The lights were out

In case you were wondering when the “Y” is lit up, don’t believe what it says on the BYU website. Apparently they don’t light it for graduation anymore. At least they didn’t this time. Of course we had to find this out the hard way after making sure that we made it to the parking lot early enough to beat the crowd and get our timing just right to be up there when they turned on the lights. Jokes on us, apparently. We still had fun anyway.


While my parents were here we decided that we wanted to go to the Salt Lake Temple to do a live session.  So Friday morning we headed downtown in the pouring rain. I like the rain but not so much when you have to walk in it…in church clothes…in heals…not so much.

Anyway, while we did our Temple thing, my dad walked around with Katelyn and harassed the sister missionaries.

When we finished in the Temple we were lucky that the rain let up a bit so that we could get a few pictures. It was kinda nice that the place wasn’t crowded with people like it usually is. Even on the first Friday after finals it was surprisingly quiet.


Our BYU bunch

A few days before graduation we went to the bookstore to buy Katelyn her Y shirt for graduation. Then we decided to get shirts for us, too for pictures. So after graduation we took some family pictures. Some at the waterfall on campus and some in front of one of the welcoming signs. The sun was bright so that’s a little obvious in our faces. But with the weather the few days surrounding graduation, we are lucky to have even taken pictures.

So for your enjoyment…








Is it over yet?

It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting to leave Utah since we got here. If I had known the exact day we would leave from day one I probably would have made one of those paper chains. We officially have four full days and a few hours until we leave for Houston. With any luck we will only be here a day or two after we get back from Europe and then we hit the road again. Excited? That might be a bit of an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of perks around here. There just isn’t enough.

Needless to say these past few weeks have been completely stressful. Just about every other day I feel the need to have a meltdown. But then I come to my senses and realize I don’t have time for that. With moving, all of Devin’s projects, and a handful of other miscellaneous junk that’s been going on, it’s no wonder how much I want to get out of this place.

Somehow all three of us have managed to press on. Devin finished his classes and finals! Yes and yes! We are both so grateful for our BYU experience but even more thankful that it’s completely over (knock on wood). Last week my parents came for a few days to celebrate our accomplishments. Even though I was completely done with my graduation requirements since July (contrary to popular belief) I opted to walk with Devin when he finished. No sense in having my parents come twice and sitting through two ceremonies when one will do.


We wanted to take Katelyn with us when we walked and had to dress her up a little for the occasion.


I walked with Devin in the Marriott School ceremony. Man, oh man. They really need to break up that ceremony. Way too many people for everyone to sit through. Fortunately, since Devin is a masters student, we were privileged to sit on the cushy seats and among the first names to be read. Devin was telling everyone that was exactly the reason that he paid the big bucks for graduate tuition–for the comfy seats.  Yeah, something like that.

And yes, I’m totally behind in my blogging.  More to come…

To the doctor

Yesterday was Katelyn’s 6-month checkup. So here they are:

weight: 13 pounds, 11 ounces (still 16th percentile)

height: 24 inches (5th percentile)

head: I don’t know but “just under 50th percentile” said the doc

Everything went well and the doctor said she doesn’t have any concerns.

I was a little baffled by the questionnaire that I filled out for her checkup, though. They have you go through certain things and have you mark if they do it, do it sometimes, or not yet.  Things like, do they have a reaction to strangers (smiles, cries, etc). In the fine motor stills section it said something like “will baby reach for and pickup pea sized objects like cheerios?” Is this confusing to anyone else? I mean, aren’t we supposed to keep these things away from a baby that doesn’t have teeth, can’t chew, and puts everything in their mouth not to mention they aren’t supposed to be eating that stuff yet?

There were a few questions like that so I just put a big question mark next to them and said, “uh, yeah I haven’t tried that…” I figured we could work on her fine motor skills later. I’d rather work on not choking right now.

Anyway, later this week we are off to the health department for immunizations.  This one will be a doozie because I’m pretty sure will be doing twice as much as usual. Because of our traveling, we will be looking into both flu vaccines and possibly the measles shot. Yikes.  It will be a long day.


Before Katelyn was even born I bought these jammers (obviously on clearance). My initial thought was, “eh, it’s kinda cute.” That thought turned into, “ah, who cares. It’s fleece so it’ll be nice and warm.”

The first time I put it on her I knew it was completely ridiculous looking and I felt bad dressing her in it every time. To me, she looked like a clown. The tacky collar.  The fluted cuffs. Those silly bunnies on her toes. She was just missing the big red nose.


Then the other day we were talking about how ridiculous that outfit is and Devin mentioned how it reminded him of a movie.

Oh, my poor little girl.  She’s gonna hate me some day…

6 months? Already?

Wow, time seriously flew by. It’s so crazy to think that she’s now six months old. So as if I haven’t posted enough pictures of our little bug lately, here are some from the past week or two.


She loves her high chair and just might love rice cereal even more. She has always finished all of her cereal (minus what cannot be salvaged from her face).  She’ll let you know she wants more by opening her mouth and moving her tongue around like she’s licking something. But she’s definitely not a fan of cleaning process after.


She loves hanging out with her daddy. She’ll be grumpy and tired but when Devin gets home she’ll give him the biggest smile. This of course causes Devin to think that my day was easy and full of smiles. Yeah, not always the case, but thankfully it is usually.


The first thing people always notice about her are her eyes. “Look at those eyes!” Next is usually her big smile. For a few weeks she had a little stranger anxiety. She’s mostly over that and now shows off her gums to anyone who will pay attention to her. Even the equally cute little girl she plays with in the mirror. 


Yep, she still loves those hands. Well, anything she can put in her mouth, really. Recently it’s been her toes. She usually wears footed jammers to bed but the other day she was wearing non-footies with socks. In the morning we found her sock-less and grinning. She prefers it that way so she’ll love it when it finally gets warm enough to go barefoot.

She loves bath time and often I feel like I get more wet than her after all her splashing. She’s become quite the squealer over the last week or so. Combine those two together and we have a blast at bedtime. Minus the bedtime part–still not a fan.

A few other things about Katelyn:

  • Still loves “Superman” (when you lift her up over your head saying “superman!” in a high voice)
  • Enjoys tummy time more and more
  • Seems to have forgotten how to roll over (she had it down without fail at about 3 months)
  • Never gets bored with her little toys and play mat
  • Will grab anything within her reach and try for anything out of reach
  • Just graduated to size 2 diapers this week (though they are huge…whatdayado)
  • Wears mostly size 3 month clothes with a few 3-6 monthers
  • Still loves to be bounced (newest favorite is in the wrap carrier…LOVE IT!)
  • Loves a stroller ride and usually a car ride
  • Loves to suck on her burp clothes
  • Doesn’t care for getting dressed after her bath but is happy as can be any other time she’s dressed
  • Recently fell in love with MoTab (found this out while watching Conference)
  • Can’t seem to smile enough (except for the camera…figures)
  • Still looks just like her daddy when he was her age
  • Nicknames we call her are Bug, Bug-Bug, Bugaboo, Sweetie Pie, Punkin Pie, Munchkin, and Soggy Buns

Our little girl has gotten so big…not like she used to be.



Yeah so Devin was trying this application on his iPhone for blogging. He took a picture of a picture I had on my computer and then proceeded to post to the blog via his phone.

Yes, the test failed.

As you can see, some how he managed to override the Happy Easter post that I had with this test post. I tried to go back into Live Writer to repost what he had erased but in my Happy Easter post was his Test post. Confused? Yes.

So I guess you’ll just have to go checkout those pictures on Facebook if you missed my post. I’m not looking for them again.  Although they are dang cute.