To the doctor

Yesterday was Katelyn’s 6-month checkup. So here they are:

weight: 13 pounds, 11 ounces (still 16th percentile)

height: 24 inches (5th percentile)

head: I don’t know but “just under 50th percentile” said the doc

Everything went well and the doctor said she doesn’t have any concerns.

I was a little baffled by the questionnaire that I filled out for her checkup, though. They have you go through certain things and have you mark if they do it, do it sometimes, or not yet.  Things like, do they have a reaction to strangers (smiles, cries, etc). In the fine motor stills section it said something like “will baby reach for and pickup pea sized objects like cheerios?” Is this confusing to anyone else? I mean, aren’t we supposed to keep these things away from a baby that doesn’t have teeth, can’t chew, and puts everything in their mouth not to mention they aren’t supposed to be eating that stuff yet?

There were a few questions like that so I just put a big question mark next to them and said, “uh, yeah I haven’t tried that…” I figured we could work on her fine motor skills later. I’d rather work on not choking right now.

Anyway, later this week we are off to the health department for immunizations.  This one will be a doozie because I’m pretty sure will be doing twice as much as usual. Because of our traveling, we will be looking into both flu vaccines and possibly the measles shot. Yikes.  It will be a long day.

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