Someone I Admire

No I didn’t forget. I had several opportunities yesterday to blog but we were camping out of reach of the magical cell service fairies.

When I saw the subject “someone you admire” for this post, I quickly thought of a sister in our ward that I have recently started getting to know. As I thought about her qualities I then thought about several women in our ward who continually impress me. So, here are some of the qualities of women that I am proud to associate with and strive to be more like.

One of the first things that come to mind is how positive these women are. Even when faced with challenges such as their husbands traveling for work, pregnancies, demanding callings, life with three, four or even more children, an so on, their positive attitudes and encouragement for others impress me. This handful of women constantly have a smile of their faces. Constantly. So much so that even when I’ve talked to one on the phone I can hear her smile as she talks to me. It’s amazing.

Another thing about these women is their willingness to reach out to others even when their lives are packed to the rafters with activities and responsibilities. Offers of babysitting, meals, and simple gestures of help never seem to cease.

It’s easy to get discouraged in life. Whether it’s your children, your housing situation (seems to be everyone’s story around here), yours or your husbands job, financial struggles, or other responsibilities, it’s always refreshing to surround yourself with those who can offer a positive beat to your life when you find it hard to make one yourself.

I’m not naming names but I just happen to have a picture of one of these amazing women I’m glad to call my friend.


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