It’s my birfday {a few days ago}!

Yep, it’s that time again. One more year come and gone.

To celebrate we dropped Katelyn off with a friend where she proceeded to get “sad” while we went for a quick dinner. Luckily her sadness only showed up for the last ten minutes or so. She pretends that she’s all social but she’s just a little mamma and daddy’s girl at heart.

After we got home and put Munchkin to bed, I got to open my presents from Devin. This year he enlisted a few of his personal shoppers for help.

A long time friend in Washington did a few favors for Devin (and me) and picked up some of these…


And these…


Needless to say, I’m in trouble. Let the working out begin.

He also got me pair of jammers. You can never go wrong with a new pair of jammers. (AKA jammies, PJs, or otherwise knows as pa-jammers. I mean, pajamas. Whatever floats your boat.)

But the gem of the bunch was new blue…er purple…uh, blurple Moser vase.



The clear crystal one is just to show you the one I got in Prague during our travels. Moser is a glass company in Czech that makes all sorts of beautiful glassware for a pretty penny. When we were there I wanted to get something (like the famous Sal shot glasses) but at the time, we certainly didn’t have a penny to buy it and I convinced myself that I didn’t need it or that it just didn’t make sense to get it without an actual home to put it in. Of course Devin took note of some of my favorites and once we got somewhat on top of our expenses following our relocation, he contacted my parents who were still there and had them pick up a vase for me.

This vase is amazing because it changes color. K, not really but it’s fun to go from low light where it’s a true blue to direct light where it’s the lovely purple like shown in the pictures. I guess I got a two-fer.

I love it.

Thanks Devin for a wonderful birthday!

And thanks to everyone else who contributed.

Preview: Birthday Cuteness Overload

We’re still sifting through some of the cutest moments of Katelyn’s career. She just celebrated her 1st birthday today (10-10-10).

Katelyn opened her first presents, took some pictures in the park, and had her first birthday cake. Here’s a preview picture, more to come!

Katelyn playing with bubbles on her birthday.