All you need is a “bi” and a “hhhhhh”

A few weeks ago we decided that we wanted to get a bike seat for Buggy Bug. She has shown a interest in bikes and is particularly fond of Devin’s helmet. After some research we decided to go for the iBert seat which mounts to the front of the bike instead of the back. We were excited to score a deal from Craigslist.  We then purchased a helmet for her and though she was thrilled to play with it, not so much to actually have it buckled onto her head.

She cried. And screamed. Even as we buckled her into the seat. It wasn’t looking promising.

Then Devin started to move and everything turned to pure enjoyment.


She loves going for rides. Unfortunately, rides have been limited due to a round of the flu and more than a week of daily rain. But, she seems just as content to sit in her seat on the floor (it easily detaches from the bike) and eat crackers while I make dinner.

Any time we go outside she will point out daddy’s bike by saying “bi!” and then mommy’s bike by saying “Mmmommmmaaaa!” On a daily basis, she will remind Devin of his “hhhhh” (hat) as he is heading out the door to work, since he rides his bike to the shuttle stop.

Needless to say, putting on her helmet is no longer an issue.

Here’s the plan

As you know, Katelyn was breech. This resulted in a c-section. Though not an “emergency” surgery, it was performed at the convenient hour of 4am since I went into labor with her at 39 weeks, six days before her scheduled arrival. Some think that’s a crappy situation. I, however, think it was my best possible scenario (minus the 4am part).

Finding a doctor who is willing and supportive of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarian) is less than fun. Hospitals have this “rule” that the doctor must hang around for the entire labor and delivery. Since the doc’s job is usually whittled down to the occasional check (when convenient) and hopefully the catch at the end, they aren’t too thrilled about this situation especially when it doesn’t mean more monies for them. I asked around for a few suggestions from some gals in the ward. I met with one doctor (of a group of 3…plus 4 from another office…or something) who basically told me they don’t want crazies who will refuse a c-section if they feel it’s needed. Obviously. I didn’t care for his attitude too much.

Next I did a consult with a doctor that Devin’s boss recommended. I explained my situation with Katelyn (went into labor, dilated to 5cm, etc) as I had with the “no crazies” doctor. This one didn’t gloss over those facts like the other did. He said I was not only a good candidate for a VBAC but a great candidate since I went into labor on my own, my water broke on it’s own, and I was dilating well. He supported the goal and got me excited and hopeful about it. Much different from yet another doctor I had a checkup with who said, “oh, usually all your babies are breech if the first one is so you’ll do another c-section…”

Another plus for this doctor is that the hospital rules say he must be on the hospital campus during my labor. Since his office is in a hospital building, he can go about his regular appointments unless needed. The other doctors were located miles away from the hospital so it was more of an obvious inconvenience for them. The down side–his office/hospital is 30 minutes away. Frustrating when we have one less than 10 minutes from us but I wouldn’t go with someone else just for the convenience.

So, the plan is VBAC. That’s all that is for sure at this point. I am still debating if I want to look into a dula and a few other unmentionable things to make my experience better. But that all costs money. Lots-o-money.

And then there were three

Yep, another girl! Apparently I was the only one not in tune with this. Ultrasound said she’s normal and growing right on target with the original due date of August 5th.

And no, we will not be sharing any name ideas. As with Katelyn, name TBD and announced shortly after she is born.

Halfway Hump Day

We are officially passed the halfway mark! August still seems forever away. The nesting has begun but only in my head. Apparently it is possible to be inspired but not motivated.

We made our fist big baby purchase for this go around–a recliner. I was reluctant to buy one with Katelyn because I was nervous about falling asleep in it but after experiencing several situations where I really do want to fall asleep I realized the glider rocker, though awesome, just doesn’t cut it. I am constantly trying to figure out in my head what to do about other things such as getting a bouncer or a swing. Toddler bed for Katelyn or a mini porta-crib for the new pickle. Move into a three bedroom or continue saving with a two bedroom. I could go on…

Later today we have the 20-week ultrasound. We intend to find out if it is a boy or girl. I think it is a boy, though for no particular reason. Devin thinks it is a girl.  Katelyn, on the other hand, doesn’t have a clue to what’s going on. “Have you told her yet?” some people ask me. For now on my response will be “no, but we will once she masters the difference between a horse and a donkey.” For the really special enquirers I might add “but she’s getting really close!” 

Tabasco–here’s the thing…

I love it. I think I have a problem.

Some time in January we purchased a delicious 12 ounce bottle from Costco. Now, three to three and a half months later, it is just a few servings short of being gone. I think for most people the Costco jug is usually good for many months, perhaps years.

Last week we had a house full of colds. When it finally made its round to me a few days ago Devin asked what I wanted for dinner. My favorite thing when I’m sick is something hot to soothe my throat and spicy to clear the sinuses. I named a few things to which Devin stated the obvious of “that’s not spicy…” Well, maybe not for him but when you add a Brittany serving of Tabasco it certainly is spicy.

I think I get it from my dad, though I’m pretty sure I load much more on than he does.

Next time I think I’ll go for the gallon jug from Amazon