The Children’s Museum

  On Tuesday we took all the little ones to the children’s museum. They all had a lot of fun exploring in the toddler zone.

Here Katelyn is with Bah Bah picking through the fruit.


She wasn’t as excited to sit on the cow.


She was, however, content to carry the bus around for a while.


And loved going down the slide even though she was a little small to manage it on her own and took a few bonkers on her bonker.


Same with the stairs.


She enjoyed driving in the cars with her cousin. They went on some wild rides.


And also playing with the red balls on plinko wall with her other little cousin. The third cousin was always MIA because that girl can crawl like nobody’s business.


At the end of the day, everyone was pooped and fell asleep on the way home. A big thanks to Aunt Tara who took us on with her museum pass.

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