What Abby-doo has been up to


This girl is one in a million. She keeps me on my toes. There is never a dull moment with her. She’s dramatic and carefree, most the time. When she cares, she cares a lot.

She’s the ultimate drama queen. The other day, Devin told her no for something and she slapped on a pouty face, hung her head, then dropped to the floor as if pretending to faint. We couldn’t help but laugh.


In a past life, she must have been a fish. She asks to take a bath everyday. When she’s not in the tub, she’s playing with dishes, toys in the bathroom, or having a “pool party” on the kitchen floor with cups, buckets or the baby bath.


Her newest thing is asking or telling me if a food is healthy. She swaps the words “are” and “do” 99% of the time. “Are you need some help?”

Abby is full of loves. She’s a spontaneous hugger and kisser and I love it! For a while she would give kitty kisses (licking). I’m sure glad that phase has passed. (Mostly).

When we announced we were pregnant with Jacob, we gave Abbers a shirt that says, “Awesome big Sister.” She loves that shirt. If anyone says anything to her about being a sister, she’ll tell you she’s an awesome big sister.



Off and on Abby has been into playing with her baby doll. Since Jacob showed up, she’s been feeding her doll. Occasionally, she will drop/throw it to the floor, make a crying sound and then say, “oh! Baby is crying!” Then, she rushes to pick it up and shushes it. (Should I be worried?)


This tiny girl is self-motivated. And by that I mean, if she doesn’t want to do it, ain’t nobody gonna make her. This is apparent in her potty training. We’ve bribed her with a new bed, car seat, every treat under the sun, and then some. And yet, Abigail don’t care. Fortunately, she’s a sweet, polite, outgoing and obedient girl in most other areas.


She’s our ultimate goofball and we love her.


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