Babies, babies, babies!

Seems like the storks have been extra busy lately.  BTW, have you seen the cute stork video by Pixar? They show it at the beginning of UP! and it’s just as brilliant as their other short videos.

Anyway, have I mentioned that not only am I pregnant (if you didn’t know that, you’ve got some blog reading to do) but my sister-in-law is also!  I’m totally excited because even though my sister’s kiddo is just a little more than a year older, my sister-in-law’s will be even closer. It’s so much fun to have a cousin your age. Though I doubt they will be just a day apart like me and Amber (since that would pretty much mean bad things on both of our ends) they’ll still be close. 

Another Half Moon excursion

Last Sunday we decided we wanted to take a trip to a beach. Half Moon Bay is one of the closest. It was a really nice day in Sunnyvale but once again, not as great at the beach, but still fun.

It was very foggy and not exactly warm.  But, on the up side, it wasn’t windy like another beach we had gone to. We sat and watched a seal and some fishermen catch a little 3″ fish.


(This one is for my dad )



Anniversary celebration

By now I’m sure you saw the post by Devin.  He likes to surprise me with these random anniversaries of things that I should remember, but don’t.  Once he made this picture collage for our one year anniversary from when we met.  I of course had no clue as to the exact date and later found out he didn’t either. But an estimated date didn’t distract me one bit.

So Monday, after my two-hour medical excursion, we decided that we would go out to eat to celebrate.  Not our anniversary, but the fact that I had officially completed all my classes and now knew with a surety that I was going to graduate. We splurged and went out to Chili’s for the 2-for-$20 deal.  Ok, so not a splurge with money, but on calories. After we ordered Devin showed me the post he put up (since I hadn’t seen it due to all the internet issues). Very cute and oh, a present! Lucky me!

He didn’t give it to me until we got home. It was a gift certificate to have a prenatal massage at the Apple Fitness and Wellness Center. So yesterday, that is what I did.  And let me tell you, it was great! First off, the lady was a good masseuse. Since it was in the fitness center it wasn’t all hippie feeling, with weird lighting and burning candles like other places I’ve been.  That was nice because I wasn’t overwhelmed with the smell of “essential oils.”

The whole experience was great but one of the best parts was being able to lay on my stomach.  I’m not normally a stomach sleeper but I enjoy it every now and then.  For the massage they have this cushion.  It’s about 4-5 inches thick and has a cut out for your tummy and boobs so it is totally comfortable.  After just a few minutes into the massage, I had forgotten I was pregnant because for once, I was totally comfortable.

There is a pretty good chance that I’ll take advantage of that again because since it’s an Apple Wellness service, it is subsidized by the company. It costs about half of what a normal massage does and who knows how much less than any other place offering prenatal services. 

Another doctor visit adventure

I’m beginning to think that people in the medical field are there because they are entertainers, not necessarily because they care about the well being of others. Yep, I’ve got another story just full of brilliant people.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Monday I had my 28-week checkup. My appointment was late in the day so naturally, there was a bit of a wait.  No big d. The nurse/receptionist had me pee in a cup, took my weight and my blood pressure. Being 28 weeks I knew that something needed to be done about the fact that I am Rh-.  As far as my few minutes of research, I was prepared aware that a shot was in my future.  The doctor came in and the first thing she said was, “I have to apologize.  I had forgotten that you are Rh-. I could have had that blood work done with your other tests a few weeks ago.” Not really understanding what she was apologizing for I said, “oh that’s fine. I was going to ask you about that anyway.” She proceeded with the checkup and here is the report:

  • baby is growing perfectly–“not too big, not too small”
  • my butt, on the other hand, is growing “a little fast”–ok so she was actually referring to my weight gain but I’m pretty sure she meant my butt
  • baby’s heart rate is in the right range (140’s-150’s)
  • doctor isn’t sure what position the baby is in (a little early to tell)
  • blood pressure is fine
  • glucose test came back fine (114 milla-whatever)
  • negative for cystic fibrosis
  • blood count is “great”

Then we went back to the Rh- thing. I thought I just got a shot at 28 weeks and again after delivery but then she started talking about an antibody screening that needed to be done. So she fills out the blood work order and tells me it is probably best to go have the blood drawn at the hospital which is just next door. I had time to burn before picking up Devin so I went straight to the hospital where I realized why medical care is so expensive. And here is why:

I go to the main entrance and ask where to go to have blood work done. The nice young lady directs me to “patient registration” who will help me.  Patient registration consist of 5 cubical type booths but of course only 2 are occupied with workers who are helping people. Across the way there is a line of chairs for people to wait.  However, there is absolutely NO SYSTEM in place as to who is next to get help.  So, as a worker, who you cannot see due to the cubical, calls out “next”, whoever jumps up first and gets there first is next, (ie, not me because the cute little Indian couple who came after me decided to ignore me walking over to the booth as I was left there standing confused and irritated.) Finally, I get my turn. To have a tube of blood drawn you have to answer all these silly questions like, “do you have a living will?” and “who is your emergency contact?”  WHAT? Why do you need that info I’m getting my blood drawn you crazy lady! Oh, and my favorite, “and what are your symptoms?” Hello?! Don’t you think you should know something about medical stuff to work at a hospital? My response was of course, “uh, I’m pregnant….?”

After 20 minutes of this nonsense, I made it to the lab. My first clue that things weren’t going to go well with them either was the hand written sign saying something like, “have a seat. someone will help you soon.” Uh, ok. Total chaos. No sign-in. No “take a number.”  So again I just sit down and hope that someone notices me. Which they did.

“And what about this lady? What’s going on with her?” I just looked at her wide-eyed and confused. She asked me if I registered. (think…think…is that was I just did for 20 minutes with Miss What Are Your Symptoms?….) She didn’t wait for my answer but saw my paperwork and said, “ok–come on in here.”

So I followed her to the blood sucking station where she proceeded to rubber band my arm and prep my skin. Then the other lady (sitting at a computer a few feet away) said, “what are we doing? What does this mean?  How do I order this?  What is the code? Brittany, do you know what you are having this done for?” (my oh my.) I said, “pregnancy?  I’m Rh-….something?  I have this prescription also…?” The other lady came back and while taking off the rubber band thingy said, “we better figure out what we are doing before we start poking you.”  Ah, brilliant idea!

Anyway, after some discussion with several other workers, the only man in the office came over and set everyone straight.  How is it that a man knows everything about Rh- testing and pregnancy and none of the women do?  The lady who drew my blood kept reassuring me that they do know what they are doing.  Then the best part. She turned to me and said, “see the thing is it’s a little hectic around here.  We are remodeling.  We are actually operating out of a trailer out back.” 


I’ve got some catching up to do

I’m sure you all have been wondering why I haven’t posted in about a week.  OK, maybe not. Yes, I have finished school and my grades have posted so it will soon be 100% official. Since we are in California, I’m pregnant and Devin will graduate in April, I decided it would be easier on everyone if I just planned to walk with him them.  Plus, it’ll be more fun to do it together.  But if you already bought me a graduation gift, feel free to send it my way.  If not, you still have plenty of time to get the perfect thing.  Just kidding. (…sort of)

So now that all my classes are done, what have I been up to? Sleeping in, being lazy, and doing nothing? Hardly.  Well, ok sometimes. 95% of the time I’m up with Devin every morning and we head off to the gym together.  Devin usually spends about 45 minutes working out while I, moving at a snail’s pace these days, am usually there for a good two hours. Then I head home for a shower, lunch and the daily check of all my websites. eBay, Amazon, email, blogs, craigslist, BYU housing, slickdeals, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the past few days haven’t worked out like usual because we keep having issues with the internet. It’s up, it’s down….all day. So doing my online stuff, including blogging, hasn’t worked as well.

So, I’ve been reading. Reading what? Oh yeah, baby books. Birthing methods, what to expect, feeding and sleeping schedules, baby gadgets, etc.  I think I’ve read somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen baby books this summer and there are plenty more that I want to read. Ah, so much to do and prepare for!

Anyway, I’ve got a few posts that I’m brewing up so stay tuned.

Do you remember when…

It’s been quite a while since I posted on our blog. I know, I know, I should post more often. Brittany has been doing a great job posting often and keeping everyone updated while we’re out here in California. We’ve been having such a great time in the area and I haven’t found the time to write up a few posts. That is, until today.

I wanted to write this blog post and dedicate it to my sweetheart. This may come as a surprise to her, but today marks the 5th year anniversary of our first official date. Although we did do some group activities with other people, this date was the first time Brittany and I got to spend some quality time together. Here’s a photo on our first date. It’s a picture inside one of Brittany’s favorite vegetarian eating spots. The Ranch.


Now I have to be honest, I couldn’t remember the exact day we went on our first date. It was five years ago. Thankfully though, I had this picture that includes a date stamp inside the file and that helped me out.

So here’s to another 5 years sweetie. Hopefully you’ll see this blogpost before you get your gift.

I’m [un]officially done!

Yep, I just submitted all the assignments for my capstone class. So assuming all went well with the e-files (and with independent study that is NEVER safe to assume), I should be good to go.  knock on wood….don’t screw anything up this time independent study!

Bachelor’s degree: done and done!

Best pregnancy picture yet


OK, just kidding but it makes me look pretty good, right?

Yesterday we went up to Concord to visit our good friend Austin and Emily.  They were having a birthday party for their adorable daughter Macy who turned one last week. It was much hotter up there than in Sunnyvale, or at least it felt that way.  So we spent a good chunk of time in their pool.

Emily, being the crafty party girl she is, had everything all cute and of course in the theme of strawberries.  She made a few cakes that looked like this.


Cute, huh? We got a few pictures of Macy digging into one of them which was really cute.  But since I’m not sure if they want me posting pictures of her, I’m sure they will update their blog soon with pictures from the party.  Can you tell that Emily likes strawberries?

Also, yesterday was my 27 week mark and the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Alright! Only 3-ish more months to go!  Wait….so this thing is supposed to get even bigger??? Oh snap.


And just an update on Devin’s presentation.  He felt really good about it and thought that he did his best and that there wasn’t really much else he could have done to improve it. He called me shortly after he was done sounding relieved and excited for how well things went.  Or maybe that had something to do with the gift the CIO gave all the IT interns after they finished presenting.



Yep, that would be a 16GB iPod Touch.  Sure beats the mug and globe beach ball he got last year.  But apparently my niece and nephew get some use out of the ball when they go to my parents house to play so I guess it’s not totally useless.

Other than that, we are down to only four weeks left here in California. With just a few weekends left we are trying to figure out how to spend our time to make the most of it.

I can’t take it any more!

I just have to say this: what the heck is up with all these people who are supposedly endowed and yet think they can shed the modesty rule in the summer?! I’ve seen pictures of a good half a dozen people who think that dressing up (ie weddings), hiking, and just plain being out and about can’t reasonably  be done WITH appropriate clothing on.  Give me a break people! If a pregnant lady can workout with all the layers on, so can everyone else!

And while I’m on the soapbox about clothing, can we not just dress appropriately in general?! I mean, things like wearing pajamas in public was cool for like a month in high school…or around the campfire when it’s too dark to see anything. Put some real clothes on and show some respect for yourself and everyone around you.

K, I’m done.