Wrap it up with randomness

In a few short words I will conclude documenting our Oregon trip. Here are a handful of random pics that still deserve a note.

We played penguin at the zoo.


We drove a bus.


We caught up with friends and had lollipop tongues.



We played in a toy store and experienced Taco Time.



There was a dinosaur.


And perhaps most exciting of all, there were lots of hotels with swimming pools and big beds.


Redwoods adventures

We’ve been in CA for four years ( give or take four to six months here and there) and we hadn’t made it to the official Redwoods. We had intended to go a few times but it never happened until this last trip.

I’m glad we didn’t make a dedicated Redwoods trip. I would have been disappointed. We’ve been to two nearer to us and there were similarly impressive.

We decided to brave a hiking excursion with the girls. Brave? Why brave? Keep in mind these are two toddlers who at times insist on being carried through the grocery store.

It was a bit under three miles. We had a moment of meltdown when both wanted to be carried but we took advantage of it by booking it for about 10 minutes to make up for less than productive time.


After that, Katelyn was recharged but Abby was on the verge of a nap. So she was snuggled in the carrier while Katelyn happily trekked the rest of the way.


The highlight of the hike was a small waterfall. But apparently bridges were much more interesting.

Here we are in one of many bridges and then the family shot with the waterfall.



Another highlight of our walk was the blackberries towards the start of the trail. But even more exciting was the proof in the poop that bears love blackberries. I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture for you.

It was a fun little hike and just the right length for Katelyn to handle.


We couldn’t leave the park without driving through a big tree and taking a family pic.


And I know what you are going to say. “Are you pregnant?” Ha. I was. Two years ago. With Abby. Oh snap. Not the only unfortunate angle from recent pictures.

Anyway, moving on.

In addition to the hole in the tree there was a pond. And in the pond were billions of frogs. Don’t believe me? I see at least 16 in the picture.


The girls loved it. Abby kept saying, “I want to hold it!” Wish I had the guts to hand her one but I never actually caught frogs when frogging as a kid and I wasn’t about to start now.

Best day at Astoria

I’ve been to the Astoria Column probably a dozen times in my life. Every time it’s been gloomy, at best. This time I found out the sky is actually blue in that part of the world.

Katelyn climbed the tower twice, though she was carried about 25% of the time for both rounds. Abby hitched a ride in the carrier as she was a bit groggy because she was mid nap when we arrived.




We all got lollipops from the shop, along with the airplanes to launch from the tower.

This was probably one of my most favorite stops that we made. The girls loved it.


More of Oregon

Seems odd that as California residents we feel the need to go north for a beach. Canon Beach. Totally worth it.




I had no idea how ecstatic katelyn would be to fly a kite. After both of our 50 cent kites broke before sending them soaring, we realized we weren’t going to shrug it off. So Devin went and spent $15 on a useable kite. Munch was in heaven.


Then we went to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen where we spent so much money we got a “free” tote. The girls have a thing lately for lollipops. So they carefully chose the largest allowable which were fresh from none other than you guessed it, San Francisco.

After that we went to Tillamook…


Poor Abby missed half the fun due to poorly timed naps.

Begin again

We recently returned from our week long excursion to Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon. So be prepared for a few posts documenting the highlights of the trip.

We got up early thinking/hoping that the girls would transfer easily to their carseats and sleep for the first few hours of our 11+ drive time we had ahead. Instead they decided that 4:30am was their wake up time. Thus, we have our first pit stop–Starbucks.


As we drove along the freeway we saw a field where a few hot air balloons were being prepared for tours. We stopped and watched them fill up and lift off.


Then we endured several hours of “hot air balloon go?” whines from the backseat.

Around 10pm that night we arrived at the home of my old BYU roommate. From then on the girls were in heaven.

The next day we walked the Portland temple grounds…


And drove to Multnoma Falls…

And played in the creek…


Ate ice cream…

And ate dinner with our friends.


When Abby-doo turns two

…You throw a party to celebrate everyone surviving the last two years.

We love our Abby. She has become a girl full of attitude but at the same time she is easy going.

Apparently she’s sprouted. All her % are up. Her weight from her 18 month appointment went from 6% to a current 34%. This makes me happy especially since she slowly declined from the 50’s since birth.


When it came to birthday celebrations we stressed. Abby doesn’t like cake or cake-like things. We wanted to make a pie but ran out of time with our weekend adventures. So we went for brownie pudding which she completely turned her nose up at even though it screamed chocolate, her favorite. Oh well.


She was really excited for gifts. She asked for an orange balloon and fish crackers. She may have gotten a little more than what she asked for.

Katelyn couldn’t contain herself. She had to help with gifts.

At this point in her life she may or may not have a favorite color. It’s either orange or purple.

She still loves chocolate. If she wants a chocolate croissant she will pull it apart to just eat the chocolate.

She is Katelyn’s shadow and biggest fan. Some days she just follows her around, copying her every move.

She loves giving hugs and kisses but just as much she will adamantly proclaim “no kisses!” or “that’s enough!”
Lately she’s been dragging around one of Katelyn’s baby dolls and having fun pretending. She loves to “make” broccoli and ice cream and bring it to share with us. This is followed by everyone enjoying a nom-nom-nom session until she feels the need to make more.

Abby is the biggest jumping bean if there ever was one. She insists on jumping off of every curb and if by chance she forgets, well we have a re-do. My favorite is when she pretends to be a frog and gets down to the ground and as she jumps says, “eee-ribbit.”

She loves broccoli, chocolate milk, chocolate chips, and would die if apple sauce in a pouch didn’t exist. She will try most things but will always turn her nose up at cheese.

Our little Abby is as usual, noisy. She’s a gabber for sure. She says silly things in silly ways and she knows she’s silly.

Her hair is curly and blond and she sports some pretty blue eyes. However, I don’t know that any of those will last. Her hair is growing in straighter and darker already.

I got a new camera a few weeks ago. Just in time to capture this money shot of our rambunctious two year old.


So happy birthday to our Abbers.