What makes California awesome

A lot of things but the DMV is not  one of them.

September 2nd I pack up the kiddo and do my time at the DMV to get our CA plates. Bad news is I don’t have everything with me that I need, one being Devin’s signature. Not to worry.  “Mail it in” says the kind lady.

A few weeks later I check online to see how long it should take to get the plates. “4-6 weeks” says the less-than-helpful website.

Six weeks pass and I spend 45 minutes on hold waiting to talk to another nice lady who says, “it’s been taking six weeks for mail to be ‘opened’ and another 2-3 weeks for the plates to arrive. I don’t show record of receiving your paperwork yet. Give it more time.”

A week and a half later out temporary window tag expires. No sign of the plates.

Ten weeks after the original date, Devin and I march into the DMV at 8am sharp only to be told “the computer says something is being processed so I can’t do anything for you. Come back in 72 hours.” In other words, we have no option but to drive illegally.

But not all was lost during that outing. We got our CA drivers licence. But not without a grumpy lady telling me I couldn’t stand where I was standing and later being indirectly accused of cheating on my written exam.

Then today we receive our overpriced plates. Not 4-6 weeks. Not even a generous 6 weeks to open plus 2-3 more for mailing. But 12 weeks (and a day…but who’s counting).

And now let’s review the process in Washington–Drive up to a trailer office in a hardware store parking lot. Wait for the one person in front of me. Pay my dues. Get my plates. Get my tabs. Done.

And now Utah–take a number at the vehicle licensing office (not the DMV drivers licence madness office).  Wait 10-15 minutes. Pay my dues. Select centennial or ski plates. Get handed the plates and tabs. Done.

No wonder this state is going bankrupt. They dish out pay for 12 weeks worth of work for something that takes five minutes.

On the up side, we do have nice shiny new plates with no bugs on them. They’re pretty. Even if they don’t say “Evergreen State” on them.

The First Hundred Years Are The Hardest

Although, it’s Thanksgiving today, I didn’t want to let another event slip by unnoticed…

Today commemorates the 30th anniversary of this:

The typical BYU romance. The 27-year-old senior going for the 18-year-old freshman. She never saw it coming and he was running out of time. Shortly after a not-so-run-of-the-mill proposal, they were married for time and sealed for eternity in the Provo temple a year after my mom’s baptismal date.

Nine months and 1 day later (give or take a day or two)….

Two became three. Aric was introduced into the world on September 11, 1981. He was so stinkin’ cute, they wanted another…

Devin (Oct 12, 1982)

and another…

Megan (April 26, 1984)

and another…

Austin (Nov 29, 1985)

and another…

Kennon (July 26, 1987)

and another…

Quinton (May 6, 1990)

Ok, let’s take a break.


Sarah (March 21, 2003)

Babies– check, check, check, check, check, check, and check.

Since 7 kids wasn’t fun enough, our family continued to expand.

First, there was Brittany…

then there was Katie…

and then Shawn.

Then the babies had babies.

First, there was Kaden.

and then came Katelyn….

and then Brooklyn…

and soon after Savannah, Scarlett, and Skyler (our little angel).

Rumor has it, there’s another one on the way…

Not ours btw.

2,434,323 animals and fish adopted.

21,868 diapers changed.

1,560 Saturday morning breakfasts inhaled.

227 happy birthday songs butchered.

143 Little Caesars pizza nights celebrated.

120 turkey dinners devoured.

118 camping trips endured

3 teeth-pulling agonizing family home evenings completed (all the way-ish).

Too many blessings to count.

All because two people made the decision to get married, 30 years ago.

30 down, 70 to go.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

I just might be the cookie monster

When I was little my parents figured out that to get my attention or figure out where I was if they couldn’t see me all they had to do was yell, “Cookie!?” To which my reply would undoubtedly be “ME!”

Some things never change.

Last night we received a delivery around 6:30 from our UPS man. To receive a package around here is not an uncommon thing. Someone has an online shopping problem. By the way, it’s not me. So both Devin and I were surprised when the package was addressed to me. As we read the label and started opening the package we both tried to figure out what I ordered. The were some boots that I ordered for Katelyn but they weren’t due to arrive for a few more weeks. Not to mention the company, Mostly Muffins, didn’t quite sound right for a online clothing boutique.

What’s left to do but open up and see what it was.


Uh, what?

Devin’s immediate response was, “It wasn’t me! I swear!”

So we called the only person we thought it could be. We thought of our friend in Washington who helped Devin get my birthday batch of these lovely morsels but it wasn’t her.

After some more and more thinking we thought the only person who has our address, might know these cookies (with exactness), and may feel like they owe me a “thanks bud” is my good friend Emily.

Yep. It was her.

That crazy lady thought that I burned way too many calories after helping her clean her apartment a couple weeks ago. (Which couldn’t possibly be true after we both sat down and ate a hamburger and fries afterwards). When I went to help her out, I brought one of my prized cookies to share and that’s when she got the idea to send me more.

Twenty-four more.



Thanks Em!

Luckily, they store great in the freezer.


So, cookie anyone?


The curse of unfinished business

I realized recently that I may have a slight problem with unfinished projects. What was once a small card table piled with projects has now expanded to a second table.

Sometimes I use the things that I really want to do as a reward for finishing things that I’ve gotten less excited about. You know…like that pile of Christmas presents that I thought would be a good idea to make? Now it seems like those are going to be the death of me… *sigh*

Yesterday I decided I could just spend a day finishing up those last few haunting projects so I could make more space. You know…more space for more projects.



K, probably.

And now that I finished those things I’m spending a day documenting my projects and blogging about it. It’s fine. It’s Friday. So I can brag a bit about my accomplishments.

First off, my diaper clutch.


Yep. Clutch.

 That’s what they call them on Etsy so that’s what I’m calling mine. I made this a few months ago after getting tired of loose diapers, loose changing pad, and wipes that I could never dig up fast enough from the bottomless diaper bag. Months before that my mom sewed together the changing pad. Since I never bought an actual diaper bag, I never got that totally awesome changing pad they come with. So I spent $3 on some clearance vinyl and I love it. Heavy duty. Easy to clean and sanitize. Possibly the best part is you can fold it up so that the side that touches the nasty public changing tables never touches the side that Katelyn does.

The clutch was a result of Etsy inspiration, realizing that the perfect clutch doesn’t exist, and not wanting to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something so simple. Oh, and the fact that our previous one (a freebie) was left at my sister-in-law’s long ago. Perfect excuse to make one that I really like.

The next project that I actually finished yesterday was my circle wrap skirt.


Two things that I learned: button wholes aren’t as scary as I thought and gathering a ruffle to go all the way around the skirt takes a very, very long time. Uh, and maybe I should iron things like this before I take pictures.

The next project is a DIY classic. Old picture frame = new dry erase board. With mine I used my abundance of scrapbook paper, ribbon and flowers to dress it up. Took one night to make. Took about three weeks to get hung up.

And the picture is intentionally blurry for my privacy.

Just kidding.


Then a little random fun. I love the look of paper quilling so I made a sign for Katelyn’s door. It was going to go in her room but I’ve since changed directions on the color scheme. But it works great for her door. 



And that completes what I have completed. Now all that’s left is…

…a box full of pictures.

(oh i need a scrapbook buddy)


…a foam wreath.


atelyn’s Katelyn’s something book.


…and an untouched Luxury stack to be used for all the flower projects in Katelyn’s room.


Oh yeah, and all those Christmas gifts…