Trick or treat

Another Halloween has come and gone and it seems like we tried to do it all this year. Perhaps to make up for the past five that we’ve done pretty much nothing.

The pumpkin patch.

Watching all of our favorite Halloween movies.

Making sugar cookies.


Dressing up our little Munchkin.




We ate candy.


We found someone else’s candy.


We stayed up way too late waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.


But that’s what Halloween’s all about, Charlie Brown.


Wake-up call

I have added to my feeder reader the BYU Women’s Services and Resources blog. I enjoy reading the posts because they seem to get the concept of integrating Gospel concepts into real life. In light of one of my recent posts, the kind gals at BYU WSR made a post that I totally needed.

The post titled Perfectionism calls attention to a few things in a way that I never thought of before. Or perhaps I just forgot. I like how the author talks about doing things for yourself because you enjoy them. They recently organized a 10-day body image challenge.  Though I didn’t really participate, I read a few of the challenges. One that I’ve tried to implement lately is exercising for the right reasons–for me because it’s relaxing, rejuvenating, and feels good. (Not because of all those cookies I ate last night…)

So here’s to having a clean home because I enjoy cleaning and enjoy having a clean home. Here’s to being ok with that pile of unfinished projects calling my name. Here’s to the things I’ve made lately (that I will post about soon…promise) that I can be proud of. Here’s to spending time with my daughter exploring, reading, and playing.

Don’t give yourself to these thoughts. You can still be wonderful. You will still accomplish great things. Satan would have you give your heart away to menial, temporary things—he would distract you from your life’s mission.” –Sofia of BYU WSR

How do you do it?

Some days, usually while blog surfing, I think that to myself. How the heck do they do it? “It” being the time and energy to keep a home running and make time for things like crafts and cooking (for fun).

So here is a tag and yes, you have to do it. Write a post and let out your secrets. Is your secret a house keeping service? Is your secret your mom (or other willing relative) that lives but 20 minutes away? Or is your secret just that you are crazy and you get up 5am just so you can do it all? I’m especially wanting to know how those of you do it who don’t have family (or involved family) nearby to give you that last umph that makes it possible for you to dust the bookshelf every week.

Devin and I have talked about several things that we want to do but it all comes down to getting our ducks in a row. Right now, they seem to be wandering. In fact, it seems as though many are even lost. So…let me know if you find them.

So what I want to know is your schedule. What is your day like? Your week? Your month? How do you do dinners? When do you do dinners? Laundry? Cleaning? Exercise? Shower? (Yes, shower…) Shop? Cook? Read? Write? Blog? Facebook? File your nails? Go to the doctor? I could keep going…

If you don’t have small children (which I think many of my readers do), think of when you did. Think of that needy one year old (who may or may not be down to one nap) and how you did it then. Let me know.

And while you are at it, give me some ideas on keeping my Munchkin entertained. Or maybe it’s me that needs entertaining. I’m just sayin’…

So please, any most any-ish suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

The Prodigal Stroller Returneth

Some of you may know that our small munchkin umbrella stroller was recently stolen from our apartment complex. We bought it at Wal-mart before our European trip and therefore it became part of our family since it was in just as many pictures as Katelyn.

Well, we left it in our carport one day and when I came home from work, it was gone. We looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Why would anyone want a beat up old stroller from Wal-mart? Well one night I spotted it at a nearby neighbors apartment. I found a picture of the stroller on my phone and asked a kid in the complex if he had seen it. Sure enough, the neighborhood kids had a ball with it. They gave it back and I got it ready as a “bonus” present for Brittany’s birthday.

It’s her birfday!


It’s not a one year birthday without a photo shoot. Since I was going to be taking the pictures instead of dishing out the big bucks for someone else to take them, I decided I could spend some money on a prop. I wanted something that she could hold on to while standing and possibly sit on. Something that I could use multiple times in the future. I found a guy on Craigslist that makes step stools from scrap construction wood. I wasn’t sure if they would be what I was looking for but when we went to take a look, both Devin and I wanted to buy several of them. But we exercised self control and left with the intended one stool.

I have yet to find the perfect place to take pictures but a patch of lawn across the street did just fine this time around.

We attempted to use bubbles in the pictures but our bubble blower is on the outs and our homemade bubble formula needs some tweaking. Fortunately, we got this perfect shot.


And here are the rest of them that turned out the best.

IMG_2427 IMG_2431



IMG_2451 IMG_2468


She still loves her Pooh Bear.


Opening presents

…which actually took place before the cake entertainment but who’s checking, right?

I wrapped all her presents in our never-ending roll of Christmas paper we bought from Costco five years ago. 

It wasn’t a surprise that she needed a little help with unwrapping her gifts.

First up was three books brought to you by Gramps and Bah-Bah.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a flap book with something like 50 flaps, and the book pictured below. 


It has mirrors on every page which is something that Munchie likes to get up close and personal with. A definite crowd pleaser.

Devin and I bought her a doll. We went to Target not sure of what we were going to buy and she saw some dolls and got very excited. She loves looking at faces of all sorts so I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised by her pick. The best part is it smells just like a Cabbage Patch Kid. I’m just sayin’…




Behold, the cake

On Sunday, Devin and I took the opportunity to make a cake for Katelyn while she was napping. We made it from scratch and baked four small cakes (resulting in two, double layer cakes) in ramekins, which worked out quite well. Unfortunately, we forgot about the cakes after we turned off the timer. So, they got slightly over cooked. A little dry but delicious. So here it is complete with a lovely soft pink butter cream frosting.



And now to the good part. All week Katelyn practiced her blowing skills but it didn’t quite translate to the candle as all she wanted to do was touch it. No surprise there.

Uh, not so sure what to do with it…


Getting the hang of it…


There we go!


Oh yeah…


And in case all these pictures just aren’t enough, here are some more video clips for your enjoyment.

Pumpkin "Patch"

On Saturday we went to the pumpkin “patch”. I say “patch” because they harvest all the pumpkins and place them in a dirt field for you. Not quite the same, but just as much fun. It was relatively uneventful but we got some pretty cute pictures of Little Munchkin.



IMG_3461 IMG_3463