Mine are better than yours

Yep, my parents are better than yours. I know, you don’t think so. But I do.

Did your dad contribute to a food fight during a banquet dinner on a high school band trip? Mine did.


Did your mom take you TPing numerous times in high school? Mine did.


Did your parents get up at 3am to drive eight hours to meet their new granddaughter? Mine did.


Does your dad regularly drag out the model train for the grand kids so they can have the same great memories that my siblings and I have? Mine does.

Does your mom do things like Fish Day, Princess Day, and Cars Day for the little kiddos so they feel special? Mine does.


Does your dad call you every Groundhog Day and say “hey woodchuck chuckers!”? Mine does.


Does your mom come up with the funniest and often cruelest April fools joke, and gets you every year? Mine does.

With all the hustle and bustle of life going on right now I’m feeling grateful for things that I have and my parents and family are some of the first things on my list.


I really appreciate how much my parents have sacrificed for me and for Devin and Katelyn in the more recent years. They were willing and able to come and stay with us when Katelyn was born and even got up at 3am to drive the last leg of their trip when they found out I went into labor. My mom cleaned, cooked, and helped with laundry while my dad helped Devin with grocery shopping (those two at Costco together = trouble) and woke up at 5am to hold Katelyn when I was too out of it to think.

Most of all I’m excited that they are embracing grand-parenthood whole-heartedly. I love how they are so involved with the kiddos whenever they can be. I think it’s so cute when people call their grandparents things like nana or papa or something other than grandpa/ma . Somewhere along the way my niece and nephew started calling my dad Gramps and my mom BahBah. It’s so dang cute.

So thanks Mom and Dad!

You done good.

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