Oh my Munchkin

I was going to do an update on our bug a while ago but then I realized she had a checkup sneaking up on us I decided to for a more comprehensive post.

You probably don’t think she’s as cute as we do so I’ll try to tone down the obvious “cute” statements.

She’s recently become a bit of a girly girl. She’s developed a fondness of bracelets, hair do-dads,  shoes, and clothes. She’s perfectly content to spend hours attempting to put on or off any of the before mentioned.



We recently received a gift from our previous employer. A pair of these adorable squeaky shoes. They just started selling them. I’ve always wanted to get some but the only ones I’ve seen were over $30. I thought they’d get annoying really quick but I love them and Katelyn seems to like them, too. I can hear where she is and know when she’s stopped moving and is probably getting into something she shouldn’t. The best is when she runs. Love it. This is from a trip to the grocery store the other day.


Over the past few months it’s been so much fun because a new level of communication has developed with her. Since about 10 or 11 months she started responding to a lot more things like when you ask her where something is and she goes looking for it. From an early age I started doing a few signs with her. After about a month I got discouraged because I felt like she wasn’t getting it and certainly didn’t have the motor skills to sign back. Once she started a very distinct phase of pointing at things, I tried picking it up again and I’m so glad I did. I’ve only done a handful of signs but just those few make our lives tremendously easier.

Signs she knows and  signs back:

  • all done/all gone
  • more
  • please
  • thank you
  • shoes
  • fan
  • cheerio
  • milk/orange (working on separating the two)

The most used sign is please and I love it! Whenever she wants something she will gesture for it and then sign please.

Her favorite toys are her large lego blocks we got her for Christmas.


Her favorite food lately is oranges. Specifically (or not specifically) the clementines/satsumas/cuties/tangerines. She also loves pasta and any berry she can get her hands on.

Another favorite pastime are her blankets. Or, any blankets. If there are blankets in view, she may insist on having not one, not two but all of them to snuggle with. So does she have a favorite? Yeah, all of them.


Not really if I would tag her as talking yet but she’s getting there. The one she’s got down the most is “dada.” She will mimic other words when we say them but dada is the one she seems to have the best concept of. She might also know banana and certainly has a grasp for ball…or ba.

She has several animal sounds of which her favorite lately seems to be the duck. This might be because I’ve been singing Five Little Ducks to her a lot lately. “…when the mamma duck said…” she’ll proudly chimes in “DAT DAT DAT!”  (and I need to expand my Munchkin song library…)

Some other funny things she does are:

-insisting on putting the camera lens cover on while you are trying to take a picture of her.


-she loves to be chased (and chase you) and makes it clear by getting excited as she nervously looks for an escape route.

-loves, loves bath time. Especially when she can get everything as wet as she is.

-on a few occasions she has tried to mimic the car alarm that goes off far too often in our neighborhood.

-she started giving kisses to us and today she was giving kisses to her cousins in her ABC book as well as her baby doll.

As for her checkup, everything went well. She’s a whopping 19 pounds, 2 ounces. She’s growing right on target with where she’s always been, even a little up on her percentiles. So at this rate, we are hoping she’ll be out of her rear-facing seat by her second birthday. She got two shots but seemed to be more nervous about the nurse hanging over her and was fine after she left the room.

Other than that, she’s just our little Munchkin.

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