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Sometimes I like to check the stats on our blog to see how many hits I get and how people end up here. Google has a great tool that tracks that and it’s fun to look at once in a while. Sometimes it’s fun to see what people search for an end up at one of my posts. Here are some of the ones that made me laugh.

krusty’s Belgian waffle mix

breadmaker skunk smell

hi-c orange drink and morning sickness

saying that’s funny

why do I gag when i blow my nose

These are just a few.  Also, just a thanks to all of you who put a link to our site on yours.  My top three referring sights are Cari-Ann’s, Katie Casey, and Katie Horrocks.

Another interesting fact is that approximately 4% of my viewers are still using dial up. Seriously? That still exists?

2 thoughts to “Web analytics”

  1. Ha ha, one of the google searches used to get to mine was “why am I obsessed with pee?” It made me laugh. And then it made me nervous.

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