Anniversary celebration

By now I’m sure you saw the post by Devin.  He likes to surprise me with these random anniversaries of things that I should remember, but don’t.  Once he made this picture collage for our one year anniversary from when we met.  I of course had no clue as to the exact date and later found out he didn’t either. But an estimated date didn’t distract me one bit.

So Monday, after my two-hour medical excursion, we decided that we would go out to eat to celebrate.  Not our anniversary, but the fact that I had officially completed all my classes and now knew with a surety that I was going to graduate. We splurged and went out to Chili’s for the 2-for-$20 deal.  Ok, so not a splurge with money, but on calories. After we ordered Devin showed me the post he put up (since I hadn’t seen it due to all the internet issues). Very cute and oh, a present! Lucky me!

He didn’t give it to me until we got home. It was a gift certificate to have a prenatal massage at the Apple Fitness and Wellness Center. So yesterday, that is what I did.  And let me tell you, it was great! First off, the lady was a good masseuse. Since it was in the fitness center it wasn’t all hippie feeling, with weird lighting and burning candles like other places I’ve been.  That was nice because I wasn’t overwhelmed with the smell of “essential oils.”

The whole experience was great but one of the best parts was being able to lay on my stomach.  I’m not normally a stomach sleeper but I enjoy it every now and then.  For the massage they have this cushion.  It’s about 4-5 inches thick and has a cut out for your tummy and boobs so it is totally comfortable.  After just a few minutes into the massage, I had forgotten I was pregnant because for once, I was totally comfortable.

There is a pretty good chance that I’ll take advantage of that again because since it’s an Apple Wellness service, it is subsidized by the company. It costs about half of what a normal massage does and who knows how much less than any other place offering prenatal services. 

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