Blessings of paying tithing

We decided that keeping track of all the tithing we pay in any given year is pretty much a pain when it comes to doing our taxes.  Since your tithing records don’t go with the rest of your records to a new ward, you either have to get a print up of your total tithing for that ward and file it somewhere where you can find it come tax time, or hunt down all the financial clerks from each of your previous wards and beg them to get you a statement. Seeing that we would be in three different wards this year, we decided that we would just set aside our tithing monies for the summer and make a lump payment when we got back to school.  That way we could eliminate some of the statement searches later on.

Then Devin discovered a way to pay tithing online.  Yes, that’s right. I don’t know the specifics but you can do payments through the Church website and then just get one statement from them and never have to deal with the financial clerks. He did a test payment a few weeks ago just to make sure it worked how we expected. Sure enough, it did and we got a statement in the mail showing what we paid.  Since that all seemed to work, Devin made a payment for most of our earnings for the summer a little over a week ago and since it had been a long time since we had paid tithing, it was of course an unusually large amount that we paid.

No more than a few days later, Devin got an email from BYU saying that his scholarship application had been received and reviewed and to check Route Y for the status or awards. Devin has been on half scholarship for the last couple of years because of his AWESOME grades but was told that once he became graduate student status, he wouldn’t be eligible for the regular “click and apply” scholarships. But when he went to check his scholarship status (which he wasn’t even aware he applied for) he found out that he did get three different scholarships! The awarded amount really isn’t much but was a little more than our tithing payment was so go figure.

Tithing blessings are awesome!


Oh, and today we found out what we will be spending the surplus scholarship monies on.

image image

Yep, that would be going towards our freshly broken passenger side window (the folded up greenish looking thing on the seat) and carefully stolen radio and AC/heater control panel. Of course, more on that little episode to come.

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