Wal Mart: The ultimate mind reader

How is it possible that Wal Mart can read my mind? Of course it’s not for the good but only to push my “I hate Wal Mart” button.

Today we went to Wal Mart to return a few things and get four items.

  • mouth wash
  • corn starch
  • baking powder
  • door lock

Seems like they knew we were coming because they had only two of the four items in stock. That’s 50% which is just as close to zero as it is 100%.  They are always out of the mouth wash that Devin likes but I’m onto them. Whenever they actually have it in stock I get two or three. Then there is the baking powder. Of the three options the shelf said they had, there of course was but one option to buy: a huge mother can that would last us a couple of years.  Normally, that’s not a problem.  However, since baking powder really does go bad, there was no way we could use it all up before it started giving us flat waffles.

So we stuck it to them. None of this “we’ll just get what they have” business.

One thought to “Wal Mart: The ultimate mind reader”

  1. Brittany Page Sal Collier!! You appreciate your walmart!!! =) I am sooo jealous! Your Walmart has food! You can get everything in one place (when they have it- you really do have a point, but still…) AND most importantly, you can go to walmart without fear of being shot! Seriously, the walmart closest to us had a shooting when a drug deal went bad- in the middle of the day!- and a person was killed! I go there like once a week and I just found out about this now- it happened like two months ago and my friend Jane was telling me I shouldn’t go anymore and that’s why. AHH! How will I find cheap crap anywhere else? K-mart is wayyy worse than walmart in my opinion- it’s just as crappy, but the prices are like target!! wth?!? Anyways- there’s some drama for you…maybe we should just move back to Utah- we could get a sweet house there and be near a walmart with food and without murderers…oh wait, did I say that? the snow…the snow- think of the snow! But you guys are there, so that is pretty persuasive…but hopefully you will come back here!

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