas every week….no wonder I can’t think of anything to get him when a gift giving holiday finally comes around).  It’s a pretty sweet little contraption.  It’s this telescoping rod that you connect your camera to so all those self portrait shots don’t look so….selfy.  It looks like this..


Yesterday we took a little trip and decided to try it out.  Let’s just say there is a bit of a learning curve for it.  Here are some pictures, in sequence, while we tried to figure it out.  Can you tell where we are?

Probably not…


How about now?


Ah, getting closer….


There we go. The Oakland Temple. Still a little crooked but we can go back and fix that, right?  (yeah, just like we were going to do on so many of our other pictures….but didn’t).



So yesterday we went to the temple and did a session.  Our ward and a few other wards has this thing where they get a charter bus for ward(s) temple night.  It was nice because we didn’t have to drive since it is about an hour away.  It wasn’t so nice because most the people there seemed like those that didn’t want to drive so far or couldn’t. Needless to say, there wasn’t much of a diversity of ages in the group and yes, we were the youngest.  Well, maybe for the exception of another couple.  On the way home, they had sandwiches, fruit, water and cookies.  That was nice but we learned something.  Unless you want what everyone else didn’t want for the sandwich, don’t be the last one on the bus like we were.  We are still trying to figure out why they wait until after the session to serve the food (around 9:30 at night) instead of before around 6pm.


My friend Diane just put up a cute post about money and how she loves to find and keep coins. (I actually didn’t know that about her). It reminded me of the coin situation in our house growing up.

For some reason we never really thought much of coins thus, you could always find several coins laying around somewhere at our house.  It used to drive me crazy when friends would come over and they’d say, “hey, a dime!”  Usually, I would respond with “ah, who cares. You can keep it.” They would usually respond with a surprised and enthusiastic “thanks!” and then start looking for more.  There was always change in the driveway, in the cars, on the floor, in the couch cushions (among other things).  I’m not really sure where it came from either.

My dad was always the user of change.  He had, and still has, this old fabric wallet.  When my sister and I started going to my dad for money, we quickly learned the in’s and out’s of his wallet.  Since there was no zipper, snap, or even velcro on it, you had to open it a certain way or all the change would fall out (that is, with the tag up…oh yeah, I still know.) He was the carrier of the cash. Later on we had to start checking with him before we took some change just to make sure we didn’t take the wrong quarter. (He’s one of those State quarter collectors). Several years back (probably after my sister and I stopped taking his change) he would empty his change into a big glass jar. I think he ended up collecting some $300….that never would have lasted with us kids in the house.

Then there’s my mom.  She rarely carried cash.  She was a check writer…luckily she’s mostly over that.  If she did have cash, she’d never give exact change. Unless she was paying in change (like for those, “can we afford it” fast food stops) she never used even a penny even if the total was $5.01.  The 99 cents would go straight to the bottom of her purse.  She probably could have lightened her load by a couple of pounds if it weren’t for that change. Because of this, we always knew that if we wanted to take a trip to the old Rainbow General Store (AKA “the little store”), “I don’t have any money” was never a good enough reason to keep us from begging.  On any given day you could probably dig up enough change from her purse to feed a family of 5 (well, back in those days anyway).

I’d say that I am neither like my mom or my dad.  These days my dad will occasionally pick up a coin from the ground, usually to check to see what state quarter it is. I use cash on occasion but I faithfully use the coin pocket in my wallet…which has a zipper.  Devin never carries coins and always unloads them on me so I guess I’m forced to use them.  I usually don’t pick up coins.  One reason is there is always that middle school kid who thought it would be funny to super glue a quarter to the floor and hide around the corner to see who tries to pick it up. (If you give it a little nudge with your foot it will save you the embarrassment when you bend over).  However, I am not above checking every washer and dryer for returned coins after I found a quarter in the laundromat last week.  Now that was a good day!

That’s funny

Whatever happened to saying “that’s funny”? Whatever happened to using words….real words?  Sometimes….a lot of times…I get annoyed when people think its cool to use the sixth grade lingo for when you think things are funny (that is, when you are forced to type your response instead of being able to laugh in a real conversation).  Sure, there are some things that you can shorten, even abbreviate, without looking like you are totally lazy or are new to this whole English language thing.  I’ve had various teachers and irritated TA’s who constantly nag the students to proofread their papers.  Not because we misspelled a word, but because we put something besides a word in it’s place.  Are you kidding me?

What’s more, it drives me crazy when someone “lol” at them self, assuming we think its funny too.  So a little advice, let me (and everyone else) decide if you are funny. Simply by putting “lol” or “haha..hehehe…” at the end of your statements doesn’t make you funny.  Unless you actually talk like that (and I’ve known a few who unfortunately do), then don’t write like that.

Besides, whoever came up with “lol” anyway?  What does it mean?  I mean, if something is funny and you laugh, isn’t it usually a given that you are laughing out loud anyway? Isn’t that the definition of laugh? Maybe I will start something new (assuming it hasn’t started already).  “LOTI”–laughing on the inside.  That makes more sense. hahaha….hehehe…lol. Aren’t i funny?

Random Stuff

Yesterday we took a trip to San Francisco for a little sight seeing. We walked half way across the Golden Gate Bridge…we figured everything pretty much looked the same from one end to the other so why go further than you need to, right? So here are some pictures from that.

IMG_1658 IMG_1656

It wasn’t too exciting but we did it and paid our $6 toll to do so.


And just in case you were thinking about it…


Yesterday was my 17 week mark.  Here is a lovely picture we took….obviously before doing my hair or makeup. (Won’t be doing that again).


Some days I wish I would look pregnant instead of just fat already.  Other days, I feel unsettled knowing this is just the beginning.


Here are the pictures of the Redlands, CA Temple that I mentioned before.  Being our fist temple stop of the trip we weren’t sure where the tripod was, which is made clear by the angle of some of the pictures.



IMG_3042 IMG_3041

Other than that, business as usual. 

Oh yeah, and a shout out to Amber.  For mother’s day our ward gave us three tinny little chocolate covered blue berries.  The best part is, I didn’t get any…they ran out.  I guess they underestimated how many 18 and 19 year olds there are in the ward that clearly are no where close to being mothers. I’ll get myself a doughnut tomorrow. :o)

Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers out there! Love you mom!