Jacob’s birth story — Pre-op preparations

Early in the week (April 14) I went in for my “pre-op” visit with my doctor. He had been on vacation for ten days so I was glad baby held out for his return. We went over a few things like risks of c-sections, concerns I might have, and my general health condition. NBD.

I went home after that finally feeling convinced that I needed to buckle down and get things ready. After all, it was T-minus three days to D-day and a hospital bag might come in handy.

My parents had left the previous Thursday (April 10) and were due to arrive on Tuesday (April 15). They were road tripping it from Houston. I hadn’t heard from them for a while so I called to check in and see when they expected to arrived the next day.

My mom answered the phone and when I asked where they were she said, “we don’t know where we are and we are stuck.” She repeated it several times and then elaborated saying they were on some dirt road in Arizona and got their car stuck. Then I hear my dad say, “call the fire department…”

And the embarrassing, complicated and controversial story goes on. Loooong story short–this excursion set them back a day and a half.

To say I was stressed out is putting it lightly. My help was MIA and the clock was ticking. But once again, my good friend Christina came to the rescue. She skipped the gym and came over to help with last minute stuff like setting up the porta-crib and cleaning. She’s the best!

On Wednesday my parents arrived. It’s always stressful to figure out how my children will be taken care of while I’m away. I’ve been so fortunate to have my parents come for the birth of all three of my children and stay for weeks to help with the long recovery. Katelyn and Abby warmed up to them right away and didn’t seem to mind the activities and adventures that occupied them.

I don’t know how much sleep I got that night. The last few weeks are rough for any rest at all.

More to come…

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