First day of TK

It seems, in my life, I’m constantly involved with new things. This time it’s transitional kindergarten (TK). By new, I mean new programs or ways of doing things. Change is exciting and new (obviously) but also frustrating.

I’ve decided that anything new should come with a beta version disclaimer. In other words, let everyone know that no one knows what’s going on, who is in charge, or how to fix anything.

With TK, there is zero info online. You don’t know what the schedule is like, who the teachers are, what the heck they do all day, what time they start, and so on and so forth. You may even be asking yourself, “what is TK?” Exactly.

In this district, they don’t let you request morning or afternoon class. You just petition for a change if you didn’t get what you want.

Naturally, Katelyn is assigned to the later class. This means that I get to load all three kids, drive, park, unload, walk them in, reload, drive home then unload. Then do it again in the middle of Abby’s nap time. It’s so fun.

Katelyn started school yesterday. We are allowed to take her to her classroom this week but next week we just leave her at a gate. This is how well the departure was going yesterday.

When it was time to hurd the parents out, I asked the principal to help hold Katelyn so we could leave.

She didn’t cry. She didn’t whine. She just wouldn’t let go.

I wasn’t sure how she would do but I came back to this:


Today she still needed some help saying goodbye but when I picked her up and asked how her day was, she gave me a big smile and with excitement said, “really good!”

In other good news, the principal called and said she will start the AM schedule next week.


Bear Lake

The big reason we went to Utah was to go camping at Bear Lake. It’s been a favorite Collier getaway for years and camping trips there have continued even after marriages and children. Devin and I hadn’t been there since I was pregnant with Katelyn (five years ago). So my sister-in-law made the reservations, we made our plans and managed to bum off enough camping gear from various family members.

Katelyn and Abby were thrilled to sleep in a tent and finally use their sleeping bags that my mom gave them.

Some of the highlights were:

Katelyn eating a s’more without freaking out about messy, sticky hands.

Playing in the sand and water all day.

Riding a wave runner.


Abby falling asleep in my lap after playing so much.

Katelyn holding a frog. (She wouldn’t look at the camera because she was afraid to take her eyes off the frog).

This trip will be remembered as the one when we went without waffles and tested who’s pancake mix was the best.

Missing great friends

Just a few weeks before our Utah trip, our good friends, the Hurds, made an unexpected move to Provo. We are all bummed about that but we are so glad we got to spend time with them during our trip.

Abby always says that Phoebe is her best friend. Lucky for here they were able to come to her birthday party.


Later that night we went to spend more time with them. The girls both passed out on the way there so they spent most of the time sleeping.

That’s what happens with a 6am flight.


Abby’s three-year-old self

This girl is a hoot. To say she was excited to turn three is certainly an understatement. She’s been practicing holding up three fingers for weeks. She was still working on it on her big day as you can see here.


Though we were all exhausted from our 4am wake up time, we had a blast.

Water play with friends, cousins and an aunt.


Chocolate cupcakes curtesy of Grandma Collier.

And gifts, for which Katelyn couldn’t contain herself.

Thanks to all who made her day a special one.

Wandering to Utah

We’ve been busy. Moving with children isn’t the one-Saturday-afternoon-adventure it used to be. Over about three weeks we packed, moved, cleaned, unpacked (the necessities), and more. We were in the new place six days when we headed off to Utah for “vacation.”

We flew out on Abby’s third birthday. The 6am flight was painful only because the airport was unexpectedly busy. Thanks to Skycap and the family security line, we made it to the gate just in time to hear our names called for final boarding. That was a first.

Lucky for us, our flight wasn’t full and though we were the second to last family to board (well after everyone else), we still had two full rows we could spread out across.

Jacob did surprisingly well. He slept for an hour of the hour and forty minute ride. First airplane ride–check.