Let’s start at the very beginning…

…a very good place to start.

Wait, that was more towards the end of the trip. We’ll get to that one later.

Let’s start with Utah. After several longs days of organizing, packing, and then just shoving things where they fit, we finally were out of our apartment. We managed to cram all of our stuff into two storage containers instead of the three we ordered. And by we, I mean Devin. He’s a great packer. I’m a great babysitter.

Our first stop: Houston. We found that tickets to Europe were cheaper if we flew out of Houston so we decided to make a trip of that, too. It worked out that my new nephew was blessed the Sunday we were there. We enjoyed spending a few days with my family and celebrating the arrival of Dustin and Mitchel’s 2nd birthday.


Since 3/4 of our family was going to Europe it was a bit confusing remembering who was leaving when and going where. I think we were the first to leave. We flew in to Frankfurt, Germany.

Yes, we were the crazy couple who had the 7 month old going to Germany. Fortunately, Katelyn did pretty good. She slept for 6 hours of the 10-ish hour flight. We were fortunate to have the bassinet on the airplane, which was nice so that we didn’t have to hold her while she slept.

Exhausted, we arrived in Frankfurt around 11am local time. Frustrated and confused, we eventually figured out how to purchase a ticket for the train from the crazy ticket machine that even locals struggle with.

We made it to our hotel where we are tempted to collapse in bed but knew we needed to stay up to get into the new time zone.  So we walked around the train station for a while which is when we quickly realized we were screwed when it came to food. We knew what nothing was. We didn’t want to pay a ton to try something that would potentially be nasty. So we started our 35-day trend of bread, cheese, and Italian food.

The first two nights were a little rough. We were exhausted and Katelyn was confused. But we survived.

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