Old friends, new mommies

After several weeks months of being a new mommy homebody, I thought I’d take the opportunity to meet up with an old roommate of mine who happened to be in the area for few days. Do you remember Mari? You know, the one who I would always buy scrapbook supplies with but never actually scrapbook with her? The one who was briefly my voice coach during that semester when I thought it was a good idea to take a vocal class? (And by briefly I mean a few hours on one Saturday…I’m sure a very painful few hours). The one who ventured into a crazy, impulsive business venture with me in our college years? The one who used to crochet with me while avoiding homework? (Ok, maybe I haven’t told most of those stories…probably for a good reason).


Yes, that was us back in the day. Sophomores in college hanging out on those sexy dime-a-dozen plaid couches.

Anyway, today I had the opportunity to hang out with Mari, meet her adorable baby boy (who is just a few weeks older than Katelyn) and meet her family.


Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to get two 5-month-olds to look at the camera at the same time.

It was great talking about all of our mommy adventures, struggles, giggles, smiles and woes (like loosing our hair).

Good times. (Not to mention the food was delicious as usual).

I spy

Supposedly, at some point Katelyn is supposed to gradually change her naps so she naps by the clock instead of by time.  By that I mean at some point she is supposed to take a nap at a certain time (say, 11:30) instead of an hour and a half after she woke up from her last one. Does that make sense?

The problem is, how am I supposed to know when those specific times are? Well, I’ve heard the best thing to do is track when she goes down for a nap then average that out to figure what time of day she should go down by the clock. The problem with that is, I know she’s in her bed but not sleeping for half of that time. So figure that one out without going to check on her every five minutes and wake her up by doing so. Not so much.

So last night Devin set up out night vision webcam. Now I can spy on her all I want and actually see how long it takes her to fall asleep and when she actually wakes up.

This was her five minutes ago on her way out.


And this is her now. Sleeping away.


It’s a little hard to tell because of the quality of the video and the night vision effects but I’ve got it figured out now. And apparently perfect timing too–down without a peep. This could work.