Begin again

We recently returned from our week long excursion to Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon. So be prepared for a few posts documenting the highlights of the trip.

We got up early thinking/hoping that the girls would transfer easily to their carseats and sleep for the first few hours of our 11+ drive time we had ahead. Instead they decided that 4:30am was their wake up time. Thus, we have our first pit stop–Starbucks.


As we drove along the freeway we saw a field where a few hot air balloons were being prepared for tours. We stopped and watched them fill up and lift off.


Then we endured several hours of “hot air balloon go?” whines from the backseat.

Around 10pm that night we arrived at the home of my old BYU roommate. From then on the girls were in heaven.

The next day we walked the Portland temple grounds…


And drove to Multnoma Falls…

And played in the creek…


Ate ice cream…

And ate dinner with our friends.


2 thoughts to “Begin again”

  1. Ug. We started a 12 hour road trip in the wee hours of the morning a couple of years ago hoping the kids would sleep through the first few hours. Nope. We will NEVER do that again! Sorry it happened to you, too. :)

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