Moving on and still moving

Lately, life have been extra boring but at the same time c-razy.

Just after Thanksgiving we were excited to find out that we are, indeed, expecting another munchkin! And because I know what you are thinking, I’ll just tell you. Yes, this was planned. However, after the long 8+ months of waiting for the first pregnancy, this one was fast. Very fast. We are thrilled, nonetheless. Perhaps, I am just as thrilled that my body is working. Yay for not having to diligently take my temperature, pop some pills, and endure extra OBGYN exams!

So, I’ve been taking things easy (that’s the boring part). Since fatigue hit early and hard for me this time around, I made a conscious decision and commitment to taking naps during Katelyn’s naps. This hasn’t been easy since that little Munchkin has decided to throw a few curve balls with her napping schedule. It’s working for me. Not so much for the up-keep of our apartment. Yikers. We’re surviving (that’s the crazy part).

Though life has been boring, I’ve been avoiding my computer. Perhaps for the obvious reason of what- the-heck-do-I-blog-about-when-I-don’t-want-to-blog-about-what-I-want-to-blog-about. Sometimes you just don’t want the news out to everyone just quite yet. I’ve now hit the “safe zone.” Fourteen weeks today. Some say the first trimester ends at 12 weeks, others say 14. Playing it safe.

In addition, I’ve also made a decision to reduce my time on the internet. I still keep up with all the blogs on my roll and make an effort occasionally to post comments to recently updated ones. But I’ve decided to stop wasting my time being concerned for people who are not concerned for me. I don’t “keep up” with anyone who doesn’t want me to. I’ve stopped reading the blogs of those people and as a result, I’ve found my life to be much more enjoyable when I don’t use my valuable time thinking about them. I love reading blogs! I love reading real blogs. The ones where people talk about their real life. The ones where people are honest. I love the ones that make you laugh. I love the ones that make you cry. I love the ones that make you think. I love the ones where you learn about life, family, friends, and loads of random things. I love being inspired by my friends and my family and a few talented total strangers.

So keep those awesome posts and pictures coming! I think I need to dust off the old camera…

That’s one of the many things that are on my “nesting” to-do list. But until I get the energy I need to actually tackle that list, I’ll just sit and stare at the stack of six boxes of diapers that arrived this week…just waiting for a space in the closet to magically appear.

6 thoughts to “Moving on and still moving”

  1. Uhmm… Congratulations lady! So exciting!! And I hear ya on the blog elimination department. I decided a few months ago that I’m done with anyone/thing that drags me down and my life has been much mo’ betta because of it. And again, congratulations! This is mega exciting! I’ll have to call my mother… :)

  2. YAY!!! I’m excited for y’all! (I’m pretty sure you don’t get enough “y’all” in your life all the way out there.)

  3. Technology looses agian.
    Everybody likes to get letters and nobody likes to write
    them. Same with blogging.
    Especially when your OpenOffice is in Czech ( now it is correct!) and the spell check is in English.
    John Travolta on Welcome Back, Kotter
    “I am so confused…”
    Time to write my biography for you kids.
    Love dad
    Ba na na ….

    PS I got some sign language dictionalry on DVD . Do you want it?

  4. Congratulations!!! What exciting news! Good for you for getting the naps you need! That’s so needed!

  5. Yay again! Though, I have to admit I’m always afraid I’m the one on the list who messed up…

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