A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Nothing too exciting around our place lately but here is a little of what’s been going on since my last post.

We celebrated Valentines a few times during the V-week. On V-day Devin brought home Olive Garden goodness for dinner. I spent the last few hours before he got home attempting to make a cake for him for dessert. Katelyn wasn’t having it so it certainly took a “few” hours with her on my hip insisting on being involved in my every move. I think her love for the KitchenAid causes some jealousy problems…

I spent all of 47 seconds frosting it but only because it doesn’t change the taste in the end.


The following Saturday we went out to the movies–something we haven’t done since Katelyn was a few months old. We’ve worked out a babysitting swap with a couple that we know through Devin’s BYU days. It’s fabulous.

During the week I’ve been swapping babysitting with a sister in our ward that has a daughter Katelyn’s age. About every other week I get a few hours to myself while Munchkin has time for some socializing. It’s a nice break especially since Katelyn has become increasingly aware that shopping isn’t much fun for her.

Other than that, it seems like every night Devin and I sit and laugh about the cute and funny things that our little girl does. 

Some of our favorites include:

-her absolute love for berries. Strawberries. Blackberries. Raspberries. Blueberries. Loves.


-her need to accessorize. Seven headbands is better than six and they always look better as necklaces. Mamma’s hair ties double as bracelets and hers work best as rings. You can never go wrong with a hat.


-most food is better when dipped. (Waffles go best with cream).


-if she could form full sentences she would say, “Mamma? Mamma? Mamma…what are you doing? Mamma?”


-her best friends include her Daddy, Pooh Bear, and “Moon” book.


We love how we can’t seem to keep up with her desire to learn more signs. She’s recently begun making up her own signs. Jacket, necklace, earring and blanket are 100% Bug-Bug created. Some of the ones she’s mastered recently are pizza (one we created since the actual sign is basically just spelled out), moon, help, book, cracker, kitty and of course berry. Words that she actually attempts to say are star (her favorite), stair, bike, ball, and chair. My favorite is that she calls polka dots “dot dot”.  She also enjoys pointing out purple things by saying “purpo!”

We’ve been doing regular video chats with my parents and occasional ones with Devin’s mom. The more we do it the more Katelyn interacts with them and that’s been a lot of fun.

There are some AMAZING women out there

In the recent months I’ve been completely amazed by some women that I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about. I’m constantly in awe by those who are moms, do it because they love doing it, and are completely awesome at it.

Some women are given challenges that I can only knock on wood that I don’t find myself in. As I’ve talked to them and asked questions I’m only more impressed by how they handle it and do it with such grace and gratitude.

One woman I know is expecting baby #6. Four of the first five were delivered naturally. She home-schools her children. She uses cloth diapers (a project in itself). And I’m sure there are many other things about her that I’ve yet to discover.

Another woman I know has twins. Fortunately for her, she had wonderful doctor(s) who allowed her to do a vaginal birth. I was also amazed to learn that she nursed her babies for 9 and 11 months. I can’t help but think about her when I hear other women complain about the time, energy, and dedication that it takes to nurse one baby and simply don’t do it because they don’t want to. (Don’t misunderstand–some women don’t have the choice. Others do.)

Yet another woman I know had four children, ages three and under. (I say “had” because they are now a bit older).  An amazing mom with twins she diligently nursed the twins for six months. (And BTW, why are there over a half-dozen sets of twins in our ward? Should I be worried?) What’s even more amazing is that for three of those six months, she was pregnant with baby number four. She has her rough days but keeps it real by sharing both the rough and precious moments with those around her. A truly inspiring woman.

And though controversial, I am, in certain ways, impressed with the Octomom. In her most recent appearance on Oprah, I was so impressed when I found out that about a month prior, she stopped having hired help around the house. She goes it alone. Few women would really do that. I’m baffled by so many women who have child after child and can’t seem to handle things on their own.  I’m shocked when families having one or even two children demand dinners from the Relief Society when the smallest challenge comes along. Yes, there are tragic circumstances but in everyday woes it is possible to anticipate and accept the consequences of your choices. Life is hard, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean you get to dump your responsibilities on everyone else on a regular basis.

So in a nutshell, there are still great women out there. Times are different than they were 20+ years ago but modern-day challenges can still define great women.

First Haircut

We finally decided to give Katelyn her first haircut. The mullet was getting a little out of control and I was having a hard time telling if she was tired or just annoyed by her bangs tickling her eyes.


I took less than half an inch off the bangs and around the neckline in back. It took about two minutes and though we are the only ones who notice, we think it looks loads better.

Though I’m not exactly sure if this is a before or after shot…

My little helper

One thing Katelyn loves is helping/playing with the dishes. In the last few weeks she’s grown tall enough to open the dishwasher on her own which of course adds another level of fun to our lives. She usually focuses her energy on doing the silverware though she’s been known to take a few attempts at handing me a dinner plate or two. It keeps her busy, entertained, and happy. So after removing the sharp objects, I let her at it.  It’s no surprise that one of her favorite words to (attempt to) say is spoon.


Happy 6th Anniversary

Last Saturday we celebrated six years of being married. Due to recent events of first trimester woes, Devin picking up where I left off, and Katelyn often being bored of being stuck inside all day, we kept things low-key. In the end, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

While the rest of the country was experiencing snow, freezing rain, icy winds, and even blackouts, we enjoyed sun and 75 degrees of glory. We took advantage of the weather by having an early dinner in the park. A lovely spread of sandwiches, chips, pudding cups and soda pop was delicious.

Katelyn even sat down for a few minutes to enjoy a few grapes.


But it wasn’t long before she was up and chasing after her ball.


She had fun with daddy.


And even got her mommy off her tush for a while, too.


It’s days like this that we are reminded why we moved to California.

A perfect day with my best guy and my best gal.

Moving on and still moving

Lately, life have been extra boring but at the same time c-razy.

Just after Thanksgiving we were excited to find out that we are, indeed, expecting another munchkin! And because I know what you are thinking, I’ll just tell you. Yes, this was planned. However, after the long 8+ months of waiting for the first pregnancy, this one was fast. Very fast. We are thrilled, nonetheless. Perhaps, I am just as thrilled that my body is working. Yay for not having to diligently take my temperature, pop some pills, and endure extra OBGYN exams!

So, I’ve been taking things easy (that’s the boring part). Since fatigue hit early and hard for me this time around, I made a conscious decision and commitment to taking naps during Katelyn’s naps. This hasn’t been easy since that little Munchkin has decided to throw a few curve balls with her napping schedule. It’s working for me. Not so much for the up-keep of our apartment. Yikers. We’re surviving (that’s the crazy part).

Though life has been boring, I’ve been avoiding my computer. Perhaps for the obvious reason of what- the-heck-do-I-blog-about-when-I-don’t-want-to-blog-about-what-I-want-to-blog-about. Sometimes you just don’t want the news out to everyone just quite yet. I’ve now hit the “safe zone.” Fourteen weeks today. Some say the first trimester ends at 12 weeks, others say 14. Playing it safe.

In addition, I’ve also made a decision to reduce my time on the internet. I still keep up with all the blogs on my roll and make an effort occasionally to post comments to recently updated ones. But I’ve decided to stop wasting my time being concerned for people who are not concerned for me. I don’t “keep up” with anyone who doesn’t want me to. I’ve stopped reading the blogs of those people and as a result, I’ve found my life to be much more enjoyable when I don’t use my valuable time thinking about them. I love reading blogs! I love reading real blogs. The ones where people talk about their real life. The ones where people are honest. I love the ones that make you laugh. I love the ones that make you cry. I love the ones that make you think. I love the ones where you learn about life, family, friends, and loads of random things. I love being inspired by my friends and my family and a few talented total strangers.

So keep those awesome posts and pictures coming! I think I need to dust off the old camera…

That’s one of the many things that are on my “nesting” to-do list. But until I get the energy I need to actually tackle that list, I’ll just sit and stare at the stack of six boxes of diapers that arrived this week…just waiting for a space in the closet to magically appear.