A while ago Devin started doing this thing with Katelyn. I’m not sure where he got it but it cracks me up every time.



This picture is from another time when Devin told her he needed to make a phone call. At the time, she was also in the middle of playing peek-a-boo with a napkin over her head. She’s a multi-tasker.

(sorry about the poor quality. It’s what happens when you try to quickly capture a moment in a low-lit restaurant.)


Abby’s Baby Blessing

We had Abby’s baby blessing August 28—one month after she was born.  My parents were still staying with us and Devin’s brother, Kennon, and mom were able to be there as well.  Her are some pictures from the day she was blessed and a few days later with her in her blessing dress.  My mom made the beautiful dress out of leftover lace from my wedding dress. 

Here is a picture of all the family that was there.


Here is our new little family.


With Mommy and Daddy.


With her sissy.


The rest of the pictures are from a few days later and would be considered her five week pictures.



IMG_0276 IMG_0269

A close-up on the dress. Both Katelyn and Abby wore the booties that my mom made for me to wear when I was blessed.


IMG_0285   IMG_0290





Weekly(ish) update

So I missed one. I didn’t get the 6-week pictures taken. Let’s just say Abby is a bit more difficult than Katelyn was…and Katelyn is a little more difficult that she was. Such is life.

Backtrack a bit. Here is Abbers at 4 weeks. And yes, horrible baby acne. Katelyn seemed to have but a few blemishes.





Don’t forget the concerned sis making sure the photo shoot goes well.


Skip weeks 5 and 6. Five weeks was in her blessing dress and I’ll do a separate post on that.

And now, 7 weeks.

Check out that smile. She started around 5 weeks but does it consistently now when you talk to her. Devin says she has gas.


That’s one gassy baby then.





Awwww…she looks so sweet and innocent…

What a Munchkin

Katelyn is (one of) our pride and joy. She continually tests our patience but we all have fun as we continue to learn together.

The day before Abby’s blessing, while we had what seemed like 1,001 people in our apartment, Katelyn was doing to usual and taking a nap. When she woke up, she was content to play around in her bed as she often does so I went about my busy business, occasionally checking on her. Within her reach there is a cabinet which we keep a few kiddo items along with all of our office supplies. I saw that she had pulled open one of the drawers and began sorting through the usual items of pony tail holders, wipe packs, etc.  A few minutes later I came back to see if she was ready to get out of bed.

I gasped.

My first reaction was to get mad but that quickly turned to laughter and I surveyed the damage.

Devin grabbed the camera which didn’t begin to capture the moment quite the same. It never does.


Fortunately for us she knew that vaseline is used for your skin and not the walls. It was also a plus that she was still in her bed and not roaming around.

Though the container was small, she nearly emptied it.

A little vaseline goes a long way. 

Abby’s Newborn Pics

I mentioned before that we had professional pictures taken of Abby. She was only six days old. We received the pictures a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait until we got the majority of the announcements out in the mail so we didn’t spoil the cuteness of the announcement. So for those who haven’t gotten the announcement yet…or that may not get one…not because we don’t love you…

Here are a few of our favorites.

IMG_7960    IMG_7988







GPI    IMG_8091