Back in the US of A with the cousins

After a long month+ we were ready to be back in the States with familiar food and language. Our first stop was back in Houston where we stayed one night before heading back to Utah. We took this opportunity to take a picture of all the cousins on my side of the family complete with the latest addition of Dustin.


After our brief stay at my sister’s, we flew back to Utah. We stayed several days with Devin’s family. To our surprise, his parents had delayed their vacation plans to Europe because of recent events with our sister-in-law, Katie, who was in the hospital expecting triplets. We were able to spend some time with Devin’s parents before leaving for Washington.

This is a picture of Katelyn and her cousin Brooklyn. Brooklyn is about five months younger than Katelyn.

It seems as though Katelyn wasn’t interested in this picture session…


That’s ok because this pictures if far from complete. The other cousin, Kaden, is missing and now there are three more to add to the mix. You can read about it on Katie’s blog.

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  1. Loved all the pictures of your trip- Czech looks abulously beautiful, and Katelyn is so darn adorable. I LOVE the spoon that your uncle gave you – what a unique family heirloom.

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