Out littlest Munchkin

Yup. She’s TWO. How do we know? Perhaps the changes of bed sheets the other day before she fell asleep for her nap.  And the change after. Both times she removed her diaper and intentionally went pee. Fabulous.

She continues to surprise us every day.  She’s working on potty training. Very casually. Some days she’ll grace us with three or four trips to the bathroom while others she’ll soggy up her diaper almost to the point of dragging on the ground before she’ll let me near her to change it. It’s a work in progress.

Her vocabulary has exploded over the last several months and she’s quite the yacker. She’s finally started saying her own name—Tate-yn. She recently dropped her last sign, thanks to her cousin Brooklyn, and is now speaking the words “thank you.”

She is, more than ever, a major Daddy’s girl.  Her favorite saying is “Daddy hold you.” Translation: “Daddy, will you hold me?” 

She’s quite the big sister. Last week was a challenge as it was the first week I was home without any other help constantly around me. She seemed to immediately realize the lack of attention and worked it. Let’s just say most of our time was spent watching the Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Tut, tut. It looks like rain…

This week we made our first attempts to transition her into a big bed. We decided to just have her take a try at a crib mattress on the floor.  The first night didn’t go so well as we ended up putting her back in her porta crib. The next one she stayed on the mattress…until she fell asleep and began tossing and turning her way around the room. Another work in progress.

Her favorite foods are none other than pizza, milk, fruit snacks and cookies. Did I mention she’s a Daddy’s girl?

At her two-year checkup, she tipped the scale at just under 22 pounds (12%). And people wonder why she’s still rear facing in her car seat. That’s why. I don’t remember how tall she is but she’s up to 36% in that category.

Things she loves at this point in her life: her Daddy, Pooh Bear, buckling anything with a buckle, anything butterfly, shoes, talking about going to church and nursery (not necessarily going), sitting in the front seat of the car and going “drive, drive, beep, beep, beep” before she gets in her seat, walks, stroller rides, parks, car rides, going to Daddy’s work, and bubble baths.

An active two-year-old with a two-month-old sister has a small chance of getting a good photo shoot from her mom. Instead, we will mark the happy occasion with pictures from the pumpkin patch.

IMG_0187 IMG_0213









It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we were at the same pumpkin patch with our little girl.

My how times flies.


And we can’t forget our little Abby.



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