Backtrack to Washington, etc

For the longest time I completely forgot to blog about our trip going to California from Utah by way of Washington and Oregon. Yep, we decided to make a trip of our moving. So here are some documented moments of the trip.

We left around 5pm on a Monday. Our original plan was to drive through the night so Katelyn would sleep through a chunk of the trip. That plan resulted in our low point.


Laying down the seats and sleeping in the car for about four hours near Butte, Montana. I think my face and hair say it all. Katelyn just thought getting up at 6am was fun.

Pressing forward we eventually made it to Spokane just before lunch. We made a quick stop to see my Aunt Brenda and cousin Elise.


Then we had a visit with my grandparents so that they could meet Katelyn.


Later that night we made it back to my old neighborhood where we stayed with my former Bishop and his wife (to who we are always grateful for their hospitality).

While we were in the Seattle area we visited all of our old favorites. Here we are enjoying the Mukilteo beach–one of our favorite places.




After a few days in Washington we headed to Oregon. Along the way we made a pit stop to see my old roommate Mari. OK…to see her home. So jealous.

Then to the Oregon coast. But first, Tillamook.  Mmmm…cheeeeeese…


Then Seaside:




And this is where Katelyn decided she hates sand.


But where she decided she likes swimming (in a heated pool).


(I know. I we were one of “those” parents who put our little girl in a diaper cover pretending it’s a swimming suite and acted like it was no big deal that she was topless…)

From there we headed to California where you all know it from there.  I think…



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