Abby’s one year update

I going to stop apologizing for being late with posts and just roll with it.

So backing up to nearly a month ago, here is what this little monster was up to.


We celebrated her birthday a day late due to nap complications.  Story of our life. She didn’t seem to notice. Celebration post to come…

On her first birthday Abby had a whopping two teeth. A girl of processes, she prefers prolonging the inevitable, while making us all suffer. It would be unAbbylike to just get ‘er done. So, we endure continuous teething while ONE tooth at a time comes in slowly. Very slowly.


By her birthday she was a standing champ but also loved walking/running with her walker toy. She can maneuver that thing like nothing I’ve seen before. About four days after her birthday she started intentionally taking steps, though just a few here and there.

She keeps us entertained. One silly thing she picked up on was letting out a satisfactory sigh after taking a drink, which is what she is doing here.


She gets excited when Devin comes home from work and books it to the front door to greet him. She adores Katelyn for the exception of when Katelyn is clobbering her.

Abby could not live without her “snuggles” (cloth diaper burp cloths) but could certainly live without ever having her diaper changed.

She is generally a good eater. Some of her favorites are pizza, peas, any kind of berries, yogurt, and oranges.  She only likes cheese if it is grated and then rolled into a small ball. She dislikes ice cream. (She is not my child…)

Abbers loves a stroller ride and is a bit of a needy girl as she often wants to be held.


This gal still has us up at night. Occasionally we get three or four nights in a row of 10+ hours but then, a tooth, a cold, you name it and she’s begging for mommy time.

By now she has officially outgrown her dairy sensitivity but getting her weaned and on whole milk does not seem to be a realistic goal for now. Go figure. 

Quite the opposite of Katelyn, she has no interest in signing. She has yet to pick up one. Abby has always been a vocal one but the words haven’t come yet. “Mamma” and “ma” are what we usually get. If she means mamma, i can’t say. But “ma” has definitely indicated “more” when it comes to food.

Abby’s two favorite  things to do are play with her walking toy and jump and play on the beds, especially with Katelyn. She also enjoys baths but definitely not getting dressed afterwards.

She continually tests our patience and endurance but we love this little girl to pieces.

PS: I have yet to figure out our medical care here so we have not had her checkup. I know you are sorely disappointed not to see how big her head is. 

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