Back to school and back to work

Wait a minute, I was supposed to be done with both of those!

Yep, two months before my due date I am back to the grindstone. It’s worked out that I can qualify for the lesser insurance premium if I take at least one credit this next semester. So the plan is to take two half credit classes that are during the first block of school only.  That means that classes are done by October 20. So…..yeah…..lets just hope either the baby is a few days late (though I’d rather she not be) or that my teacher is super cool and not one of those “well, it’s university policy….” types.

As for work, OK so I haven’t quite made it to that point yet but I’ve been given the option.  I’ve been asked to work on a project from home with the company I used to work for.  I was supposed to start last week but we’ve just been so busy with packing, moving, unpacking, and endless to-do lists that I just haven’t had the time or energy to get to it. Hopefully next week we’ll have more of our lives together that I can sit down and focus for a few hours.

One thought to “Back to school and back to work”

  1. Brit- you are crazy! I wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything but laying on the couch complaining by this time in my pregnancy- (well maybe it was closer to 8 months that I was completely out of comission, but still!!!) you are supery awesome to even consider it! Either thing! Man I wish you so much luck and strength and energy! I totally get it about the insurance, too though- I think we would do the same thing and then I would make Austin do my homework! (haha-wait a minute- like he could do English Teaching homework?? I love him, but no…) Anyways- we will be cheering you on! Also- when do you find out about the appple? we are dying over here! =)

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