Terizin Concentration Camp

While in Czech we decided to go to the Terizin Concentration Camp. What we thought would be a relatively quick trip lasting a few hours, turned into an entire day trip. Even then, we only saw about 1/6 of everything there.

It was interesting to see and actually be in the camp.


We didn’t take a whole lot of pictures since so much of it was so depressing. This one was taken in front of the memorial area near one of the main sections of the camp.

Though it was something that I didn’t really care to see, I’m glad we went.

Downtown Prague


We only went downtown one time. Prague just isn’t what it used to be. There are a lot of tourists.

The above picture was on Charles Bridge.



After we went to the bridge, my dad wanted to find the Lennon Wall. It seemed like everyone we asked put us on a wild goose chase until we found an older couple who were familiar with the area and pointed us in the right direction.



Here is Devin standing in front of the love padlocks on a bridge near the Lennon Wall.


Unfortunately, we were not able to visit Golden Lane, one of my favorites in Prague. Yet another site under renovation. So I guess we’ll have to go back again someday…