Rhine Valley

Our first major stop was Rhine Valley in Germany. There we took a boat ride up the river to one of the many castles. My favorite part was seeing the terraced grape crops all along the river.



In the little town that we stayed in, we had our first of dozens of pizzas. At that pizza shop we also discovered something that we would see everywhere throughout Europe. The Doner Kabob. We didn’t know what it was so we asked and the guy said in his awesome accent, “it’s chicken.”


Uh, yeah. They must have some crazy chickens in Europe because that was definitely not chicken. Later we asked an American what it was and they explained that it could be anything. They have chicken ones, beef, lamb…you name it. It’s pretty much all the trimmings from other cuts of meet that no one wants, squished together and put in a rotisserie where it probably sits for days. We were always very curious what it tasted like but not enough to actually try it.

We stuck to what we knew.


On our way out of Rhine Valley, on a whim we pulled over in a little town called Boppard. It actually ended up being one of our favorites. It was a small town with a nice little town square which lacked the tourist feel of other towns. We really liked the hotel we stayed at which is owned by an English couple.


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