37 week update

Today I had my 37 week checkup. The bad news, I gained 2 pounds this last week. Ugh. I guess I had to catch up for the last 6 weeks when I was holding steady.

The good news, 70% effaced, -1 station, head down and 2 centimeters dilated! Woo-hoo! I was afraid that she wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of a station rating but I guess I was wrong. 

Today I met the last of the 6 doctors. Let me tell you, I sure hope he’s not on call when I deliver because my exam was freaking uncomfortable. It was nice that he was very thorough but he kept talking during the whole thing and I honestly have no idea what he said because I was trying to concentrate on my breathing like he instructed me to. Funny how the other two didn’t require that.

In other news, Devin thinks I’m nesting. I’m not so sure yet. I always have these random days where I get super motivated and even if I don’t have a lot of energy, I push through to get things done.

Let me just say (again?) that our apartment was, and some parts still are, freakin’ nasty. The last few days I have gotten tired of either not being able to walk around without shoes or having to wash my feet several times a day. And this is after scrubbing and mopping the tile over and over again. I figured it was the carpet that was doing it which wouldn’t be a surprise after seeing what I vacuum up. So we borrowed my MIL’s carpet cleaner. Devin didn’t want to because he thought he would have to do it. This was apparent as he mumbled, “I hate nesting.” I laughed and reassured him that I would do it as it isn’t any more strenuous than vacuuming and definitely easier than mopping that dang tile.

Today I spent about 5 hours cleaning the kitchen and front room and got all the tile mopped (three times over) and the front room carpet cleaned.  And yes, buckets of dirty water from the “only a few months old” carpet.

Tomorrow’s project: our bedroom and bathroom, including the carpet. Ah, another fun day…

Baby Shower

Last Saturday was my baby shower. We had a small turn out but if there were any more people it would have been hard to fit them into the space. My sister-in-law Katie and mother-in-law Robin hosted it at our apartment (Thanks!).


Robin did most of the food and of course made this cake. As you can see, the name is still undecided and the names we are thinking about are under wraps. Hopefully we’ll figure out what to name the little bug soon after delivery.


I didn’t take too many pictures and neither did anyone else.  But here are a few.


On the left is Cami and then to the right of me is Brittany and Tori. Brittany was a roommate of mine. Cami is her younger sister and Tori is their cousin. Oh, I miss hanging out with them. Good times.


This is everyone working on scrapbook pages for me. It was a fun activity and I ended up with really cute pages for my baby book. On the left is Lauren (a friend of Devin’s from high school), her daughter Charlotte, Katie, little sister Sarah, and Tori and Brittany again.

Thanks to everyone who came and all of the awesome presents!

When’s the b-b-BABY due?


This was me last Saturday at my 36 week mark. That’s 4 weeks to the original due date. At my 20 week ultrasound they put the due date at October 15 instead of 17th but I ignored that for several reasons. For one I didn’t want to worry myself that I was going to have a big baby. For two, chances of delivering early with your first is slim so keeping the 17th in my mind will just help me feel better when I pass the 15th. Right? Also, I think that even the 17th is a few days earlier than it should be (according to my cycle calculations).  And lastly, it wasn’t like it was two weeks difference. What’s a couple days anyway? Eh, whatever.

So one question often asked is what the trend is in my family for being on time, early, or late. And the answer is, inconsistent. For my mom her first was two weeks early, her second, two weeks late, and her third and last (that’s me!) two weeks early. Soooo, I’m not really sure what to make of that. My sis, who has had one baby, delivered something like two days before her due date, though it’s a little unclear if she was fully induced or if things were just helped along.

Sure it would be nice to be two weeks early. That usually means smaller baby and of course, less pregnancy time. However, if I hang in there until the 20th insurance is cheaper. So, I might be able to go either way. At this point I am getting a good decent nights rest about 1 out of 3 nights.

We’ll see.

We’ll see.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? I for one, am totally up for free stuff as long as it doesn’t cost me more in time than the the item is worth and it doesn’t cause an annoyance….again more than the item is worth.  By that I mean by getting one little thing for free I don’t want to be forever on a mailing list with 15 different companies.

With all the baby magazines, books, and products I began seeing all these free offers for stuff. Usually I don’t go for that kind of stuff because again, I don’t want junk mail forever.  But then I got to thinking–we’ll be moving again by the spring/summer so who cares what gets sent to our address. Sign me up!

My first find was for Lansinoh products. You know, that magic purple stuff that is worth its weight in gold when just used as chap stick? Ah, my favorite! And since my seemingly bottomless tube got heisted with my purse back in CA I needed some pronto but didn’t want to spend the $8 (though I knew I had to at some point.) Anyway, so I saw on some other blog that if you call their customer service number they will send you free samples. It looks like they are not a company that puts out coupons much (or at all) so I’m not sure that I’ll be getting too much mail from them anyway. Of course my favorite one from them was the small .25 oz tube of the lanolin. And if you are talented enough you can squeeze more into it from the bigger tubes and it’s nice and small for your purse/diaper bag. LOVE IT! (I also got nursing pads, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, and a smaller pack of the lanolin.)

My next and perhaps more rewarding discovery was from Baby’s R Us. I never planned to register for gifts because there were few people that I expected gifts from, I was having a small shower, and to be honest, not many people care what you want anyway. They give what they want to give which is totally fine. So why waste the time registering especially at BRU since they are so expensive. Oh, the gift bag is reason enough. Devin and I were there the other day just checking out prices and Devin suggested that I just do a registry for what I needed. That way he can have all the info to scope out the deals online. That works. So we went to the registry desk where the lady proceeded to give us this big song and dance presentation why it’s so great to register there…which was weird because we already decided we were going to. Why was she trying so hard to convince us how great it was? Whatever. We grabbed the gun and made a quick 10 minute scan of the store and left with a bag of goodies. The best thing was the bottle. It retails for almost $10 so that was definitely worth it plus it was the brand that I wanted to get anyway so double score. We also got some ointment samples, newborn size diapers, a cute little diaper envelope organizer thingy, wipes, a window sun shade for the car….is that it?

Anyway, here is a picture of most of the loot. IMG_2000

Oh, and there is more on the way. I also signed up for some free stuff from Enfamil (formula). Coming in that pack should be all the formula I need for my emergency stash and a travel changing pad.  Totally excited about the changing pad because I don’t have one. Since I’m using a regular handbag/purse for my bag it obviously didn’t come with a pad. So free is definitely good.  I think there are some other goodies coming with that, too.  We’ll have to see.

Let’s be honest, shall we?

By now you should know that I’m pretty willing to let it all hang out when it comes to pregnancy. I mean, who would post all of those pictures on a public blog if they weren’t, right? With that said, I’ve been thinking about a few things that may or may not come useful to you current, future, or far-in-the-future moms.


Make it smooth(ies)–When it comes to Tums, take mine (and my sister’s) advice. Go for the Smoothies series. My personal fave are the assorted fruit though the berry kind is decent, too. (Anyone tried to Cocoa and Creme ones?) Don’t do the knock-off store brands like Safeway and especially not Safeway brand smoothie mint flavor unless you like to chew on dried up tablets of toothpaste.

Puffy and fluffy–What “they” say is true. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. A body pillow is a must.

This ain’t where you skimp–If you think that while you are pregnant you can save a ton of money feminine hygiene supplies, oh boy, think again. If you don’t already use flushable wipes (yes, I’m going there) you should try them. My personal recommendation is the Target Up & Up Toddler Flushable Wipes. I could go on about this subject but I think I’ll leave it at that.

Fish = puke–DHA, DHA, DHA is what “they” say you should supplement in addition to your regular prenatals. I tried the fish oil ones and as soon as I started burping up that lovely flavor, the puke followed close behind. Probably my worst “sick” day ever during the past 8 months. I personally recommend the OTC Expecta supplement. It’s plant-based so no fish guts. Not convinced? You can do your own thing but for me it was plant-based or nothing. (I think they also have an AIO prescription that is plant-based, too).

Words, words, words–I don’t care who you are, what your background is, or what your family upbringing taught you. Science and research is AMAZING and if you don’t do YOUR research, you’ll be sunk. Read books and magazines but be careful not to take one source as fact. So a few books that I found sooo useful…

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  • What to Expect (bla, bla….you know this one)
  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
  • On Becoming Baby Wise

Rock-a-by Brittany…–Other sleep aid wonders of the world.

  • Yoga stretches before bed (especially the pelvic tilt one….cat and cow is it?)
  • Unisom (talk to your doc as opinions on this one varies. I just use it occasionally.)
  • Podcasts or music to distract your thoughts (this worked for me when I was sick at night.)
  • Fan (nothing like a little white noise)
  • Humidifier (especially in Utah. stuffy nose anyone?)
  • Johnson’s bedtime lotion (this is still in a trial period….I’ll explain more later).

Speaking of stuffy nose–My bedtime nose routine consists of this. A good cleaning of the nose. And I mean good.  Battle that dryness with a few squirts of saline spray then blow it all out. Keep breathing easy and nosebleeds at bay by swabbing each nostril with a small amount of vaseline (aka petroleum jelly).


I’m sure I’ll think of more truths and tips later….

Hello again bug

Over the past two weeks there has been a removal of two, soon to be three, bugs. 

They all look like this.


First I found one hanging out on one of my plants. Then about a week later I found one on the blinds in our bedroom. Today, yet again, I woke up from a nap to see another one walking the lines of the blinds.

It’s weird. I almost feel like it’s the same exact bug returning each time. I’ve never seen one like that before and each time Devin “takes care of it” he has mercy on it by freeing it outside.

So I’m waiting for Devin to get home from his class so he can dispose of it properly–via the toilet.

Apartment fail

Have I mentioned anything about our apartment yet? Well, let me unload for you.

First off, we love the size and layout of this place. When it comes to the size, it’s a screamin’ deal for what we pay. However, when it comes to the condition of the place, oh we wish we could have seen it before signing the lease.

The previous occupants were the owners (aka our landlords).  They be dirty people. We’ve been here for four weeks now and I feel like I’ve been scrubbing walls, doors, and baseboards ever since we moved in. The entire place is in need of a major paint job complete with cleaning and priming. (There ain’t no way the new paint would stick to the walls in their condition).  The showers and toilets clearly had not been cleaned in months…or longer. You know this is the case when it takes nearly two hours to clean the shower! All the flooring is just a “few” months old though I’m beginning to think they haven’t vacuumed or mopped since it was installed. Again, I know this after spending hours on my hands and knees so that the grout would look closer to its intended medium brown, not black. You know this is the case with the carpet as well when you vacuum and you end up with….well, a cup of dirt.

But again, tons of room and storage so I guess that somewhat outweighs the cleaning we’ve had to do. Also on the up side, I’m not cleaning a darn thing when we move out of here. And if the landlords have a problem with that, I’ll just show them the pictures.

Another crappy thing is the so called dryer in this place. Well, let me just also say that the landlords are do-it-your-selfers but in a half-baked sort of way. So the dryer. It takes two full cycles to dry a load of heavier clothes like jeans or towels. Two full cycles equaling 140 minutes. Obviously not energy efficient. Last night Devin decided to tackle the Boy Scout of a vent job on the dryer to see if removing the needless length and sharp turns of the duct would improve the performance. Not so much.

So I guess I’m back to hanging clothes to mostly dry then tossing them back in the dryer for a quick fluff.

As if laundry wasn’t fun enough…

Another baby update

Let’s just hope that there are only 5 more  or less of these without actual photos of the little bug.

I had my 35 week appointment today which went surprisingly well. If you recall, at the last appointment my blood pressure was slightly elevated.  Apparently that was a false alarm or someone doesn’t know what they are doing. Today it was lower than it was previous to the supposed spike last week. The nurse asked if I was stressed or hurried at last week’s appointment. Oddly enough I wasn’t at all since I had plenty of time to sit and relax for 50 minutes in the waiting room.  Today on the other hand, I wasn’t rushed but the stress of getting ready for baby, money matters, and a handful of other things you’d think I’d be worse off. Nope. Doing great.

And like I mentioned before, started the internal exams today. Fun. It wasn’t that bad but I could tell it could have been better as this particular doctor wasn’t exactly gentle with anything he did. So once again, here are the stats.

  • baby is head down
  • this doctor said the thing in my ribs is the bum
  • baby has a bony butt
  • blood pressure back to good
  • a station number wasn’t given but she’s no where in the realm of low
  • 65% effaced
  • finger tip to 1cm dilated

That’s pretty much it for now.

PS–Anyone else who is or has been pregnant think that hiccups are the most annoying thing in the world?

Steal of a deal

A few weeks ago I saw a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies on the Martha Stewart Show and knew that Devin would love to make them.  When I told him about them he was of course excited. We wanted to make them last weekend but of course Wal Mart didn’t have all the ingredients that we needed for it. In addition, they suggested using an ice cream scoop so that the cake/cookies are uniform plus it’s just easier. We have a small one that we use all the time for cookies but we didn’t have the normal ice cream scoop size. Wal Mart had them but they cost anywhere from $6 to $13! For a potential one time use, that wasn’t worth it. During this past week I made it a point to stop at every dollar store in Provo to see if we could get one for a buck but no luck. Then yesterday I had a genius idea–DI!

You can’t go wrong for 50 cents, right?

So behold, our great find.


Here is the wonderful job it did at scooping our pies.


And my Devin scooping them.


However, like usual, it didn’t turn out like Martha’s. The batter seemed to spread…..like wildfire. 

So before we made the second batch, I put the batter in the freezer hoping that the blobs of batter would hold their shape long enough into the baking process. We also tried the second batch with our mini scooper.  I’m thinking that we need something in between the two.


After all was said and done we weren’t that impressed with Martha. What should have been a nice little desert was more like, well….a hamburger-sized death by pumpkin delicacy.


Even though the cake/cookies were baked the right amount of time and were nice an cakey, it seemed like they needed to be cooked quite a bit longer to be able to devour as finger food. Otherwise, the moist cakey goodness just fell apart in your hand.

Our conclusion: stick to the good old standby pumpkin bars. Much easier. Otherwise, cook these longer so you can better handle them.