Abigail Page Collier

After mauling over hundreds of names, we finally buckled down and picked a name. I’m sure some people out there want to know how we came up with the name. Well, Brittany and I both wrote down a list of names that we liked. We went though each name and rated it on a scale of 1 to 10 on how much we liked the name.  Then we compared lists and marked off names from each other’s lists that we just didn’t like. Once we settled on about 5 names, we looked at our new baby girl and practiced saying the name to her to see if it would fit. Nothing quite fit right. I found myself calling her Abigail for no reason. In fact, Abigail wasn’t on either one of our lists.

So, to help us decide if that was a good name, we put Abigail and two other names on the white board in our room and asked doctors and nurses to vote on the name. Our doctor loved Abigail and so did a few other nurses so we knew it was good name. Later that day, the name seemed to fit better and better into our family so we decided to go with it.

The middle name was much the same process, but we knew early on that “Page” would be Abigail’s middle name because it’s Brittany’s middle name and she’s always wanted a little girl with that would share her middle name.

Post C-Section, Doing Great!
Family "Dinner" at the Hospital
End of a long day.


She didn't like the warmer as much.
Not a bath fan.
Our first family meeting.
Right after Abigail was born.
Brittany during surgery.
Right after we got to the hospital.


Dad and munchkin hanging out on the hospital bed.


Mommy and Abby, Day 1


Brittany’s Top 5 Cravings with Baby #2

Devin here.

I thought I’d share with everyone Brittany’s top 5 cravings she had with this last pregnancy (baby #2, also known as code named “Pickle”).

Number 5

SmartFood Popcorn
This white cheddary goodness was purchased many of times at a variety of grocery stores. Brittany can eat the whole bag in one night. Admittedly, so can I.

Number 4

While we haven’t made it out camping this summer, it’s tough to go without a good s’more every now and then.

Number 3

Ice Cream Sundaes
It’s nice to dive into a cool creamy bowl of heavenly ice cream. Even though it doesn’t get too hot here in California, we don’t have air conditioning and need a helping hand every now and then.

Number 2

Peanut Butter Cups
Surprisingly, Brittany asked for these a few times and she needed to have these on hand towards the end of the pregnancy. PS They go great with ice cream sundaes (see Number 3).

Number 1

Taco Time Crisp Bean Burrito
This craving was odd because the closest Taco Time to us is about 500 miles away so Brittany never actually got to eat one during her pregnancy. If anyone out there goes to a Taco Time soon, eat a crisp bean for the Brittster for me.

Only a few weeks left until we welcome the next little one in our family. I wonder what Brittany will be craving at the hospital?

Has anyone out there had some strange cravings during pregnancy?

Party Time

Last week was a week of parties for me and it was great!

On Tuesday the RS had their annual pool party.  I’m on the meeting committee and have been excited for a long time for this one. For the majority of my time on the team I’ve been pregnant so my participation and willingness to do much has been lacking. I’m mostly there for moral support. :o) Towards the end of the party, I decided to try to convince people to go swimming but the sun had gone down and no one was going for it. But I did anyway and ended up swimming for about an hour while others cleaned up. I felt guilty but convinced myself that I deserved and needed to swim more than I needed to lift tables and chairs. 37 week pregnant lady….yeah that’s right.

On Wednesday we had planned to have lunch with Devin’s friend and his wife at work.  After a few weird moments we walked into our reserved conference room to a dozen people, balloons and cake. Devin’s HR manager had organized a surprise baby lunch party for us. It was fun finally getting to meet his manager and talking with some of his co-workers. Katelyn also had a blast playing with the balloons they got for us.

On Thursday my Visiting Teaching companion hosted a baby shower for me.She’s such a sweetheart. It felt a little weird having a shower because it’s my second girl but she decided to do it because I told her about my situation with Katelyn and being in a ward for only a month and a half so I only had a few people at my shower. So we decided we just needed to have a girl party. It was great! My friend Emily came down from the East Bay and we had a great time with about a dozen other gals making hair bows and eating great food. Presents are always good, too!  The girls in our ward are so much fun.  Thanks to all that came and helped make it a great night!

I wish I had pictures of everything. But I don’t. So take my word for it. It was fun.

T minus 12 days…give or take

Less than two weeks to go until my due date. Yesterday I had my 38 week (and one day) checkup where I finally got around to asking, “uh, what’s my due date?”

Weird question? Probably.  Since I had an entire two months of completely different cycles before getting pregnant, going by my LMP was not so accurate. The due date given at a 9 week ultrasound was August 3rd. Later at my 20 week ultrasound I was given August 5th as the due date. I distinctively remember asking the tech if there were any changes to my due date to which she it was the same. From then on August 5th was stuck in my head.

Recently I looked at a calendar and realized the 5th was on a Friday, yet the doctor continued to mark my weeks on Wednesdays.  Doesn’t add up.  My doctor explained that they would go with the 3rd because an earlier ultrasound is more accurate while the 20 week is accurate +/- 2 weeks….so, not so accurate. Either way, does it really matter in the end. Not so much.

Anyway, back to my checkup. Things are looking good. I’m now at 1.5cm, 50% effaced, and –1 station with 100% confidence she is still head down. Not a huge change in everything but some progress is better than nothing. 

Over the weekend we had a couple of false alarms. As we were out shopping and rushing around, I kept getting contractions. About an hour into it I started timing them which seemed to scare them away. On Sunday I had about 30 minutes of contractions, 3-5 minutes apart but only lasting 20-50 seconds. I’m a bit nervous because with Katelyn, the braxtons never hurt until a couple hours into labor. With this Pickle they’ve been mildly painful for well over a month so pain doesn’t seem to be an easy indicator this time around.

With this pregnancy, I’ve been “done” for quite some time. However, I’m now holding my breath until at least Tuesday night. We’ve done some shuffling of schedules and arranged to have my parents come earlier rather than later, which I am quite relieved about.  My two biggest worries have been what to do with Katelyn and any and all complications that could occur with us having one car.  What would I do if I went to an appointment with Katelyn and was told that I needed to go directly to L&D while Devin was at work 30 minutes away without a car? Of course there are solutions but still something to worry about. Having my parents here will give us another transportation option as well as a convenient and immediate sitter for Katelyn.

Let’s just hope they actually get here before this Pickle pops.

In the event that she takes too much time to bake, we’ve been asked to think about and select a date for a c-section.  Do I hold out as long as possible, hoping for a VBAC, or call it quits out of pure convenience? Or perhaps something in between? After 30 seconds of thought I told the doctor we’d probably shoot for about 41 weeks.  And since I can pick a date this time, should we do 8/8/11 or 8/11/11? Or just whatever….?

What happened to the blogging world?

Is it just me or is nearly everyone in a blogging slump? This clearly includes me. I lack enough material to warrant a post. So here I am, jumping on the “here is all the random stuff we’ve done lately” wagon. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Back track a few months back. We took a trip up to Muir Woods National Monument back in May. I should have blogged about that a long time ago. This is the before picture.


Katelyn is embracing her new found love for “saying” cheese for the camera.

This is one of the after pictures.


By after I mean after the spill and face dive into the dirt that Katelyn took from her stroller. Not so happy and everyone was little traumatized but we survived.

In the recent weeks Munch has observed me painting my toenails and as a result has become a fan of “peep” (aka pink) toenails.


On July 4th we took the opportunity to spend time with some family. Devin’s cousin lived near us for almost a year but we never got around to getting together with him and his fiancé until they moved to the Sacramento area, about two hours away. Convenient, I know. They got married on the 4th and we decided to make a trip out of it and stayed in a hotel the night before. The swimming was great but the 11pm fire alarm didn’t agree with Katelyn, resulting in a rough night and an unusually early morning. She promptly fell asleep minutes before we got to the wedding.  Instead of waking her up only to have to leave the ceremony with a disruptive, cranky toddler, we opted to let her rest in the car with Devin while I went to the ceremony.


This is the only picture we have from the wedding. We were too busy being hot or swimming (best wedding idea ever) the rest of the time. It was so relaxing and fun to spend time with our aunt and cousins that we hadn’t seen in a while and meet the new bride. Congrats to Ryan and Grace!

Here is my most recent, though not up-to-date, pregnancy picture. Taken a few weeks ago at 34 and a half weeks.


Today I am 37 weeks and anxiously and nervously counting down. A week and a half ago I had an ultrasound where they determined two things—she is still a she and she is most definitely head down. Today at my appointment I am 40% effaced and 1cm dilated. Not much but it’s always nice to hear there is progress. 

People keep asking me lately if I am ready. Not a chance. I’ve had many more freak out moments this time around and though my to-do list is significantly smaller than it was just a few days ago, I feel like I’m forgetting a billion things. I have to remind myself there are two things that really matter—she has a bed ready for her when she gets home and I usually know where the cameras are for when the time comes to run out the door. Everything else is just minor details.

In other updates, Munchie surprises us every day. She seems to pickup on one or two new words a day. My favorite part is that she often doesn’t say the word 100% correct but is pretty convinced she is speaking perfectly. Blankie started out as “balahbeeeee” and is now “blah-teeeet”. Butterfly is “wufferfy” and cupcake is “tut-teeeet”.



At this point in her life, she is particularly fond of “mee-imm-ming” (swimming), “choo-CHOOOOOO” (trains), “bop-BOP” (big trucks), and “BUS!”  Aside from swimming, her favorite thing to do is to jump and I’ve been told that she has exceptional jumping skills. She is definitely full of energy and so much fun to be around. I’m so lucky to spend my days with her and I will certainly miss her when I have to go to the hospital.