It just melts your heart

There is something about this…..



….that just melts your heart. Something about that changing table that always gets a smile out of her.

Yesterday and today I successfully let Katelyn “cry it out” for her nap.  There are times when she will just go to bed quietly and not put up any fuss.  But when she is over tired and just not calming down with my tricks, I decided it was time to give it a shot. The trick is to distract yourself so you are not sitting, watching the clock and wondering when she’ll fall asleep. 

Yesterday, the only way I could handle it was to be so occupied that I physically couldn’t run to pick her up. I took a shower. I guess I could have gotten out to check on her but I was in a bit of a time crunch for church so I did my best to ignore her. Fifteen minutes later she was quiet and asleep. Yay!

Today, she was doing her “I’m tired. I’ll fall asleep in your arms but if you put me down I’ll just quietly look around….for an hour” thang.  I still can’t figure out why she does that. So I put her in the swing for a while and then she started to doze off so I put her in her crib. She wasn’t fond of that one but today she only cried 10 minutes before falling asleep. I’ll take it.

Before her bath today, I go these shots.



I think she looks like her Auntie Cari-Ann in this one.

No nap!

I can’t remember where that statement came from but I know it had something to do with my dad.

Anyway, today Katelyn has decided that she doesn’t want to nap….at all. She got her early morning one in but after that she’s been staying awake for most of her 3 hour cycle. I’ve tried. I’ve tried plenty of things.  I know she was tired because if I would hold her she would be out. I tried putting her in her crib but that little bug would just lay there with her eyes wide open….for nearly an hour.  Same thing with the swing.

After the last feeding she was definitely fussy. Yes, she would fall asleep if I held her but let’s be honest —all the time is not fun.

So I laid her in her boppy next to me and had a rational conversation with her.

“Katelyn, you are so tired. You need to close your eyes and go to sleep. Why don’t you just go to sleep?”

And then there was this…


Who knew a 6 week old just needed to be told nicely to go to sleep.


She’s all smiles

Katelyn has been smiling more and more the last few days. I’m surprised how open mouthed her smiles are because when she was only smiling when she was half asleep her smiles looked nothing like these.

She still only gives us a few good ones every wake period but I’ll take em.  And because of that, it’s hard to capture them. Here are some pictures from my attempts this morning. And yes, she’s going bald. :o(







And success!


And here is a video which gives you a better idea.

Holding doors–a rant (that’s your warning)

Several semesters ago I was taking a class entitled “Consumer Health.”  To this day I’m still not sure how it applied to my major of Family Life but that’s beside the point. One day I was out and about on campus when I was headed into the SWKT. I was no more than 10 feet from grabbing the door handle when a snooty girl raced around me, cut me off, opened the door and then proceeded to let it shut immediately behind her. Never before on BYU campus had I experienced someone who had no idea how to hold a door or even give it a little push for the person behind them. This situation was particularly rude since she clearly knew I was right behind her as she passed me.

Later that day I headed to my Consumer Health class where we were to have a guest speaker.  Yep, you guessed it. It was that same snooty girl who has no common courtesy.  Since attendance was taken at every class and it was a small class, I didn’t have much choice but to sit an grind my teach through her presentation about witch doctors. Ug.

Since that day, I have shared that experience whenever the subject seems to turn to being polite, manors, kindness, courtesy, etc. Now, I have another one to add to my list as I’ve had a more recent door holding experience.

Several weeks ago my parents, Devin, Katelyn and I went out to Chilies for dinner. Katelyn and I waited in the car until our name was called to be seated (after the more than double the estimated time waiting, I might add). My mom and I were just outside the door with me carrying Katelyn in her car seat, as we started to make our way through the ridiculous Friday night crowd. My mom opened the first door as another woman was a few feet away, heading inside as well. My mom was holding the door for me but was on the inside of the outward swinging door when this other lady decided to cut me off and crowd in front of me.  This made it so my mom couldn’t continue to hold the door so I had to struggle to hold onto Katelyn and keep the door open and try to get through.  This lovely lady then proceed to the second set of doors where she simply opened it, went through, and let it close behind her. Both my mom and I were shocked.

Well, let me just tell you she messed with the wrong person.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had recently given birth, was still recovering from a c-section, was hungry, had been waiting to eat for more than an hour (waiting time was “35 minutes”), etc. Or maybe it was that at that moment I decided not to take crap from people.

So I ran up behind her and said, “excuse me, but the polite thing to do is to hold the door for someone who clearly has their hands full.”  Perhaps needless to say, I wasn’t very polite in telling her how to be polite. I certainly didn’t care. I felt something needed to be said.

Her response? “Oh, but we’re already on the list. Don’t worry.”

Clearly, she didn’t understand what I was saying. Perhaps the translation from English from my mouth to English in her head went from “the polite thing to do….” to “you cut us off from getting on the list first.”

Seriously, what are people thinking?

Katelyn’s Baby Blessing


Like I said in the other post, Katelyn’s baby blessing was today.  Since Grandma Far Away was coming, we were holding our breath to see if my parents would be able to be here for the blessing.  My parents had planned to be here for the blessing but my sister-in-law, Tara, was also pregnant and her due date was about a month after me.  However, there were several complications and she was considered high risk for delivering early. Because of that, my parents weren’t sure if they would have to head back to Texas earlier than they planned to help out Bryan and Tara with a preemie, our niece and nephew, and possibly Tara as there was discussion of her maybe needing to deliver via c-section.

Tara was induced on the fifth and was able to deliver their new baby girl, Hailey, normally.  For being about three weeks early, everything went very well and both Tara and Hailey went home healthy in the standard two days.  After some discussion, everyone decided that it would be OK if my parents stayed for the blessing. 

I was so glad that my parents were able to come and be here for the blessing, though I definitely missed having the rest of my family here. BUT, we will be going to Texas for Christmas so everyone will get to meet Katelyn then.


Here are some of the pictures that we took after the blessing. My mom made her beautiful dress. The booties were also made by my mom but they were actually the ones that I wore when I was blessed. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t look any cuter.



{my parents and us}


{with Grandma Far Away}


{Daddy and Katelyn}


{four generations}


{all the fam}


{the booties}


{our baby girl}


Baby Blessing Surprise

Today was Katelyn’s baby blessing.  Normally, baby blessings are done on Fast Sundays (first Sunday of the month) but we had a special surprise in store for Devin’s family, specifically his mom.

Over the summer, we decided that we wanted to extend an invitation for Katelyn’s baby blessing to Grandma Far Away (Devin’s mom’s mother) who lives in Massachusetts.  She had not been to visit since we were married nearly five years ago and we, of course, have not been able to go to MA like nearly everyone else in the family. We weren’t expecting her to come since she doesn’t get out here much but thought that she would would at least appreciate an invitation. Over the summer, we wrote her a letter inviting her to come and told her she could pick from a few dates of when the blessing could be if she would like to be there. A couple weeks later she called and told us that she was coming!  We were so excited.

Grandma decided that she wanted to surprise everyone so for the past several months, we have been keeping her visit a total secret from everyone in Devin’s family. Last night Devin and my dad went to pick her up from the airport and she stayed with us since she got in kind of late. After careful planning and a few strategic moves, everyone was completely surprised when she showed up in the chapel.  We had her hiding upstairs at church and my dad went to get her once Devin’s family arrived and were seated in the chapel. We couldn’t resist getting it on video. Don’t worry….it was completely discreet and Robin didn’t even realize we were videoing since it was just with our small pocket camera.

I wish we could have gotten Robin’s face but you get a pretty good idea of her reaction just by the double take that she did and by seeing Dave’s face (Devin’s dad) and his brother Aric’s face as well.

Grandma will be here for the next couple weeks and will be here for Thanksgiving, too. We are so glad that she was able to come and I look forward to getting to know her better.

Fall time

So maybe today was more like winter time but here are some pictures that we took last Saturday with the beautiful fall leaves.

We had some Collier family pictures taken by a photographer but they didn’t turn out. Some of these shots my dad took while the photographer was trying to get some shots. The first two we did without the photographer.



In this one I’m trying to get Katelyn to wake up for the picture. Yeah. Right. 


This is with Devin’s parents.


And we couldn’t resist taking a few of these shots. 


And with Gramps.



Halloween stories

To be honest, I’m not much of a Halloween buff….or at all.  No, we did not dress up Katelyn this year.  What’s the point? So we can take a million pictures of her miserable in a silly outfit?  No thanks.

Just now I was thinking of a Halloween back in my college days.  (And by that I mean earlier college days). The story goes something like this. Please excuse me as some of the exact details might be a little off….it was too long ago.

My sis and I were living it up in Liberty Square in good old Jefferson 17. We had some crazy roommates but looking back, it made for some of my best memories at BYU–both good and bad but definitely memorable.

Sometime around Halloween some younger kids of one of the neighboring bishopric members (did that make sense?) were having too much fun doorbell ditching around the complex while their dads were in meetings or interviews. I was less than amused as were a few of my roommates. After several attempts to scare them off (ie whipping open the door and yelling at them as they were reaching for the doorbell) we realized it would take a little more to discourage their hoodlumness.

So I devised a plan.

A cup of water, a simple question to distract, a toss of the water, and run.

Me: “Excuse me. Do you know which building is Madison?” 

The two out-of-control 9-ish year old boys: “Uh, yeah, just go around….” turning their heads as they point…

And a splash. Cup of cold water in their face! (yeah, I have no mercy for undisciplined children).

Then I ran. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that part through very well as they saw exactly where I lived. Not so brilliant. 

A few days later, our doorbell rang again. The bell was once again ditched but this time it was a Halloween gift from members of the EQ presidency. A cute little cup with two goldfish (real ones, not the crackers….which we would have liked a lot more) in it and writing on it saying “Happy Halloween”. Uh, nice idea but what is everyone in the ward going to do with all these goldfish? We didn’t want goldfish. I’m pretty sure 99% didn’t survive the night just like ours. Not for any reason in particular.  They are goldfish. That’s what they do.

Then comes our payback. I’m not sure if it was that same night or a few days later but the hoodlums returned. This time my roommate Brittany answered the door only to have a bowl full of water and goldfish tossed at her.  Luckily her quick reflexes helped her dodge that one but then we had several goldfish flopping around on our carpet. I think it was Mari who jumped in to save them all.

So they definitely got us back. Total backfire. They got us pretty good.

Later we found out that these boys belonged to a bishop of a neighboring ward. And the bishop gave them the idea or at least encouraged it. In addition, they were the brothers of one of our “friends” who also encouraged it/gave them the idea.


Later, we saw this bishop at a local restaurant. I was very tempted to go throw a glass of water in his face but decided that wouldn’t be appropriate in such a public setting.

But still, very tempted.