Designers needed

Yesterday I had a couple hours to burn after my doctors appointment before I needed to pick up Devin so I decided to waste some time at a mall.  I discovered something–there are some dang ugly baby clothes out there. Honestly I’m not sure what some of the designers were thinking when they made them.

After spending most of my time looking at baby clothes, I decided a few things.

First, I don’t like clothes with words on them. For the exception of something like a BYU shirt, or something similar with a similar purpose, there is no point to words and most the time, it just looks tacky. For example, I kept seeing these onsies that said things like "diva" or "got milk".  That’s just stupid. Some other ones that said "cute" or something small and inconspicuous weren’t so bad. But most of them, pretty bad.

Second, incase no one noticed but babies are small.  So why are they putting huge bodacious butterflies and bows on these little ones? Not a fan. Let’s just put things in proportion, shall we?

Lastly, I hate Disney. Last year when Cari-Ann was expecting Mitchel, she was vocal that she wanted nothing Pooh Bear.  At that time, I was like, ah who cares.  But now I get it. I hate everything Disney and it drives me crazy how much of a market share they have in children’s clothes. I don’t need to advertise for them. Besides, they make enough money by charging an outrageous amount for everything at Disneyland and under pay their interns greatly. So no Pooh (for the exception of the traditional Pooh my dad gets for everyone), no Cinderella, no Ariel and certainly no Tinkerbell.

So let’s keep it simple, huh? Small prints, tiny bows, and pictures or designs should be smaller than the child’s head. Give me a solid plain onsie any day.


Yesterday we had a bit of a moment.
Since there are so many interns in our ward just for the summer, the Elders Quorum found it convenient for most of them to home teach each other. The boys decided to make it a social event for this month and just have the four couples get together for some dessert.  We were all supposed to bring some to share.  Devin and I decided to make dump cake.

We got started a little late and assembling the thing took a little longer than expected so we sat impatiently as it baked in the oven.  After a while we decided it was mostly done but needed some gentle browning on the top.  So, we decided to put in on broil.  Of course, on our fancy little pint size oven, it doesn’t have any level settings–just “broil”.  Then we sat down and started talking about baby stuff. Then….

the smoke alarm went off….


All the yummy goodness was now charred.  So now we were late to the gathering and only had some vanilla ice cream to show for it.

It ended up being just fine because when everyone brings dessert, there is a lot of dessert. Besides, our ice cream went well with another couple’s brownies.

First we blamed it on the baby.  But now we blame it on the certain individual who has managed to suck a lot of excitement out of having a baby.  Otherwise, we never would have been having the distracting conversation we were having at the time the cake went up in smoke.

Is it too early?

Is it too early to be getting impatient?

During the past week or so I’ve been feeling anxious about getting things ready for the baby. Many of you know that we have put off buying many things because it doesn’t make sense to purchase things here in California where we would probably pay more for them, pay a lot more in sales tax, only to pay more in gas money for the trip home if we had a car loaded full of baby stuff.  Daily I’ve been watching the prices for the bigger ticket items that we need to purchase like a stroller and car seat. 

With the help of my sister and a some suggestions from a few others, I picked out this stroller very shortly after we found out we were pregnant.

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System

I wanted something that would last for several kids, boy or girl.  It’s one of the heavier models but the seat is rated for up to 32 lbs (while others were in the lower 20’s), has a front harness tightening strap, and the stroller seat reclines flat so you can actually fit two kiddos in there if you want.  Since I picked it out by just looking online, I was hoping that the pictures represented the actual look of the fabric print and colors.  I’d never seen the set in person since Toys/Babys R Us, Target, or Walmart didn’t carry them in store. But then my mom and sister said they saw it at Burlington Coat Factory.  So on Friday Devin and I took a quick trip to Burlington and saw it along with the matching porta crib that we wanted to get.  It’s cuter and more gender neutral than I thought and now I’m really excited for it!

Today we ordered the porta crib online from  Devin did some sneaky coupon stacking and managed to get it for about $125.  Being new customers we got $10 off any diaper order so we bought some newborn size to get us started.

Last week we bought the swing that I had mentioned before on eBay.  Some amateur flooded the market with about 5 of them all ending within minutes of each other so we got it for $35–about half the price I found anywhere else.

Now the only major purchase we have left is the stroller/car seat set. EBay hasn’t been the best place for that because there are a bunch of people who are selling them way above the price amazon has or even suggested retail. There is this one guy who keeps posting it over and over again because he’s not selling it.  He keeps trying to sell it for about $100 more than amazon has it for which is crazy and very annoying.

I was going to go back to Burlington on Saturday while Devin had an internship activity, but then someone decided they wanted to be a jerk which ultimately ruined my day. Instead I went home and watched some movies and took a nap. At some point I’ll get into the baby shopping mood again and hopefully get a better idea of the things we need to get once we get back to Utah.


I finally figured out how to assign a home page on Chrome. So I’m slow.  But I didn’t like the process.  Instead of the old drag and drop like in Firefox you have to go into options and copy the URL.  Also, you have to tell it to display the home button in the toolbar.  Am I the only one who uses that? Shouldn’t it automatically be there? Huh.

The ups and downs

Occasionally I listen to a podcast called "Pregtastic".  During my first several weeks of pregnancy I was finding it difficult to fall asleep at night.  Distractions seemed to help which oddly enough came in the form of podcasts.  After we had exhausted Devin’s podcast faves (Buzz Out Loud, Twit, and Mac OS Ken), he found Pregtastic.  Some episodes worked like a charm while others seemed to play on my queasiness with their stories of blood and guts.

Some of the stories they tell are pretty hilarious.  One of my favorites was one of the casters was talking about her ups and downs for the week and said that one of her downs was that she keeps peeing on her hand. Just when you thought you were done….oh, no….not yet. I

It’s interesting how being pregnant has totally disconnected me from my bladder. On my first visit to the doctor they asked for a urine sample, which for some reason I didn’t think about. I had just gone before the appointment but had also been drinking a lot of water so I thought no problem.

Nope. I didn’t even have a drop to give.  I really can’t figure it out anymore when I actually have to go or it just feels like I do….or sometimes I feel like I don’t, but really do.

Other than that so far I feel pretty lucky for how my body has been treating me during this whole pregnancy thing.  I’ve only thrown up 3 or 4 times. My skin has been relatively clear (and I say relative because it was a mess from the medication prior to getting pregnant).  Miraculously I haven’t had any problems (yet) with my back.  I’ve been able to keep up with my exercise (that I started about two months ago). And cravings really haven’t popped up as much as I thought they would. In fact, aside from the orange drink, I’d say I’m all set.

On the flip side, I think I can feel hiccups from the baby now.  It kinda sends me into a full belly jiggle. I don’t like jiggle. . .

Web analytics

Sometimes I like to check the stats on our blog to see how many hits I get and how people end up here. Google has a great tool that tracks that and it’s fun to look at once in a while. Sometimes it’s fun to see what people search for an end up at one of my posts. Here are some of the ones that made me laugh.

krusty’s Belgian waffle mix

breadmaker skunk smell

hi-c orange drink and morning sickness

saying that’s funny

why do I gag when i blow my nose

These are just a few.  Also, just a thanks to all of you who put a link to our site on yours.  My top three referring sights are Cari-Ann’s, Katie Casey, and Katie Horrocks.

Another interesting fact is that approximately 4% of my viewers are still using dial up. Seriously? That still exists?

An epiphery

Recently I’ve come to the realization/decision/confirmation that unlike I originally thought, it is not fun to be pregnant at the same time as anyone else.

Previously I thought it would be fun. However, I found out quickly that it is impossible to not compare myself to everyone else.  Several weeks ago we went out to dinner with Devin’s co-workers. His boss’s wife (Megan) came too and I had the pleasure of meeting her.  Immediately I began to hate the fact that she was there because she showed no signs of being pregnant even though she is but a week behind me.  Ug.

Then this last Monday my visiting teaching companion and Megan (come to find out they are good friends) invited me to go with a group to the zoo. Everyone who went has toddlers but I figured I should get to know some people in the ward and get out of the house for a while. So I went. Of course there just happened to be another sister ride with us who is due about 3 weeks before me and again, freaking nothing. Still in her regular clothes while I’ve been sporting the maternity style for some time. What’s even more confusing is that she’s pregnant with her second which normally would mean that you show more earlier. But I felt like saying, "hello? Is anything in there?"

And then there is the fact that at times I was having a hard time keeping up with some of these ladies. At the end of the day I was totally wiped out….and the next day too.  I don’t really get it either. It’s not like we were running for five hours….just casually walking. I do my three mile walks 3-4 times a week and at no slow pace. But I was pooped. And I certainly wasn’t pushing a stroller or carrying a child like they were. Ug.

So next time, I’m going to find the least common time of year to get pregnant and do it then. Because this just isn’t working. I swear these other women are still running like 10 miles a day. Ug.

So for now I probably won’t be posting any "week x" pictures unless they are from like a month previous.  That way it will make me feel better about where I was, not where I am at. Ug.

The art of picture taking

In the past several years, most people have made the switch from film cameras to digital for obvious reasons.  During this transition period, Devin and I have found that you have to find the right stranger to take your picture.  One who looks like they have made the switch.  One who looks like they would be competent digital camera users.  Not necessarily one who has mastered every camera and every feature they have to offer, but simply someone who can look at the screen, point, and click.

A couple weeks ago Devin was lucky to get a couple of tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium from a co-worker who decided he wouldn’t be using them. Since admission is something like $30 bucks, we were excited to see what it had to offer.

We didn’t take any pictures since most of the exhibits are small and of course the lighting, glass, tons of people, etc don’t make for a good picture scenario. So on our way out we decided we should get at least one picture next to the sign so we could say we’ve been there.

So we looked around and found someone who looked like they would speak English (racial profiling….I know but sometimes you just have to…) and that would know what to do with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. So we found a guy near by who was fidgeting with an digital SLR style of camera and decided he would be good (ie we wouldn’t have to explain that you look at the screen to aim).  Well, this is what we got.


The good news: we are in the picture.  The bad news: the intended sign didn’t quite make it. So what was he thinking? "I bet this lovely couple just wants a picture of themselves against this lovely cement wall…"  O…..k…..

Talk, talk, talk….

Being at home without a TV, I must be talking more when Devin is around.  Either that or his wonderful family genes of ADHD have been more active lately.  Sometimes I have to remind Devin to focus on me and what I am saying.  If I don’t, frustration easily takes over.  Usually I figure out that he isn’t really paying attention by his responses or sometimes lack of responses.  Usually we both get a good laugh when a relatively simple conversation quickly gets confusing. Here is an example of one that we had about a week ago.

We were driving in the car listening to the radio and talking off and on when I said, "can you believe it? We only have about 8 more weeks." This statement was in reference to the time we had left her in California. Which to me wasn’t confusing because we had done the countdown/countup several times before. To my surprise and confusion, Devin responded quickly with, "till the baby comes?! Wait, how many weeks are you?….wait….what are we talking about?"

We both got a really good laugh out of that one.

Only one more to go!

Yesterday I took the final for my second to last class!  Now all I have left is a few cake papers to write and I’M DONE!

During my test taking adventure yesterday, I came across a few things that just didn’t make any sense.

The thing that started it all was the parking in downtown San Jose. The university charges $8 for parking and of course there was no way I was doing that. So I went for the meters.  Knowing this ahead of time, I knew I would need some quarters.  We needed some for laundry anyway so I made a quick stop at our bank, Chase. 

Here is the first thing that doesn’t make sense. Like many, many other people, we used to bank with Washington Mutual.  Of course that was bought out by Chase thus, now we are with Chase.  So I go inside, fill out my withdrawal slip for $30 in quarters and wait a few minutes in line.  I get to the counter and the conversation went like so:

Me: I’d like to get $30 in quarters please.

Teller: Hmmm, can I see your [ATM] card?

Me: [hands him my card]

Teller: Where did you originally open your account?

Me: Utah.

Teller: Oh, you see we are Chase and you opened your account with Washington Mutual.

Me: [duh, do you watch the news?]

Teller: So since you are a Washington Mutual customer you cannot make a withdrawal here.

Me: Sorry? WaMu doesn’t exist. My card clearly says "Chase" on it. We’ve made deposits at this branch before. How am I supposed to get my money out?

Teller: Well, we haven’t totally merged her in California.  You can use the ATM for withdrawals up to $500.  After that, we can do it for you but you have to fill out a form.

Me: [sigh] o….k… you are telling me that after waiting in line, I can go outside, withdrawal money, come back in to wait in line again so that you can exchange for quarters?

Teller: Yes.

Me: So when can we use your services?

Teller: October! [he said as if that were the good news.]

So we don’t have a bank…but sort of do.  Until they "fully merge" they have no interest in helping us. How does that make sense?

Anyway, back to taking my test. About a block away from the testing building, there was plenty of street parking in a 2 hour limit zone. I didn’t plan on taking more than an hour for the test (since they charge by the hour to proctor) so I figured an hour plus some would be perfect to find the building and take the test. So I get out to put my cost-more-than-they-are-actually-worth quarters in the parking meter fully prepared to pay about an hour and 15 minutes worth of time when I read the sign on the meter.  "60-minute Limit". Wait, what? The sign right next to it says 2 hour limit parking zone but I can only pay for 60 minutes at a time?! How does that make sense? Why don’t they just make it a one hour zone? Ug.

So I give the confused meter its dollar and race off to my test–late after the whole bank thing.

The proctor makes some small talk and then hands me this form to sign saying that I agree to pay the proctor fees when I complete my test.  And of course, wouldn’t you know it—cash or check only. The fee was $20. I had a ten dollar bill and $29 in quarters. She said she didn’t want the quarters but could tell me where the ATM was. Not knowing the campus I didn’t want to wonder around all hot and pregnant just to pay $3.50 to take out $20 for a stupid test that I only took 30 minutes to take anyway.  Besides, she never told me on the phone (the two times I talked to her) that they didn’t take cards nor did their website.  I had cash. Sure maybe not what they would have liked but guess what, not. my. problem.

But in the end, I’m done with another class. I don’t have to take any more tests to graduate. And I don’t have to see the proctor again so who cares!