For the record

Yes, I missed two days and didn’t make up for them (yet).

Here is why…

We found out what nursemaid’s elbow is. In short, a dislocated elbow.

My darling Abby likes to show resistance in everything. She would fight a diaper change to the death if she had to. The other day we were walking home from a morning at a friends house. As I was holding her hand she decided she wanted to go dead weight on me which caused her to hang and swing from one arm.

I didn’t feel or hear anything but she started crying. I carried her home as she whimpered but I thought that was more of a result of her being tired. When we got home she refused to use her arm and cried when I touched or moved it.

I rocked her to sleep and laid her down only to have her wake up after 20 minutes when she moved and felt pain again. She never went back to sleep.

That night she slept in our bed while Devin and I took turns getting our rest on the couch.

The next morning we headed to the doctor where the doctor asked a couple questions and without even looking at Abby told me what it was and how she was going to fix it. A quick pop and ten minutes later Abby was back to her old self.

So with a no-nap day followed by a night of waking every 20 minutes, I wasn’t up to blogging.

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