On to Belgium

Then we were off to Belgium. We spent one night in Brussels, though unintentionally. It was one of those many days where we were tired, Katelyn needed a major break from the car, and there wasn’t an open restaurant in site. The first of many.

But a good old American hotel chain can fix everything. The first bathtub we’d seen made for a great clothes washer and the towel heater made for a great drying rack. Katelyn also enjoyed her much missed bath time.

Then off to Bruges. There we bought chocolates, tried a waffle, passed on a sneezed on waffle, and ate at Pizza Hut…twice. It was nice to have a break from driving.

The view from a clock tower in Bruges.


At the top of the tower. Under construction, I might add.


Devin being Devin, hanging out with the locals.


The view out of our window at the B&B.


But possibly the best part was the American coffee shop a few blocks from the B&B we stayed in. The lady was nice, informative, helpful, had free Internet, and made the only PB&J in town. How could you go wrong? We visited her often.

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