How do you do it?

Some days, usually while blog surfing, I think that to myself. How the heck do they do it? “It” being the time and energy to keep a home running and make time for things like crafts and cooking (for fun).

So here is a tag and yes, you have to do it. Write a post and let out your secrets. Is your secret a house keeping service? Is your secret your mom (or other willing relative) that lives but 20 minutes away? Or is your secret just that you are crazy and you get up 5am just so you can do it all? I’m especially wanting to know how those of you do it who don’t have family (or involved family) nearby to give you that last umph that makes it possible for you to dust the bookshelf every week.

Devin and I have talked about several things that we want to do but it all comes down to getting our ducks in a row. Right now, they seem to be wandering. In fact, it seems as though many are even lost. So…let me know if you find them.

So what I want to know is your schedule. What is your day like? Your week? Your month? How do you do dinners? When do you do dinners? Laundry? Cleaning? Exercise? Shower? (Yes, shower…) Shop? Cook? Read? Write? Blog? Facebook? File your nails? Go to the doctor? I could keep going…

If you don’t have small children (which I think many of my readers do), think of when you did. Think of that needy one year old (who may or may not be down to one nap) and how you did it then. Let me know.

And while you are at it, give me some ideas on keeping my Munchkin entertained. Or maybe it’s me that needs entertaining. I’m just sayin’…

So please, any most any-ish suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

5 thoughts to “How do you do it?”

  1. I don’t think I remembered how I did it and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have too much help from family for anything besides dr appt. For that I suggest find a friend you can trade with. Right now I have a play group with three kids including Mitchel that is 3 hrs every wednesday. It is great. K may be too young though. Seriously…. EXERSAUCER!!! Probably I didn’t get much done until his nap time. I don’t remember how I did dinner but we always have dinner when Eric gets home and I must admit…I set M in front of a movie. Those are all my secrets I guess.

  2. I am still struggling to figure out how to get more done. Our house is never as clean as I want it. Allie loves watching videos, so some days I will have her watch a Baby Einstein or Sesame Street (she loves Ernie) dvd so that I can get dinner ready by the time Jared gets home. Other times, she plays at my feet and drives me bonkers (sometimes it isn’t so bad). And then there are those days that dinner doesn’t get started until Jared gets home. Showering is usually done before she wakes up (only on days that I work), during her nap, and I have occasionally used the dvd for that, too. I can usually fold laundry on the bed, or somewhere where Allie cannot reach it and ruin it immediately, if she has toys to play with around me. Or she will just wander in our room. I’ll take moments and read to her or something else that she requests if need be. I’ve just had to tell myself that somethings won’t get done until she is in bed, or maybe not even until another day. I think it is easier if you just try to tackle one thing at a time. Because I found that when I create a huge list of house-cleaning items to be done, I feel like a failure because so many of them get left undone. So set goals, but make sure they are realistic, I guess… Anyway, I am no expert. I hope that others post suggestions. =)

  3. I just read your other post too about the byu ladies- sounds like I need them…but really, really- this is exactly what I was talking about today. HOW do people do these things? I have several friends (ahem…) who whenever I go over, it is soo clean. I also blog-stalk these girls that must have a time machine or something because I don’t know how you have a kid period and do that stuff. I have to stop myself from looking on blogs after I’ve done it for a few days because I just get too depressed about how much I suck. Well, you know what my secret is- I am a tornado of mess meeting a volcano of hording…I just do my little craft, post it on my blog and then stuff all the mess in a box and never do anything with it again…as you know. Right now I have laundry coming out of my ears and all the dinner dishes and I’m like whatever because I’ve been making Halloween costumes. ( also i feel that my house is in better shape than it ever usually is which is all thanks to you) Let me pause here and tell anyone who is reading this that Brit is truly an amazing friend. When someone cleans out your nasty, psycho garage, organizes piles of crazy crap, and sweeps your whole front porch- you know how much they love you. I love you too and I am so thankful for you- really.

  4. Also, I do really think all these women on the blogs clean the one little spot they are going to take a picture of and that’s it. Seriously, how else can they be doing these things? Unless the mother near by thing…but something has got to give. I feel like it seems like what is more important to me is the deep question. I guess I must care more about crafts and blog posting than I do about how annoyingly gross my house is- that is pretty sad- especially for Austin- but it must be true because the proof is in the pudding. Anyways, sorry for so long… I just feel like this exact post should be tattooed on my forehead because i feel and think these thoughts everyday several times a day. the end (sorry again so long)

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