Oh and PS:

I went to the shooting range with Cari-Ann and Eric.


I cannot follow instructions (e.g. “aim for the top target”).

But I can hit what I am aiming for–the bottom target.

You want to experience real cowboyness or hickness of Texas? Go to the shooting range.

But only if you have an oversized pickup to take you there.

Say cheese!

I brought my camera lense with me so that I could take some pictures of Munchkin’s cousins while I was in town. I’m starting to realize why everyone stops doing regular photo shoots of their kiddos around a year. They don’t hold still! That’s why the little eight-month-old has significantly more pictures than anyone else. Although, the older kids did great this year!

IMG_3830 IMG_3833


IMG_3835 IMG_3857




IMG_3921 IMG_3899

IMG_3951 IMG_4050





And then we tried to do another cousins shoot. I think we were even less successful.



Later we realized a trick.


All but the youngest one was given a baggy of sugar cereal to munch on and they all ended up sitting near each other. Happy. Munching away.


Other random things we did

On Thursday we had a cookie making party. Everyone made Christmas treats to save for the holidays. I made broccoli soup for everyone for lunch. During the chaos of it all, my dad and I decided to take all the kiddos to the park. Two adults taking four kids two and under to the park could be difficult. This is when I was glad that I insisted we purchase a stroller that reclined flat. No need for a double stroller, thank you very much.



I think they were both a little confused at what was going on but it worked out great.

Katelyn and M are definitely related. Both of them spent plenty of time pushing around strollers–sometimes with little D in it who may have almost had a spill. But he didn’t. That’s what counts. And it wasn’t my daughter who almost did it. Just for the record.


The easiest part of the park time was the swings. I love these pictures. Matching pink girls just hanging out.



And then M joined in on the fun.


Little D was just hanging in the stroller which works just fine for this stationary dude.


Got the lighting and angle just right on this one. Love those eyes.


Later Katelyn decided she wanted to break free and explore the parking lot.

Just me and my shadow.



Little H had her try at the grass. She’s now attempting to take a few steps but still speeding around on all fours. 



Where was I?

Oh yes. Blogging about Houston. I’m home now, BTW.

Towards the end of our stay Katelyn started to warm up to most everyone. Here she is hanging with her buddy Mit. He was so nice to share all his toys with her and let us sleep in his room.


Uncle Eric had some fun pulling them around on the sleeping bag which immediately made him Katelyn’s best friend. Sometimes when he came into the room she’d go sit on the sleeping bag and just look at him. She also wouldn’t refuse a crazy ride from Mit.


A few times she let my sister hold her. Here she actually went to her to have her pick her up so that she could play with the fridge magnets.


By the last day, she even let my dad hold her who she initially had the biggest fear of. We all came to the conclusion it was because of his crazy hair.


The Children’s Museum

  On Tuesday we took all the little ones to the children’s museum. They all had a lot of fun exploring in the toddler zone.

Here Katelyn is with Bah Bah picking through the fruit.


She wasn’t as excited to sit on the cow.


She was, however, content to carry the bus around for a while.


And loved going down the slide even though she was a little small to manage it on her own and took a few bonkers on her bonker.


Same with the stairs.


She enjoyed driving in the cars with her cousin. They went on some wild rides.


And also playing with the red balls on plinko wall with her other little cousin. The third cousin was always MIA because that girl can crawl like nobody’s business.


At the end of the day, everyone was pooped and fell asleep on the way home. A big thanks to Aunt Tara who took us on with her museum pass.

A cousin’s cousin

After the birthday dinner we tried to take a picture of all the cousins together. With two older kiddos trying to hold down the fort of four restless toddlers and babies, I managed to get one semi-clear shot of all of them sporting their Christmas best outfits.


Katelyn’s cousin was so nice to give her a pretty new red dress and shinny black shoes.


It has taken Katelyn a while to warm up to everyone so I don’t have too many pictures of her smiling, but we’re getting there.

Hello again Houston

I’m in Houston for the week. Can’t pass up a super good deal so Katelyn and I came out on Saturday for a surprise visit. We managed to keep things a surprise for both of my parents. It was great having Katelyn waddle in and get their reaction when they realized who it was.

The rest of my family was able to delay my mom’s birthday celebration long enough for me to be here. We had the recent Sal family favorite dinner–Cafe Rio/Taco Del Mar burrito bar.

After dinner we continued the tradition of making or decorating a crazy cake for my mom. I’m not sure exactly when that started but my dad got us kids involved in my mom’s cake when we were little. Some years they were delicious, like the box of See’s candy with candles on top. There were probably more disasters or “artistic duds”, like homemade ice cream cake that consisted of two blocks of ice cream with rapidly melting cool whip. But each one has been quite memorable.

This year we got the grand kids involved. We went for a generic store-bought ice cream cake. We had the older kiddos contribute with their best work of gummy worms and M&M’s. However, we underestimated how much of a temptation the candy would be for those little ones and not as much ended up on the cake. Here you can see little Miss E helping herself to the sugar at the bottom of the gummy worm bag. Who can blame her?


Bah Bah was nice enough to let the three of them help blow out the candles. All seven of them.


There were a few clothing casualties but in the end they did a pretty good job.


So happy late birthday Mom!

Bubble Bath

This girl thinks that the bathroom is her play room. Sometimes I wonder if she spends more time in there than those who actually use the bathroom.



She loves her bath time most of the time. Some days she gets weird and thinks it’s better to stand the entire time, which makes my job that much more fun.

Some days I get wet. Really wet. It doesn’t take much to entertain her. A rubber ducky and a large cup could keep her in there for hours. Add the bubble blowing gun and you’d probably have an entire day of entertainment.

However, you add the bubbles to the bath and she’s not so sure. The other night we decided to do her first bubble bath. She was confused and unsure. She didn’t want to sit down. She couldn’t figure out what it was. Devin decided not to waste any time and began covering her in the bubbles.

Eventually she got the hang of it and enjoyed it. So much so that I got only two clear shots of her as she bounced around in her tub.